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[Guide] How to Refine


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In Rose, refining means to upgrade an item. It's a fairly complicated system, especially for new players so this is a basic guide on how to refine. 

Refining a piece of gear (armor, back item, weapon, shield, or off-hand) will improve the item’s base stats. It’s possible to refine items to (20). Each time you attempt a refine, you need the right material and each attempt after the first one costs zulie. As you refine to higher levels, the zulie cost increases too.  Higher level gear starts with a higher zulie cost.

Every item in the game has an Item Grade.  You can find the Item Grade in the description of the item. Item Grade does not indicate the type of item (gloves, weapon, wings etc) but it’s important in refining because that determines which materials are needed.  

Types of Item Grades


NUMERIC- These run from grade 1 – 9
item grade.jpg

event item grade.jpg

item mall item grade.jpg

UNIQUE These items usually have a purple name.
unique item grade.jpg

VALOR-Valor armor and weapons are purchased from the Valor NPC’s and they lock to the character that buys them
valor item grade.jpg

HONOR- Honor armor and weapons are purchased from the Honor NPC’s and they lock to the character that buys them
honor item grade.jpg


Refining Materials


For Numeric Item Grade items, the material depends on the type of item. These mats will drop from monsters around the level of the gear they are used on.

Bindrunes are used to refine armor (hat, gloves, chest, shoes)
Talismans are used to refine weapons and off-hand items.
Apotropes are used to refine back items (backshields, wings, backpacks)

Event Item Grade items need Jupiterunes. You can get those by disassembling other event items. 

Item Mall Item Grade items need Saturunes. Those can be purchased from the Item Mall.  Your success is guaranteed when refining IM costumes, and there is no zulie cost. 

Unique Item Grade items require Ancient Scarabs. Those can be obtained by disassembling other unique items. They can also sometimes be purchased from player’s shops. 

Valor Item Grade items- Valor gear uses the same bindrunes, talismans and apotropes as the non-valor item. When you place the valor item into the refining window, it tells you which material is needed.

Honor Item Grade items- Honor gear requires Honor Bindrunes and Honor Talismans. Those can be purchased from the Honor Items Shop and they cost 20 honor points each. 


These are the NPC’s that can refine items: Choose the option “I would like to upgrade my item”.

Zant-[Weapon Seller]Raffle
Junon Polis- [Weapon Merchant]Crune
Breezy Hills [Weapon Craftsman] Mairath
Selba Village- [Blacksmith]Brock

Magic City of Eucar, Luna Planet- [Smith]Pavrick

Xita Refuge, Eldeon Planet- [Smith]Nel Eldora
Sikuku Ruins, Eldeon Planet- [Smith] Koji

Desert City of Muris, Orlo Planet- [Smith]Mahyr
Ancient Oasis Shrine, Orlo Planet- [Lojala Smith] Ekblovo

STEP 1- Drag the item that you want to refine to the refining window.
refining window.jpg

Material- Check the Refining Materials spoiler ^
These slightly improve your chances of succeeding. Pink Powder, Purple Powder, Lisent Hg and Lisent U are all catalysts. It’s not necessary to add catalysts.
Refine Enhancement- Venurunes will increase your chance of success by 10%. You can use up to two Venurunes per refine attempt. They can be purchased from the Honor Items Shop for 200 honor points each.
Refine Protection- Plutorunes will reduce the penalty of a failed refine attempt by one step. If the penalty is to degrade (2), using a Plutorune will reduce that degrade to (1). If the penalty is to degrade (1), using a Plutorune will prevent any degrading. They can be purchased from the Valor Materials NPC for 400 valor points each.

At the bottom of the refining window, you can see your success chance and the zulie cost.  There is no zulie cost for the first refine. After that, the cost increases with each attempt and the success chance is lower. 

STEP 2- Add the correct material and any optional items (catalyst, refine enhancement, refine protection) and press "Begin"

Here are a few ss using the Soldier Armor pictured above. As you can see, the success chance is lower with each attempt and the zulie fee increases.
refine 1.jpg   refine 2.jpg   refine 3.jpg

At one point (with higher level gear its usually around refine (5), you will get a popup message. You can continue or you can add a catalyst or refine enhancement or protection.  NOTE: Items will no longer have a chance of being destroyed with a failed refining attempt. They will just degrade a refine level or two. 
degrade warning.jpg

This is a comparison of the stats of the Soldier Armor before and after it's been refined to (8). As you can see, the defense, magic defense and dodge stats have all improved. 
unrefined.jpg     refine 8.jpg

One other thing I forgot to mention, when you refine an item, it gets shinier. Many people refine even costumes to get that glow. This is the Judo outfit from the Item Mall refined (20) 😎
judo 20.jpg

NOTE: If you use an artisan enhanced item (reinforced, endowed armor or darkened, hardened, balanced or enchanted weapon), make sure that the reinforcing (hardening etc) is done BEFORE you refine. If you refine an item then have it reinforced etc, you will lose the refine.  

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