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[Guide] Learning to Drive a Cart


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When you reach level 50, you will receive a notification that you can now learn how to drive a cart! 

The quest begins with [Ferrell Guild Merchant] Mildun in the City of Junon Polis.  At first he gives you the runaround but finally he sends you to talk to [Akram Minister] Mairard in Adventurer's Plains.  If you don't have a scroll for Adv. Plains, you can always take the ship.  Head to the back of the city and talk to [Ferrell Guild Staff] Itz  The cost is 6,000 zulie

Here is where you will find Itz

Mairard will give you some information on the history of carts and then asks you a question to see if you have been paying attention.  The correct answer is in the spoiler below. 


Question: Who invented the Mana Engine?

Answer: Anthony Flight

After you have given the correct answer, Mairard sends you to talk to [Akram Minister] Luce in Kenji Beach.  Go towards the water behind the village in Adv. Plains and onto the wooden pier.  Speak to [Ferrell Guild Staff] Peron and he will take you to Kenji Beach for 6,000 zulie.  Luce is a little tricky to find since there are so many piers and huts but this is his location.

Luce gives you information on cart parts and once again, he asks a question to make sure you were not dozing off.  The correct answer is in the spoiler below.


Question: When you combine each part of a Cart, which part must you start with?

Answer: Cart Body

When you have given the correct answer, return to Mildun.  He wants the evidence of this transaction to disappear, so he instructs you to go to the Forest of Wisdom and kill Fighter Clowns until all three scrolls are "buried".  The Clowns can be found in several areas but here is the spot I usually use.

Once you have buried all three scrolls, return to Mildun and after you promise to never tell a soul that he helped you, he will give you the Drive Skill

The Drive Skill in the PAT skill tab.  Mildun sells carts. remember you need a cart body, cart engine and wheels.  You will find those items in the PAT section of your inventory.  Drag the cart body to the correct spot first, then the engine and wheels. Once you have a full cart equipped, click on the drive skill to start motoring around. 

Artisans can also craft carts and their parts.  Cart Schematics and materials are in one of the Valor Shops near the Junon Order (the opposite side of the city from Mildun). We have a couple of events where a cart is one of the rewards too. 
Enjoy your new ride!

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On 2/9/2023 at 10:08 PM, okp11 said:

Anyone who can give their experience with hiding the scrolls on the fighter clowns?

I've spent hours killing these things without a single quest update.

Sad to hear that... Message me in game and I will gladly help you with your quest...

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