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Clan Items/storage


Clan Items/storage  

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Have a clan storage, where people could borrow items from the clan storage.

So something like this:

Say I have a Spear (9) with a D(7) in it, I want others in the clan to be able to use it.   I put it into that storage (on a loan and I am still the owner of said item).

Character B come to check out storage and sees that spear and is of the right level and stats, they check it out.   When checked out, the item becomes to that person since they are not the owner Character Bound, can't be dropped, sold or placed into their storage.

When Character B is done with it for the day, they either return it back to Clan storage, or when they log off or DC, that item automatically moves back to the clan storage to prevent them from keeping it.

Now if the automatic way does not work, how about a way the Clan Master or the owner (since they can see the list of the items they put in, or the CM can see it all) click on it to have it moved back into the clan storage.

Another idea is no matter what, after a certain amount of time, the borrowed item will move from that character and back to clan storage.  This might work out best, but not sure on the programming of it.

The only person who can take out the item permanently and do as they please is the owner of it, no one else will be able to do anything with it.   

If the CM kicks the owner of that item from the clan, the item will automatically appear in the owner's inventory or back into the user's own storage.

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