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[Guide] Elements and You


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We now have elements in ROSE!  Elements affect everyone, whether you are currently leveling or are max level and enjoy playing the PvP games and doing dungeons. There are 8 elements: Fire. Water, Earth, Wind, Ghost, Poison, Sorcery, and Holy. 

Some monsters now have an element classification.  You will see the element symbol on the right side of the monster’s name. In this example, the Moldie has the Earth element.  If there is no symbol next to the monster’s name, then it does not have an elemental classification.


Monsters are not the only ones with elements; players now have the ability to add elements to their armor and weapons. Adding an element will not change any gems or substats you might already have.  Certain types of craftable ammo also have an element. Check the spoiler for a list of strengths and weakness


Neutral  Strong against None
              Weak against    Sorcery, Ghost, Holy, Poison

Fire       Strong against   Earth, Ghost
             Weak against    Water, Holy, Poison

Wind     Strong against   Water, Poison
             Weak against    Sorcery, Earth, Holy

Earth     Strong against   Wind, Holy
             Weak against    Sorcery, Fire, Ghost

Water   Strong against   Sorcery, Fire
            Weak against    Wind, Poison, Ghost

Ghost    Strong against   Neutral, Sorcery, Water, Earth
              Weak against    Fire, Holy

Poison  Strong against   Neutral, Fire, Water, Holy
             Weak against    Sorcery, Wind

Holy       Strong against   Neutral, Fire, Wind, Ghost
              Weak against    Earth, Poison

Sorcery  Strong against  Neutral, Earth, Wind, Poison 
               Weak against    Water, Ghost

NOTE  If you have a skill that has an element, that will override any element that has been added to your weapon. In other words, if you add the fire element to your weapon then use a water skill, the attack will be a water attack. In the case of ammo, the ammo element (if there is one) will override the weapon’s element.

In PvP, the effect is similar to the effect in PvM. If your opponent has attacks with elements (mages are a good example of that) then you could be weaker to those attacks depending on which element (if any) you have on your armor. Of course, unlike with monsters, there will be nothing indicating that your opponent has any elements on their equipment.

To imbue armor or weapons with an element, you need an Elemental Scroll of the right type (armor or weapon). You can only put an element on the chest part of armor. Scrolls with Fire, Water, Earth and Wind can be found in the Valor Shop. They cost 1,000 valor points each. Scrolls with Ghost, Poison, Sorcery and Holy are possible drops from bosses in the dungeons. Since all Elemental Scrolls are tradable, you might also find them in player’s shops.

Once you have the scroll you want, double click on it in your consumable tab then click on the item you want to imbue with the element.  When an item is imbued with an element, it will show next to the name. This Beretta has a Fire element on it.

If you want to change the element or remove it from gear, you will need a Nullified Scroll of the correct type. These can be found in the Valor Shop for 750 valor points. NOTE: When you remove the element it will be gone forever so be careful where you put them.

Here are what the element symbols look like:














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