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[Guide] The Duel System


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Here’s the scoop on this exciting new feature that was recently added to the game. 

First the basics:

-  Anyone who is level 10 or higher can duel.
-  In order to duel, both players must be within 20 levels of each other.
-  Duel requests can be sent only to nearby players. 14m is the max distance.
- You can't start a duel or accept a duel invitation if you are in queue in Game Arena.
-  To block duel requests, go to System > Game Options > Interface.
duel option.jpg

Duels can take place on the following maps:
- Adventurer’s Plains
- Canyon City of Zant
- City of Junon Polis
- Magic City of Eucar
- Xita Refuge
- Desert City of Muris

NOTE:  You can duel anywhere on those maps, not just in the cities/towns. The exception is Muris- duels can only happen in the city itself. 

- If you choose to duel outside of the cities and any monster attacks, the duel is automatically cancelled.
- If you send a duel invitation to a player that is fighting monsters or being attacked by monsters, the invitation is cancelled.

The Duel Skill can be found on the Basic Skill tab (K)
Click on another player then double click on the Duel Skill.
duel skill.jpg

You can also start a duel using the Avatar Menu
duel menu.jpg


If a duel request is not accepted within 2 minutes, the duel is cancelled.

When you send a duel invitation to another player, they receive a popup that shows your character name and level.
duel request.jpg

If the invitation is accepted, the Duel Window will open for both players and in addition to the name and level, the job classes are shown. 
The person that initiated the duel sets the rules from the following choices:

Best of 1, 3 or 5 battles.
Draw or Lose on Disconnect
Duration of 2, 3 or 5 minutes per battle.
Disable Potions
Self Buffs Only
Clear Buffs
Auto Buffs

duel rule choices.jpg

-There are three slots where each player can “bet” items and an option to bet zulie.  No bets are required to duel. Once the rules have been set, and bets (if any) are placed, the duel initiator presses Accept.

-The second player can add their bet (if any) and view the rules. If there is something that you don’t like about the bet or rules, simply close the duel window and the duel will be cancelled. Be sure you have space in your inventory if items are being put up as bets.

-If both players agree, both press the “Accept” button. When the player who initiated the duel clicks on “Start”, green rings surround both players. A 10 second timer appears and when the time ticks down, the duel can begin.


-Auto buffs, if any, are applied when the duel begins, and they are removed when the duel ends.  
-All players are returned to 100% HP at the end of a duel. 
-You can not run out of the duel circle once the duel circle has appeared.. 

If you win the duel, you will receive the items/zulie that were set up as the bet by the other player.
winner cropped.jpg

If you lose the duel, any items or zulie that you placed as a bet are removed from your inventory and given to the winning player.
loser cropped.jpg

In the case of a draw, the bet items/zulie stay with the original owners. 

If you aren't participating in the duel, you can watch it happen and follow the score in real time as shown in this screenshot

This is a very neat system and a great addition to the game.  Looking forward to watching some duels!

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