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Encyclopedia for Evo Newbies 2.0


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I first made this topic about 7 years ago on the Warpportal forum to help other Titan players get a feel for what evo is all about.  Many players have been asking recently so I thought it might be a good idea to update and repost it here. 

DISCLAIMER: At the time of this posting, the information is correct but not everything has been finalized yet so as things are changed, I will update this thread.

 The list is in somewhat loose alphabetical order.

ADVENTURER'S PLAINS- New map and quests. (See Jobs)

AMMO- Available from NPC's (see Weapons below for the specifics). A nice feature for new players is the fact that the lowest quality of each ammo type (cannon shells for launchers; bean bullets for guns; and wooden arrows for bows) is free... yes, I said free as in costs 0 zulie. Be aware tho that all ammo here has some weight.   Ammo can also be crafted by an artisan.

APPRAISAL- Done by NPC's only (for brand new players,  hidden stats that will sometimes be on equipment that drops from monsters and the following NPC's can reveal those stats for a small fee)


Zant  [Gypsy Merchant] Mina
El Verloon  [Gypsy Merchant] Methio
Junon Polis  [Gypsy Merchant] Bellia
Amina Lake  [Gypsy Merchant] Edone
Selba Village  [Gypsy Merchant] Tobar

Magic City of Eucar, Luna Planet  [Arumic Merchant] Pabel
Magic City of Eucar, Luna Planet  [Ferrell Guild] Sergi

Xita Refuge, Eldeon Planet  [Ferrell Guild Staff] Gilbert

Desert City of Muris, Orlo Planet  [Gypsy Merchant] Nadeem
Ancient Oasis Shrine, Orlo Planet  [Lojala Smith] Ekblovo

ARMOR - Monster drops
               -Buy from NPC up to level 200
               -Craftable by an artisan up to level 200 (See Reinforcing, Artisan)
               -Buy from Valor Shop level 50 – 240 (weapons to 225) (see Valor and Honor)
               -Buy from Honor Shop level 100 – 240 (weapons to 225) (see Valor and Honor)
               -Dungeon drops

Junon Planet


Here's what's available from NPC's

Adv Plains- [Novice Designer]Cassirin- Visitor clothing up to lvl 10 (she's on far dock, not in town)

Luxem- [Smith]Rockwell- Back items lvl 8-22

Zant- [Designer]Keenu- Muse and Dealer armor lvl 10 and 30; back items lvl 8 and 18; Recreational offhands

        -[Armor Seller]Carrion-Soldier and Hawker armor lvl 10 and 30; backshields lvl 12 and 22; backpacks lvl 8 and 18

Breezy Hills- [Smith]Punwell- Level 30 armor for all four job classes; backshields lvl 22 and 32

Junon Polis- [Armor Merchant]Saki-Soldier and Hawker gear lvl 10 – 85; backshields lvl 12-42

                   - [Designer]Lisa-Muse and Dealer armor lvl 10 -85; back items lvl 8 and 78; recreational offhands

Luna Planet


Magic City of Eucar- [Tavern Owner]Anzhelika- Soldier and Hawker armor lvl 100-120

                                - [Arumic Merchant] Pabel- Muse and Dealer armor lvl 100-120

Eldeon Planet


Xita Refuge- [Storage Keeper]Dustin Leta- Armor lvl 130-160 all job classes;

Orlo Planet


Desert City of Muris- [Armor Merchant] Azim- Armor lvl 180-200 all job classes; magic offhands int 200-240, Arun Plate Shield str 289

Golden Ring- [First Mate]Bighand Jack- Armor lvl 180 all job classes; Jabberwock Shield str 273, Eye of Storm offhand int 200


BUFFS    All job classes now have four buffs that they can share in a party or a group.  This includes muse class, which is a big change from how things were before, Check the spoiler to see how the buffs are distributed.


Muses have- Magic Resistance Up, Max Mp Up, Enhance Damage and Int buffs.  They also have another enhance damage buff just for themselves
Soldiers have - Attack Power Up, Defense Up, Max Hp Up and Strength buff
Hawkers have - Movement Speed Up, Dodge Up, Attack Speed Up and Dexterity buff
Dealers have - Accuracy Up, Critical Up, Concentration and Sense buffs


There was a new clan system and it's very different from the old system in iROSE . Check out this guide for more information.

CLANFIELDS- Junon Clanfield is restricted to characters level 30 -89 who hold the rank of Commander or higher (currently closed)
                       -Luna Clanfield can be entered by any character level 70 or higher (regardless of rank) as long as they are in a clan

COSTUME TAB   Any gear can be used as a costume as long as you meet the requirements for the items. Other players will only see what you have equipped on the costume tab.

DRILLS- Used to make sockets in equipment so gems can be placed there.

DRIVING- Cart at lvl 50- Quest is slightly different, see this topic
                -Castle Gear at level 110  See this topic

DROP NAMES  They show by default now.  If you want to change that, go to System in the game (esc) then Game Options

DROP SYSTEM  The drop system is different from what it was in iROSE.  For a more detailed explanation see this topic.


Basically the drop system takes into account the classification of the monsters (guard, fighter, ranger, etc) . There are some items that drop from every monster on the map.  Monsters with higher classifications have a chance to drop more uncommon materials/equipment in addition to the map drops. Kings have their own tier of possible drops in addition to the other tiers.  Some materials are planet drops (like Ice Shards on Luna).
So when you kill a monster you have a chance to get several different drops instead of just one.

DUELS  Check this topic for information on how do duel with another player.

ELEMENTS  Monsters, weapons, armor and skills can have an element. These elements can have a huge impact on combat, both PvM and PvP. Information on Elements in ROSE can be found  here

ENCHANTMENT SCROLLS- Blank Enchantment Scrolls are used to remove substats from an item
                                             - Imbued Enchantment Scrolls are scrolls with substats on it from an item. (see Substats)

FORGOTTEN TEMPLE (Luna)- This map is no longer a pvp zone. Walk into the dark area near the NPC to enter it

GAME ARENA  alt G or G (same window that has the Group option)
The Game Arena is a system that allows players to join instances of pvp games as well as pvm dungeons.

-When you click to join a game or a dungeon, you are added to the queue. When enough players have joined, you will be teleported to the location and the instance will begin. To see a brief description of each game or dungeon, click on the name.
- Players are automatically added to the correct instance for their level range.
NOTE: As of 2024-01-30, energy is no longer needed to use Game Arena. 

The recent switch to the new game client has added a lot of ways to customize your settings. Go to System>Game Options to get started. The highlights can be found here

GEMS- Some are crafted, others are monster drops. There are gems in both the Honor and Valor shops. Some have level requirements.  Every item of equipment can be gemmed but no gem can be placed in every piece of equipment.  Check the "Compatible Slot" information on the gems to see where they can be used and the spoiler below for a quick list on gem slots.


As I mentioned, each gem can only be placed in specific slots.  Crafted gems (Ruby, Garnet etc) can be placed in accessories, weapons or the body part of armor.

For the other gems in the game, the cut of the gem indicates where that gem can be placed and here is a list of those:
(credit to @Zurnfor making this list). 

Asscher - Foot
Baguette - Arms
Briolette - Face
Cushion - Body
Marquise - Weapon
Oval - Jewelry
Pear - Head
Round - Back
Trilliant - Shield

For more information on gems see this topic.

GROUPS alt G or G then group side tab. Groups are used in the dungeons but can also be used on regular maps. Groups enable players to share to buffs and heals without being in the same party. No experience or drops are shared in a group. Groups can have up to 15 people including leader and several parties can be in the same group.

– Luna- level 70- quest required
- Eldeon – level 120
-Orlo- level 200 

ITEM MALL  Information on how to buy Rose points and the Item Mall window can be found here.

JEWELRY (aka accessories)
- Jewelry items have base stats but no sockets
- Can be drilled to make a socket for a gem
- Can also have substats with the use of an Imbued Enchanted Scroll of the correct item grade

Here is the info on where to get accessories. Also check this topic.


-Accessories are sold by the following NPC's (all also have the simple ring, earring, and necklace used in crafting

-Zant  [Gypsy Merchant] Mina - level 20 accessories

El Verloon  [Gypsy Merchant] Methio - level 20 accessories

Junon Polis  [Gypsy Merchant] Bellia   - level 50 accessories

Anima Lake  [Gypsy Merchant] Edone  has Level 50 accessories

Eucar on Luna Planet  [Ferrell Guild Banker] Andre  has level 75 accessories

-- Monster drops for all jewelry above level 75

-- Some craftable sets for level 100, 140 and 160

-- Hiria's Tear is a necklace that is a reward for a quest at level 210 and above (requires 220 to equip)

JOBS- 1st job still at level 10 but no quest necessary
          -2nd job quest at level 100
Additional information can be found in the spoiler below


Birth Island is gone. The Adventurer's Plains map is different. Talk to the fairy when you enter the world for the first time. She will send you to talk to [Village Chief] Grey. Follow the tutorial questline and you will end up in the Trainer Village where you can choose your first job by talking to one of the NPC's there

The 2nd job quests are pretty much as you remember them with one difference. The monsters you need will all have "Supreme" in their names (Supreme Krawfy King, Supreme Stone Golem etc). These monsters are easier to kill when you have the job quest.

LUXEM – New map and quests

MATERIALS FOR CRAFTING  Here are the NPC's that sell crafting materials.


Adventurer's Plains- [Ferrell Guild Staff] Seyon
Canyon City of Zant -[Ferrell Guild Staff] Ulysses
Breezy Hills- [Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz
El Verloon  -[Ferrell Guild Merchant] Lina

Magic City of Eucar -[Ferrell Guild Staff] Sergei

Xita Refuge [Storage Keeper] Dustin Leta

MINI MAP- In the Luna Clan Field Update a very nice quality of life change was made to the mini map.  You can now zoom way in and all the way out by clicking on the minimap with your cursor and using the mouse wheel

MOVEMENT- It's even easier to get around in the game now.  You can use a mouse, the WASD keys on your keyboard, or a game controller

OBLIVION TEMPLE  This is that big pyramid in El Verloon and it's generally referred to as OT.  It was never used in iROSE but here it's a functioning map.
The minimum level to enter is 130. Talk to [Archaeologist] Williams to enter.  Good news for former NA players- there is no longer an entry fee!  Monster levels in OT range from 145- 170

[Ferrell Guild Merchant] Lina in El Verloon has repeatable OT quests.  She is in that little village across the bridge from OT.  There are also some NPC's that give quests on the main floor where you first enter.  The monsters are on the lower levels and the stairs are in the center of the room.

The NPC that gives the daily quests for the Halls of Oblivion dungeon is also located in the room on the main floor of OT

-Max number of people in a party is 10 but you can have 10 in a level 1 party.
-In order to create a party, the members must be within 19 levels of each other.


PREVIEW - If you want to see how an item will look on your character, right click on the item while holding down crtl on your keyboard. This will open a preview window where you can turn your character around to see how the item looks equipped. This will work for the Item Mall,  NPC items, things in player's shops, even in your own inventory or storage.

QUESTS- Quest drops are shared in a party. Generally speaking, the killing quests are worth doing. They can be repeated and the quest drops will be shared in a party so be sure to get quests on all characters. This also applies to the second job quest.
For a list of most of the quests in the game, check this topic

REINFORCMENT- This system was added to the game about a year before the NA server closed.  Not sure why it was given the same name as the crafting skill that artisans can do but anyway, this reinforcement is done by [Armor Merchant] Saki in Junon Polis.  It's mostly for end game- you can increase the durability of an item to 100.  You select the option to reinforce from the NPC dialog and a window opens similar to the refining window.   Check the spoiler below for info on the required materials.


-Item durability can increase on success or decrease on failure by up to 5 levels per reinforcement attempt.
-Items that fail a reinforcement attempt will not drop below 1 durability.
-Items with 0 durability are considered to be damaged beyond repair and cannot be reinforced.

Materials that are needed to reinforce items are dropped by monsters in Game Arena dungeons.
-Reinforcement Powder - Used to reinforce items at all levels of durability.
-Reinforcement Alloy (Sn) - Used to reinforce items up to 40 durability.
-Reinforcement Alloy (Cr) - Used to reinforce items up to 60 durability.
-Reinforcement Alloy (Mn) - Used to reinforce items up to 80 durability.
-Reinforcement Alloy (Ti) - Used to reinforce items up to 100 durability.

REPAIR HAMMERS/REPAIRING – Repair hammers do not lower the durability of an item. They come in different qualities which will repair different amounts. Hammers are consumed when used.


Here are the NPC's that sell repair hammers or that repair items

Adventurer's Plains -[Smith] Ronk (also repairs)

Luxem- [Smith] Rockwell (also repairs)

Canyon City of Zant
 - [Weapon Seller] Raffle –repairs
- [Armor Seller] Carrion- repair hammers

Breezy Hills- [Smith] Punwell- repair hammers

City of Junon Polis
- [Armor Merchant] Saki- repair hammers
- [Weapon Merchant] Crune- repairs

Selba Village
- [Gypsy Merchant] Tobar – repair hammers
- [Blacksmith] Brock- repairs

Magic City of Eucar, Luna Planet- [Smith] Pavrick- repairs and repair hammers

Xita Refuge, Eldeon Planet- [Smith] Nel Eldora- repairs and repair hammers

Sikuku Ruins, Eldeon Planet- [Smith] Koij-repairs

Desert City of Muris, Orlo Planet
- [Weapon Merchant] Azim – repair hammers
- [Smith] Mahyr- repairs

Ancient Oasis Shrine, Orlo Planet
- [Lojala Trader[ Brizo- repair hammers
- [Lojala Smith] Ekblovo- repairs

Golden Ring, Orlo Planet- [First Mate] Bighand Jack- repair hammers


REFINING - Armor and weapons can be refined up to 20
                 - Done only by NPC's (not by artisans)
NOTE:  The items needed to refine (Bindrunes, Talisman, and Apotrophe) are no longer sold by NPC's.  They drop from monsters based on the monster level and item grade of the material.
Check in the spoiler below for a list of the NPC's that can upgrade items.  See this topic for more on how to refine.


Zant-[Weapon Seller]Raffle
Junon Polis- [Weapon Merchant]Crune
Breezy Hills [Weapon Craftsman] Mairath
Selba Village- [Blacksmith]Brock

Magic City of Eucar, Luna Planet- [Smith]Pavrick

Xita Refuge, Eldeon Planet- [Smith]Nel Eldora
Sikuku Ruins, Eldeon Planet- [Smith] Koji

Desert City of Muris, Orlo Planet- [Smith]Mahyr
Ancient Oasis Shrine, Orlo Planet- [Lojala Smith] Ekblovo

REINFORCING (Artisan) This is an artisan skill that changes a set of armor from an NPC.  The reinforced set will have a little higher def and extra HP bonus stats.  Endowing armor increases MP and MP recovery. It works the same way with weapons from an NPC.  Check the spoiler below for more specifics.


Weapon Darkening Darkened weapons provide extra attack speed
Weapon Hardening Hardened weapons have extra attack power
Weapon Balancing Balanced weapons have extra accuracy
Weapon Enchanting Enchanted weapons give reduction on MP consumption.

RESETS  We currently have three reset skills in the Item Mall skill tab (Stat Reset, Job Skill Reset and Unique Skill Reset).  Their location might change and there may be a cooldown added to them, but resets will definitely be more available than they were in the past.  
reset skills.jpg

SAVE TOWN    The Save town option is set to Adventurer's Plains by default. As you progress thru the game, It's a good idea to change your respawn location. Here are the NPC's that can change that.

Zant [Junon Order Co-Founder] Francis
         [Righteous Crusader] Leonard

El Verloon [Ikaness Staff] Orias
Junon Polis  [Mayor] Darren

Magic City of Eucar, Luna Planet- [Arumic Prophet] Olleck Basilasi 

Xita Refuge, Eldeon Planet- []unon Order Elder] Oscar Patrick

SCREENSHOTS- Press  "print screen" on your keyboard, then look for the ss in the Screenshots Folder of Pictures on your pc.
- If you want to take a ss without the interface, use alt +u or /noui
- Press "escape" on your keyboard to see the interface again (or do /noui again)

SCROLLS – Generally, NPC's that sell food will sell return scrolls if they are available. Here is a list by planet of the return scrolls and where to find them


Junon Planet
Adventurer's Plains- [Little Street Vendor]Pony -1,000 zulie
Canyon City of Zant- [Tavern Owner]Sharlin- 3,000 zulie level 10
City of Junon Polis- [Tavern Owner]Harin- 4,800 zulie level 30
Selba Village - [Shop Waitress]Betty- 7,000 zulie level 80

Luna Planet
Magic City of Eucar- [Tavern Owner]Anzhelika- 6,400 zulie level 70

Eldeon Planet
Xita Refuge- [Chef]Peppie- 8,000 zulie level 120
Shady Jungle[Sikuku Resident] Shima- 9,000 zulie level 140
Sikuku Underground Prison[Herbalist] Helianthus- 11,000 zulie level 160
                                                                                       - Xita Refuge scroll 8,000 zulie level 120
                                                                                       - Shady Jungle scroll 9,000 zulie level 140

Orlo Planet
Desert City of Muris- [Orlo Bar Owner] Sahrazod - 15,000 zulie level 200
Ancient Oasis Shrine- [Lojala Trader] Brizo - 17,000 zulie level 200
                                                                        - Desert City of Muris scroll 15,000 zulie level 200

The clock under the mini map is set to server time. To see what time that is for you, hover over the time with your mouse and you will see your local time 

-We get 1 skill point per level starting at level 10
-Passive skills max at level 5 (10 skill points total)
-Most active skills max at level 5 (5 skill points total)


Basic Skill Tab- None of the skills on the basic skill tab require skill points. You can simply drag them to your hot bar. There are a few new skills here. 

You won't use Ride Request until you learn to drive and get a backseat for your cart. Disassemble can be used at any level, on equipment and weapons. Next to that is Target Enemy, then Target Ally (a very handy skill for a cleric who is healing). 

Next to that is Jump Skill. You can also jump by pressing the space bar on your pc. At the end of that row is the Stone Throw skill (no rocks required, just target the monster then click on the skill).  

The first skill in the third row is Despawn Summons. Using that skill will cause any summons you have out to disappear.

Job Skill Tab- Once you get your first job, 3 more tabs will appear in this section. The names of these three tabs vary depending on which job class you choose but the first one, Common Tab, is where you will find your job class's 4 buffs plus some other skills. The other two skill tabs will have passives and attack skills,  Be sure to check the requirements before adding skill points and make sure the skills are for the weapon you're using

Parts Tab- Here is where the Drive Cart and Drive Castle Gear skills will be once you earn them

Unique Tab- Certain quests will reward you with a passive skill and you will find those here as well as some job specific skills learned from unique skill books

Item Mall Tab- There are no longer skills in the Item Mall but currently you will find the three reset skills here

Clan Tab- If you are in a clan, you will be able to see the available clan skills here. For more information on the new clan system check here

After you complete the second job quest, you will find a 4th skill tab for your new job's skills.  Many skills on that final tab require you to max skills from one of the other three skill tabs. Always check carefully before you add skill points

STATS- Max points that can be put into any stat is 425. Some stat functions have changed. The stats themselves are the same- strength, dexterity, intelligence, concentration, sense and charm. However there are some differences in what they do. Two that immediately come to mind are: dex no longer affects movement speed; charm is needed for strong buffs (both cleric buffs and self buffs). 
To add stats faster, when you click on the + of the stat you want, hold down the shift key and a little calculator will appear where you can just input the total you want to add 

STORAGE-There are 4 different storage tabs or sections. If there is more than 1 page in a tab, the pages can be accessed with the arrows on the bottom. Additional account and character storage tabs can be purchased in the Item Mall.
Account-This is the storage you're used to. It's shared by all characters on the account. You will have 4 pages in this tab.
Character- Anything can be put here but character bound or locked items can only be stored in this tab. You will have one page in this tab
Item Mall- Here is where you can store things purchased from the IM. This storage expands as needed. There is one page initially
Premium- TBD

SUBSTATS (the light blue stats on items)-When the item is equipped on the Avatar Tab, these stats will be applied to your character stats.  We can now move substats from one item and put then on another item of the same item grade with a Blank Enchantment Scroll (see Enchantment Scrolls)

For a more detailed explanation of how to move substats check this topic 

SUNSHINE COAST - Enter from the upper level of Canyon City of Zant

SUMMONS- An exciting change!  Hold down CRTL and click on a monster and your summons will attack that monster, even if you are not attacking it.  There is also a skill to despawn your summons


Items with trade restrictions have that information clearly stated directly under the name of the item. Item Mall items are account locked so they can not be sold or traded. Information on other items is in the spoiler.


Here are the various restrictions and what they mean

Account bound/locked on equip or use- Item can be traded or sold until used or equipped. Item can be used by any character on that account.

Character bound/locked on equip or use-Item can be traded or sold until used or equipped.  Item can only be used by that character and can only be stored in the Character Storage Tab.

Character locked on acquire- Item will be locked to the character that purchases it. In other words, as soon as you take it into your inventory, it will be locked to that character. Again, the items can only be placed in the Character tab of storage.

NOTE: Items that are bound or locked can not be unbound or unlocked


VALOR AND HONOR-  Basically the Valor and Honor systems were implemented when Union Wars were removed. Valor is PvM and Honor is PvP.  There are three different PvP games and four different PvM dungeons.  You can see more information ingame in the Group window alt G or G.  Honor Points are earned by participating in the PvP games.  Valor Points can be earned in the dungeons. There is a Battlemaster NPC on each planet that will give PvP missions.  There are daily dungeon quests as well as repeatable Valor Point quests on all four planets  The points you earn can be used in the Valor/Honor Shops.

VENDING- We've added a couple of nice QoL changes recently.  Your shop listings will now be saved when you stop vending for any reason.  If you want to change your shop offerings, simply click on the "reset" button. 

Two new options can be found in System > Game Options > Game Tab.  You can hide all shop names or show which shops you have already looked at.  If you change your mind, you can tick or untick them at any time.

viewed shop.jpg

WEAPONS -Monster drops
                   -Buy from NPC up to level 200
                   -Craftable by an artisan up to level 200 (also see Reinforcing, Artisan)
                   -Buy from Valor Shop level 50 – 225 (see Valor and Honor)
                   -Buy from Honor Shop level 100 – 225 (see Valor and Honor)



Here is what's available from NPC's

Adv Plains- [Smith]Ronk- Visitor weapons (lvl 5-10)
                 - Trainer Village- Job class specific weapons (lvl 10)

Luxem- [Weapon Merchant]Dune- All job classes level 10-20 weapons

Zant- [Arumic Merchant]Tryteh- Magic weapons and offhands lvl 10-40
        -[Eccentric Inventor]Spero-Guns and launchers lvl 10-48; ammo
        -[Weapon Seller]Raffle-All other weapons lvl 10-40; arrows

Breezy Hills-[Smith]Punwell- Weapons and ammo for all job classes 

El Verloon-[Ferrell Guild Nerchant]Lina- Ammo for all weapons

Junon Polis- [Weapon Merchant] Crune- Soldier and Hawker weapons lvl 47-80; Arrows; Offhand shields str 52 -99
                    -[Arumic Merchant]Chelsie- Magic weapons lvl 47-81; Magic offhands int50 - 80



Magic City of Eucar- [Arumic Merchant]Pabel- Magic weapons lvl 88-117
                                 -[Smith]Pavrick- Soldier and Hawker weapons lvl 88-118; Arrows
                                 -[Ferrell Guild Staff]Sergei- Guns and Launchers lvl 88-117; Bullets and Shells



Xita Refuge- [Smith]Nel Eldora- Soldier, Hawker, Muse weapons lvl 123-155; Arrows
                    - [Ferrell Guild Staff]Gilbert- Guns and Launchers lvl 123-155; Arrows; Bullets and Shells
Shady Jungle[Sikuku Resident] Shima- Arrows, Bullets and Shells
Sikuku Underground Prison- [Herbalist] Helianthus- Arrows, Bullets and Shells



Desert City of Muris- [Weapon Merchant]Huzam- Soldier, Hawker and Muse weapons lvl 175-200
                                  - [Gunsmith]Rahd- Bows, Guns, Crossbows, Launchers lvl 175-200; Ammo

The Golden Ring - [Frist Mate]Bighand Jack-Weapons lvl 175 all job classes; Ammo
Ancient Oasis Shrine, Orlo Planet - [Lojala Trader[ Brizo Ammo

Zant- Map is a bit different and the NPC's are in different spots in the city.  You can access Sunshine Coast from the upper level of Zant.



reset skills.jpg

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Hi thx for this Topic, very usefull for a former iRose player. 

Talking of the charm, does it still has impact on quality of the stats we can get from drops ?

Concentration still increase success of crafting while Sense increase the chance to get better stats on craft ?

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1 hour ago, Rholgugu said:

Hi thx for this Topic, very usefull for a former iRose player. 

Talking of the charm, does it still has impact on quality of the stats we can get from drops ?

Concentration still increase success of crafting while Sense increase the chance to get better stats on craft ?

Glad you found it useful 🙂
Con still affects crafting success and sen still increases the chance of crafting better stats but charm does not affect drops at all.  Charm increases buff power for all job classes, heal power, damage over time, critical defense and some rewards from older quests

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1 hour ago, Forestwithin said:

So, this might be a really dumb question. 
But are the dungeons open or not implemented into the game yet? And what levels are they if they are open? 🙂

There are four dungeons.  If you open the group window (alt + G or G)  and click on the Dungeon tab, you can read a bit about each of the dungeons and also the minimum level/number of players required for an instance to begin.  

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23 minutes ago, HoneyBuns said:

There are four dungeons.  If you open the group window (alt + G or G)  and click on the Dungeon tab, you can read a bit about each of the dungeons and also the minimum level/number of players required for an instance to begin.  

Thank you so much for the respons 😄

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2 hours ago, Havick said:

Thanks for the guide make me understand this version better i was very confused at beginning on muse buffs could not find all the buffs and why the monster don't drop zullie

I'm glad it helped. I'll keep updating as things change and if you notice something that's not mentioned, just let me know either here at the forum or on Discord. 

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