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[Guide] Getting the Drive Castle Gear Skill


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For many ROSE players, owning Castle Gear is the ultimate dream.  This iconic robot vehicle is unique to ROSE .  Getting the skill to drive one of these guys is not easy (or cheap) but definitely something to work towards.
castle gear.jpg

Starting NPC: [Ferrell Guild Merchant] Mildun in Junon Polis
Requirements: Must be at least level 110
                          Must have 50 million zulie on your character

1) Talk to Mildun in Junon Polis. Ask him about driving CG (option 4 then option 2). As usual Mildun gives you the run around at first but eventually (after you agree to pay him 50mil zulie) he tells you to talk to [Ferrell Guild Merchant] Med in the Gorge of Silence. Here is Med's location 

2) After some discussion, Med tells you to find a guide with an eyepatch. That guide is Kay in the Forest of Wisdom and here is his location 

3) Kay says he will teach you if you can answer a question. Hopefully you were paying attention when you spoke to Med but if not the answer is Mana Engine (choose option 2). Kay actually does explain the parts of CG and that the materials can be found in the Union shops (which for us means the Valor and Honor Shops).

4) Return to Mildun with all of the information you have gathered. Once again Mildun gives you the run around but finally sends you to talk to [Ferrell Guild Staff] Sergei. You will find him in the Magic City of Eucar on the Luna Planet

Sergei tells you that the schematics for learning to drive CG were taken by monsters. He is less than helpful about where to find them but that's where I come in 😛

NOTE: You must be in a party in order to get these quest drops

There may be other spawns of these Elite mobs, but here is where I found them.  All of the monsters have "Elite" in their names. 
Freezing Plateau- Elite Wolverine  

Crystal Snowfields- Elite Elder Mammoth 

Arumic Valley- Tyrant Warship 

Mt Eruca- Elite Behemoth 

When you have all 4 schematics, go back to Mildun. Once he stops messing around, he will grant you the Drive Castle Gear Skill. You will find the skill itself in the Parts> Castle Gear tab of your skill window.

Castle Gear must be crafted by an artisan.  The schematics and materials are in the Honor Items Shop.  There are Valor to Honor conversion items you can buy from the Valor Materials Shop so don't worry if you are not into pvp.  

Be sure to take a screenshot and share it here when you get your Castle Gear!

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2 hours ago, Killerreggie said:

Didn´t the current devs remove CG from the game for now?

No not at all but Castle Gear is only available from crafting.  The schematics and materials needed to craft CG can be found in the Honor shop (the NPC is a frog and is near the Junon Clanfield NPC).  You can convert Valor points into Honor points with a conversion item that's available in both the Honor and Valor shops.

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39 minutes ago, Zurn said:

Fight the boss a lot, maybe use some of the drop rate gems I’d imagine it’s the same drop rate as unique. 

Oh, it's a drop? I thought it was a quest or something. Thank you for the tip! 

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6 hours ago, AnyaLuna said:

I finally got my castle gear after vending for months 😎. Thanks for the guide @HoneyBuns. Where can I get PAT painting ticket btw?


Congrats!!  The PAT Painting Tickets are not in the game right now because a few things have to be fixed on the painting skill menu.  At the old official server, you could also repaint cart frames that were in the Item Mall and we don't have those anymore but don't worry, its on my list along with the Clan Name Colorizer. 

Congrats again on your Castle Gear!!

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