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There are a lot of quests in ROSE and while I realize that some people do not like questing, personally I think it’s a great way to travel thru the maps in the game.  Many times killing quests are repeatable and since you will be fighting monsters to level anyway, why not take a quest and get some extra exp?  Some questlines reward you with gear (weapons, armor, accessories) and others with some special, one of a kind items that are fun to flex. 

Generally, one quest will lead you to the next quest and the NPC’s will tell you what they want.  Rather than list every single quest, this is like an outline showing the starting NPC’s.  As you complete one quest, that NPC will usually tell you who to talk to next. The new quest tracker makes it easy to see which quests you have open.  Quest drops will share in a party so be sure you all take the quests. Remember that you can only have 10 active quests at a time.  For information on the Hero/Episode Quest see this topic.

Start by talking to Arua’s Fairy.  She is the first NPC you will see when you log in. I recommend doing the tutorial quests. They will net you a neat bamboo spear and at the end of the line of quests, you will be able to enter the Trainer’s Village and get your first job!

DISCLAIMER: I may have missed some quests and there is a chance that some things may change, but this list is currently correct to my knowledge

Also I am not into PvP at all so if the Battlemaster NPC's on each planet give some sort of quest to earn Honor points, please let me know so I can add those to this list.




[Village Chief] Gray- Starts the tutorial questline
[Smith] Ronk- Gives an optional one time quest



(if you have done the tutorial quests in Adv. Plains, [Stranded Resident] Morgan will have a quest for you called "Missing Cart Parts")

The following quests reward you with a set of armor for your job class
[Fruit Seller] Magdalena   "Honey for her Honey" 
[Livestock Farmer] Enu  "A Small Start" 
[Resident] Rudolfo  "Collecting Ore"  Talk to Rudolfo again after completing his quest to get the next one 

[Weapon Merchant] Dune  "Bee Infestation"  This quest is repeatable



[Guide] Lena   "Honey Bee Helper"  Talk to Lena again after completing her quest to get the next quest in the tutorial called "Welcome to Zant" 
Following that questline (it has 9 parts) will reward you with a job specific weapon of your choice

[Village Chief] Cornell "Wascally Woopies"
                                     "Chef Surprise"
                                     "A Trip to the Farm" 
[Livestock Farmer] Lampa  "A Royal Pain" 
                                             "Jelly Bean Roundup"  repeatable
                                             "Pumpkin Roundup"   repeatable
[Eccentric Inventor] Spero "Stolen Formula"  Follow this questline for the reward of a back item
[Designer] Keenu  "Keenu's Lost Thread" 
[Tavern Owner] Sharlin "Wine Delivery" This is a repeatable shout quest
[Righteous Crusader] Leonard "Leonard's Sword"



[Breezy Hills Militia] Mercucio  "Supplies and Demand"                                          
                                                   "Operation" Take Back Breezy Hills"  
                                                   "Mission Report" 
[Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz  "Plants vs Visitors" 
                                          "Here Comes The Calvary"
[Breezy Hills Militia] Rahl  "Shell Shocked"  
                                           "Dalping Decimation" 
                                           "Onward to Verloon!"

The following quests are repeatable.
[Weapon Craftsman] Mairath "Pest Control"
[Little Street Vendor] Mile  "Bright Lights, Breezy Nights"
[Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz  "Windmill Plans" 
[Smith] Punwell "Life's a Breeze in Breezy Hills"



[El Verloon Tourism Board] Caraan "Meet the Locals"  questline

[Gypsy Merchant] Methio- "The Lost Engagement Ring"

The following quests are repeatable.
[Ikaness Stafff] Orias  "Bittersweet Vengeance" 

[Ferrell Guild Merchant] Lina  Lina gives some repeatable quests that are all in Oblivion Temple. You must be at least level 130 to enter OT 
"Raiding Tombs for Mummy Materials"
"Raiding Tombs for Scavenger Materials"
"Raiding Tombs for Golem Materials"
'Raiding Tombs for Guardian Materials"



The reward for completing these quests is a level 40 set of armor for your job class.

[Mountain Guide] Stephano  "Bash Them to Bacon Bits" 
                                                "Highway Porkery"  
                                                "Making The Roads Safe Again"
[Frightened Guard] Canterbery   "Fishy Smelling Equipment Collection"  
                                                       "The Anima Lake Horror"  
                                                         "A Visit To Edone"   
[Gypsy Merchant] Edone  "Grunter Axe Collection"  
                                            "Grunter Raid"  
                                           " The Great Gorilla Escape" 
                                            "To The Big City At Last!"



[Guard] Winters "A Miner Problem"  
                            "Welcome to Junon"  NOTE You must complete "A Miner Problem" before he will give this quest.  The reward for completing this questline is a weapon based on your job class

[Guide] Eva  "Stockpiling Maple Branches"  
                     "Stockpiling Konara Branches"  
                     "Stockpiling Oak Branches"  All three of Eva's quests are repeatable

[Ferrell Guild Merchant] Mildun   At level 50 you can learn to drive a cart.
                                                       At level 110 you can learn to drive Castle Gear.

[Armor Merchant] Saki  "Oh My! Smouly Berry Pie"   This quest is repeatable

 [Ferrell Guide Staff] Hayen "Candle Ghost's Identity " This is a shout quest

[Ferrell Guild Staff] Kiroth "Let's Go To Kenji Beach" 

[Interplanetary Guide] Alphonso "Rosemary's Doll"  You must be at least level 70.  This questline is required so you can access the Flying Ship to go to the other planets

You can get several repeatable quests that reward with valor points from each of the following NPC's
 [Arumic Researcher] Carasia
 [Ferrell Guild Staff] Charrs
 [Junon Order Elder] Gorthein
 [Righteous Crusader] Huffe

[Livestock Farmer] Sircu Located outside of the city at the far end.  Both quests are timed, both are repeatable and the reward is a pet capsule of the monster you were fighting.
"An Errand for Sircu (1)"
"An Errand for Sircu (2)"


[Mayor] Darren -  When you reach level 100, you will get a popup in the game telling you to speak to the mayor.  He will start you on the 2nd job quest for your job class.



[Mountain Guide] Kay - "Pick the Clowns Out"



[Ferrell Guild Merchant]  Bith "Krazy Krawfy Conundrum"  
                                         "Dangerous Doonga Debacle" 
[Resident] Hotch  " Healing Krawfy"

All three of these quests are repeatable

There are no quests in Gorge of Silence but Selba Village has a full assortment of NPC's so you can repair, refine, appraise and even use storage.  There are also return scrolls you can buy from the tavern owner.

There are several dungeon quests that you can do once each day when you are the appropriate level.  Only two of the NPC's are on the Junon Planet but I am listing all of the quests here so they are easier to find. All of them reward with valor points.


Cave of Ulvrick  The NPC's that give the quests are both in Desert of the Dead on the Junon Planet
 [Dead Priest] Lantore  "Vengeance For Nejeuve Village"
 [Ranger] Paul  "Cave Culling: The Anansi"  OR  "Cave Culling: The Arachne"
                         "Defense Against The Dead"

Halls of Oblivion  The NPC is in Oblivion Temple in El Verloon Desert on Junon Planet
 [Archaeologist] Tolken "Not Your Average Mummy.."   OR   "Mammy-A-Mia!"
                                       "Tomb Raider Beyond The Rift"
                                       "Expanding The Search"

Sea of Dawn The NPC is in the Magic City of Eucar on Luna Planet
 [Shamanist Ambassador] Khiya  "We Must Save Luna!"
                                                        "Invading The Wrealith Hatchery"
                                                        "Lunar Soul Reaper"

Sikuku Catacombs The NPC's are in the dungeon itself, which is on Eldeon Planet. 
 [Archaeologist] Digby  "Technicolor Effluence"
                                       "So Ephlysia, Much Wandering"
 [Raknu Commander] Darka Ghi  "Mapping the Sewers"
                                                       "Taking Orders from Rod"





[Eucar Judge] Ishtal   "Meritable Ishtal"   
                                    "Luna Gangsters"
Ishtal also gives repeatable quests that reward with clan points.  They are split by difficulty;


"City of Flames (1)"
"City of Flames (2)"
"City of Flames (3)"

"Mystery of the Frozen Tundra (1)"
"Mystery of the Frozen Tundra (2)"
"Mystery of the Frozen Tundra (3)"

"Snow Place Like Home (1)"
"Snow Place Like Home (2)"
"Snow Place Like Home (3)"

"Down in the Valley (1)"
"Down in the Valley (2)"
"Down in the Valley (3)"

"Suppressing the Penguins (1)"
"Suppressing the Penguins (2)"
"Suppressing the Penguins (3)"

[Smith] Pavrick  "Pavrick's Dream"  The reward is a Lunaris Water Barrell (back item)
                           "Don't Trust the Tuxedos"
                           "Spiritual Flame of Eucar" There are several quests in this questline.  The reward is a Silence Ring

[Ferrell Guild] Sergei   "Turtle Soup?"

[Arumic Merchant] Pabel "Est The Wounded Shamanist"  There are several quests in this questline but the end reward is a a Lunaris Necklace

[Arumic Prophet] Olleck Basilasi  "Collecting the Fragments"  This quest reward is valor points and it is repeatable.

 [Gentleman Explorer] Toffee Coffington is located on the same map as Eucar but he is right outside of the entrance to Crystal Snowfields.  All of his quests are repeatable.
"Slag Feet Soup"
"Wolf Blitz"
"Of Mammoth Proportions"
"Dreadful Dreadnaughts"




 [Gentleman Explorer] Nicholai Coffington  "Un-BEAR-able Task"
                                                                         "The Mean Streets of Mana Snowfields"
                                                                         "Winter Maul Wrap Up"
These quests are all repeatable.



 [Gentleman Explorer] Wilhelm Coffington  "Yeti Surprise"
                                                                        "Ruper Cowls"
                                                                        "Not So Easy Rider(s)"
These quests are all repeatable.



[Livestock Farmer] Kapeka  "Tame a Wolf " 
                                               "Tame a Mammoth"
                                               "Tame a Dreadnaught"
                                               "Tame a Lunaris Bear"
These quests are repeatable and the reward is a pet capsule of whichever monster you were killing for each quest.





The following quests are repeatable and reward with valor points
[Righteous Crusader] Harold Evan "Violence by Warbiz"
                                                          "Improved Weapon Research "
                                                          "Poison Weaver Research" 
                                                          "Supplying Weaponry"

[Arumic Researcher[ Catharine Clara "Extraction of Pincer Claws"
                                                               "Web Research Project"
                                                               "Pollen Information Research "
                                                               "Sikuku Ruins Delivery "

[Ferrell Guild Staff] Gilbert  "Stop the Spearman Threat"
                                              "Improved Clothing Research"
                                              "Stockpiling High Quality Pollen "
                                              "Supplying the Expedition"

[Junon Order Elder] Oscar Patrick "Oscar Patrick’s Request "
                                                          "Eliminate the Sikuku Spearmen "
                                                          "Pollen Information Research"
                                                          "Mini Warbiz Infestation"

[Raknu Warrior]Jeffery Lloyd  "Jeffery and Lina? <3"

[Raknu Chief] Darka Khan  He is located near the chef on the upper part of Xita Refuge. These quests are all repeatable and give clan point rewards. They are split by difficulty.


"Rise of The Raknu (1)"
"Rise of The Raknu (2)"
"Rise of The Raknu (3)"

"Weaken the Sikiku (1)"
"Weaken the Sikiku (2)"
"Weaken the Sikiku (3)"

"Shades of Tribal Blood (1) "
"Shades of Tribal Blood (2) "
"Shades of Tribal Blood (3) "

"The Wrath of Khan (1) "
"The Wrath of Khan (2) "
"The Wrath of Khan (3)"




This NPC is in that little village in Shady Jungle

[Chief] Namiel Char   "The Rise of the Phoenix"



[Herbalist] Helianthus  "Mushroom Collecting (Red)"

[Archaeologist] Kentucky Jones  "Finding Lost Tools" 
Both of these quests are repeatable



[Smith] Kojo  "Ritual Stone Investigation"

[Arumic Researcher] Redford  "Redford's Food Supply"
                                                   "Purification Tree"

[Mountain Guide] Bennett  "Clearing the Path"

[Sikuku Tracker] Akuku  "The Mark of Turak

[Cleric] Maria   "The Mystical Xita Flower"

[Ruins Curator] Hope  "Hope's Sleep Spell"

All of these quests are repeatable


In order to access many of the quests in Muris, you must have completed a series of quests that begin in Junon Polis.  Since you must be at least level 180 to travel to Orlo, the quest names for this series are in the spoiler below.


[Historian] Jones  He is located in the back of Junon Polis near the lighthouse.
"Heirs of the Anonymous"
"Landregin's Daughters"
"Mourning for Madreson"
"Krisdados' Cold Heart"
"Khan vs Char"

Either [Hebarn's Servant] Starburner  OR [Arua's Servant] Serenity located in Oblivion Temple in El Verloon Desert

[Orlean Ambassador] Bond  Located on the main level of Oblivion Temple
"Sustaining The Orlean Portal"
"The Royals of Oblivion"



[Pharaoh Queen]Alana  "Hiria's Tear"  Must be level 210 with a Dusty Jewel in your inventory  Reward is Hiria's Tear necklace

[Mechanic’s Dog]Chopper  Must have a chewed bone drop in your inventory.  Reward Bulldog Mount (level 200)

[Livestock Farmer]Hafis  These quests are repeatable and reward with a pet capsule of the monster you fought.
"Taming the Mastyx"
"Taming the Aspers"
"Taming the Scavengers"

The following are valor point quests and they are all repeatable.
[Valor Quest Giver] Roen  "Roen’s Request"
                                           "Population Control"               
                                           "A Cure in the Sand"
                                           "Barbed and Dangerous"

The quests in the spoiler below become available when you have done the Fate quests and The Royals of Oblivion quest.  They can only be done once per character and most reward with a character locked equipment item


[ Pharaoh Queen] Alana  "Pharaoh's Key"  Must have Pharaoh's Key item in consumables.  Must be level 200

[Lojala Blackbear Leader]Tondro  "News from Tondro 1-5"

[Orlean Ambassador]Solara  "Stolen Goods 1-5"

[Oro Bar Owner]Sahrazod  "Argh! Scavengers 1-5"  Must have completed Stolen Goods questline

[Gunsmith]Rahd  "Fishing is Easy"

[Mechanic]Kreinto  "Kegs Can Fly"

[Livestock Farmer]Hafis "Looking for a Mate"

[Ministry of Agriculture] Aquila  These are all repeatable killing quests.
"Territorial Dominance - Mastyx"
"Territorial Dominance - Scorpio"
"Territorial Dominance - Terrasaurus"
"Territorial Dominance - Devourer"
"Territorial Dominance - Asper"


These quests are available after you have completed the Fate quests and The Royals of Oblivion quests.  These quests are all repeatable.


[Dread Captain] Bruise  "Bruised Ego"  Reward is a Dread pipe

[First Mate] Bighand Jack  "Slight of Bighand"  Reward is a Snapper Backshield  level 180

[Astrophysicist] Dr Ega  "Karkian Darkness"  Reward is a Doctor's Back Arms backshield level 180

[Deckhand] Skully  "Not Orlean, Not Blackbear"  Reward is an Asper Charm handheld item




When you complete The Royals of Oblivion questline, you can travel to Orlo using the portal you unlocked in Oblivion Temple.  This questline starts with an NPC on this map

[Blackbear] Nimbo  "Domzorgistoj"



[[Lojala Blackbear Captain] Skualo  "The Lojala Caretakers"

Skualo also gives some repeatable killing quests.
"Crowned Asper Horrors"
"Barbed Snapper Horrors"



[Desert Explorer] Bryll   All of these quests are repeatable
"Expedition Hunt- Mastyx"  

"Expedition Hunt- Armastyx"  

"Expedition Hunt- Terrasaurus " 


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11 minutes ago, TheApe said:

Hello, I'm trying to find valor quesst to do, but NPC's of Eucar and DOD doesn't give me any quest.

I'm lvl 110.

Can someone explain me how to get valor points at my level ? thanks 😛

I would recommend leveling at penguin artilleries in mana snowfields at Luna until level 120, there is a quest there that gives you lots of exp.


once you hit 120, talk to Alphonso in junon to do a quest that gets you to Xita (Eldeon).

there are 3 pollen quests you can get that give you 35 total valor per turn in. You can stay here till 160 and farm. It’s a very repetitive however you will earn a vast amount of valor points

good luck!

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9 hours ago, BuGssBuN said:

@HoneyBunsgud day sir still bug this quest. until now i cant take it. TIA


The server crashes and restarts mess up the quests.  Until the login issue is fixed, there will continue to be quest issues.  All you can do is keep trying to talk to the last NPC you spoke to and hopefully get the quest dialog back

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