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  1. Fairly obvious by the title but for further context and detail I'll try to elaborate. The Game Arena currently tracks and displays end of match statistics for PvP matches, however this functionality doesn't extend to the dungeons. I am going off the assumptions the base framework of dungeons will be used with new dungeon content or rebalanced dungeons, but would still like to suggest the minimum following if possible. Total Run Time from load in to final boss KO'd. Total number of: Damage Dealt, Damage taken, Healing Done, Deaths, Dispels/Purifies, Dodges, Critical Hits, Monsters KO'd Valor / Faction Point / Clan Points gained (if any) That would be fairly comprehensive, and assuming the framework of Game Arena PvP can be used, shouldn't be too hard to implement. I'd like to see this request for a few reasons, primarily to give some statistical feedback to players, without needing an API to hook in a damage meter, or to develop a combat log and third party parser. As someone who enjoys casually min-maxing my PvE/M experience or trying new builds and testing their functionality, these statistics would be an ideal middle ground to give accurate information but not boil it down to DPS/HPS which tends to become used in toxic or mean spirited ways. The other primary reason is for doing speed runs, challenge runs, % runs etc on dungeons for a player driven competitive PvE scene. I personally loved a point in time when a few of the clans in ROSE were doing speed runs of the dungeons and posting videos of their best clear times and would love to see that return. The negatives I see are mostly along the lines of costing some development time, though how much I cannot guess too much at. And as with any raw information given in statistical form, it could be used to brow-beat and shame other players «which should already be disallowed but that's a different matter». Seeing as that precedent has already been set with PvP I think the community would be mostly ok with the small chance that someone might need to be blocked, for the benefit of rough information about your dungeon performance. Cheers -Vile
  2. Price caps in shops Similar to how NPCs have recommended item sale values, I think it would be beneficial for the game's economy if all items in the game were capped at some artificial maximum price, relative to its value/tier. Not too low that profiting is too difficult, high enough that players can still make profit, but capped to prevent people from price gouging and exploiting other players. Granted, players can simply choose not to buy overpriced items, but one instance where it becomes a problem is when someone buys out all/most of something on the market, then resells them for ridiculous prices, just because they have the money to do so. I think safeguards should be in place to prevent this kind of predatory behavior. This especially applies to items that can be purchased from an NPC somewhere. There should only be a small markup allowed when a player sells something like a town scroll, maybe relative to the distance (# of maps away?) from the nearest NPC that sells that item. Another thing that could be good is for the maximum price for each item to fluctuate based on the in-game market conditions, particularly in localized areas. For example, if there are over a certain threshold of an item, like 2000 Junon TP scrolls for sale in the main streak in Junon, within some arbitrary distance, like 1000 engine units (whatever distance that would be), the price cap should go down, possibly even lowering the price of the item in NPC shops if it hits that point, down to a minimum value that probably shouldn't be too far below MSRP. It might be somewhat complicated to design a system like this, but I think it would be the healthiest route to take. More or less, it's just a code-enforced supply and demand kind of deal. Player-unique drops from all mobs, especially bosses To have an environment where nobody feels like they're getting screwed over too badly, especially in boss fights, items should be generated per player. This way, each player has a chance, however small that chance may be, to get something. In this case, bosses could have a low chance, something like 3%, to drop a great item, and maybe something like a 10-15% chance to drop a less good, but still decent item. I remember when the game was in its infancy, dozens/hundreds of people would be gathered around the Aqua King, or the Grandmaster/Junon's Golem (I forgot which one spawns in that one area that used to be very popular). There would be maybe one good item that drops (I don't know because I never got anything or saw what actually dropped), and hundreds of people would be spamming their pickup key to try to get whatever dropped. I think that environment feels toxic to play in, and very unfair, especially for newer or more casual players who don't have all day to sit there trying to get the a decent drop. I believe that it used to also basically assign the item to the person who got the last hit (?), if I recall correctly. This system also allows players in parties to not have to worry about who gets which drops, so there would be no need for a system that distributes items/zulie. One way to prevent the game's economy from having too many items could be to balance how and which items drop, or make certain things account bound upon modifying/equipping them, like putting a gem into a socket or equipping a higher tier item. Cheers
  3. I've already sent Lazy some stuff on this but now that we have an actual forum, it seems like a good idea to mention it here too. Many games have player achievements and they add a fun dimension to game-play. I know Leo and Genesis were interested in adding an achievement system to NA but sadly that never did happen. It's kind of difficult to be specific since we really don't know what changes are being made to the game yet but the achievement system I am talking about would have some for doing normal things like reaching a certain level and getting your first job, joining a clan, learning to drive. Then there could be achievements for killing certain monsters, participating in events, getting a unique weapon etc. There would be pvp achievements. There could also be secret achievements that you unlock when you complete an action or get some item. The possibilities are pretty endless and new achievements could be added as the game expands to more planets. I'm sure setting up a system like this is not easy and is probably not a priority right now but I think it's worth considering for the future
  4. I don’t remember if this was already added at some point. How about adding a requirement where players are forced to face the enemy when attacking. If an enemy is behind you, you should WASD move around to face the enemy before allowing to start attacking and/or increasing damage or crit chance when hitting an enemy from behind. Also, how about allowing objects to block attacks? So I can hide behind boulders or trees to make the enemy come to me. thoughts?
  5. You have to activate the castle war, which also exists in its original form, the flags of the communities with their own symbols are waving in this castle, there is an example in the new world, and in another pvp system, like knight online, racially fighting in the cz fields and the Letters M added to the character with the earned points -- Everyone loves privileged symbols like H -- S or next to their name
  6. In normal life special gear needs frequent maintenence or its efficiency starts to degrade I could be some quests or npc thing (simiular to refining/etc, just not requiring super rate materials) In long term it could be given even to Artisans to do (and let me earn some ZZ from it and help "gear horders" to save time) Idea is to make sure people has to take care of their main gears, example item some stat (e.g. dodge rate/defense/accuracy) would only be 100% if its taken care properly, otherwise it would be a little less. Idea would be that to have 100/100 gear it has to be maintained, otherwise its few points less (not critical mostly, but may make difference). It could also one way to return zulies/etc back from market to game I am aware its not so easy to develope, and also many people will dislike it
  7. Here is a thought on water. If you go into it, your mspeed slows down, no matter walking, running or driving. Also, how about if your head goes underwater, and if you don't have a snorkel on, your HP will start going down? Why should be be able to run or drive fast through water when it will actually slow a person or vehicle in real life. No one can breath underwater either, so a snorkel would need to be worn on the character to keep breathing.
  8. I believe that farming Union Points can be much more interesting then it is now. So i'm calling Union Seasons as a new idea. A Union Season lasts 2-4 months. Upon the start of new Union Season you start at Union Fame level 1. You can do on a daily basis tasks for your union. These tasks involves: Doing a variety of Union Quests, like: Fetch quests (Get X from/to Y) Kill quests (Kill/collect X amount of Y) Invasion quests (Protect X from Y within Z amount of time). Withstand wave after wave of enemies. Do two randomly selected quests each day. The quests you get always matches with your level. Union War. Battle with your Union against an opposing Union. Buyout or Zulie donation to Union. For a X (high) amount of zulie you buy an item or donate to your Union. Note: This can be a nice money sink too. Each completed task rewards you with Union EXP. You need Union EXP to level up your Union Fame. For example like the EXP for the Fame Path in Fall Guys. See image below. Each level up rewards you with Union Points. Some levels rewards you with an item instead of Union Points. Some of these items are unique to the union, season or both. Some items can be obtained only once and won't return. The higher your Union Fame level the more exclusive the potential item will be. Maximum Union Fame level is 50. Can you get to Union Fame level 50 before the season is over? Like before you can spend your Union Points in the Union Shop. Fall Guys uses this Fame Path for example
  9. I know that Leonis was talking about a Monk Class and 3rd Jobs at one of my trips to Gravity. If I recall, there was some stuff being built for the 3rd class jobs, but I could not say what they were. Did any work happen for the new Monk (or whatever name it was going to be) class?
  10. Player markets have the issue of having to sift through dozens of markets to try to find the one item you want to buy for a good price. This issue is present in Maple Story too. The way they fixed this issue is by having a one time use item that scans the markets for a specific item you have chosen and it would give you a read out of where the item is located and how much it is listed for. I think is would also work in rose online. The only caveat is that this scanning item would have to be limited in uses other wise the player market would turn into a centralized market. So I suggest maybe getting like 5 of them per month from a quest or something.
  11. If I remember correctly, and as people confirmed on Discord, there are currently two party distribution systems: - Default: whoever picks up an item gets to keep it. - Equal share: Every time an item is picked, it is given to a player in the party on a rotation. I would like to propose a simple third option "Random distribution" which randomly distributes it by RNG. This would be an ideal way to farm elite monsters and boss drops in my opinion, as "Default" gives an advantage to people who play melee and are close to the drop, while "Equal share" is a turn based system that can be easily predicted and exploited. Pros of an RNG loot system: Fair way of letting the RNG gods choose loot distribution which can't be influenced by players Tested and proven in many other MMOs Party leads still have the option to choose one of the classic two methods above if they don't like the third option Cons: Delays go-live of the game Since this is a "nice to have" option, and Rose did fine without it for years, I do not expect this to be implemented before launch/beta unless it could be done quickly. It would be a valuable addition post-launch as well.
  12. How about the ability to right click on a character and see their name, level and job?
  13. Item mall items are nice but not everyone is finds it worth the price for one item. So, maybe the team could come up something with a pass? play more and level more to get skins
  14. A small but very sweet feature would be, if you could check your character age (/age character) and account age (/age account). Date and time of creation could also be included (I know this from GW2, but I think many new mmorpgs got this). Could also be connected to small birthday present like fireworks, forum titles/avatars.
  15. How about adding the MP bar below the HP bar, like the picture I tried to add it to (just used snipping tool to add the bar as a demo)
  16. I wholeheartedly agree that the pay-to-win aspects of the game we not great, and having costumes with bonus sets was not ideal because everyone was wearing the same thing, and you were limited to what you could wear because the bonuses were useful. I love the idea that costumes will always only be costumes and purely esthetic! But I will miss the fact that there was a way to get a small percentage of extra drops and extra exp though. So, it could be cool to have an extra item slot in the avatar area of the inventory for bonuses. I don't think these bonuses should be anything like attack power or crit, because some gems already do that, but it could be a thing too... However, these bonus stat items could be, for example, 10% exp bonus or 10% chance of extra drop. It could even be a bonus inventory space as like a 4x4 slots storage or something! They could be quest rewards so it would be available for everyone. Please note that this is an open suggestion and that I don't know myself how exactly we could bring back bonus stats and make them better or if we should even bring them back in a certain way. But if it were a bonus item, there is a space for it in the avatar as you can see in the image below. Otherwise, feel free to add your ideas and thoughts! Thanks to Owlchemist_vile for keeping his inventory open for hours and letting me get this screenshot on his stream.
  17. Quest Item [Locked] Vendor. Vendor/NPC that sells you quest items you've achieved [You've already done the quest] for free, and have a re-sell value of 0, and cannot be disassembled. Useful for if you're a goofyboy/girl and miss-click your quest reward.
  18. It would be fun to have "party van" cart/vehicle, a pat what could carry whole party. Driving with own party members, or helping some friends/low levels to get to other locations, or just using it to carry larger stuff, it could also have weapon like normal PAT I know its not easy to implement and usability is probably specific/limited
  19. Kai


    Would like to suggest duel as basic skill. Pros: Good features to test builds for 1 vs 1 pvp More activity to do in Junon/other city instead of just standing looking cool/cute Something cool for new "new Rose players" to see Cons: Pvp arena might get less cluttered
  20. Would be a nice quality of life option to be able to sort the materials tab by type, and possibly quality.
  21. I think it would be nice to be able to have some sort of quest tracker. It would be a bit like a list of all quests, organized per map or something so that it's not too cluttered. That way, if you come to a point where you don't remember what quests you have already completed and would like to know which one you could be doing next, you could go check the quest tracker and see, for example, that you missed a quest in Valley of Luxem Tower, and go get it from the NPC it shows you can get it from. I think you get the idea, but here's a visual example: Valley of Luxem Tower Quests The quest for bees that I finished The quest not for the bees I completed Quest I haven't done yet Another quest not done yet There could be a drop down many to select a map, or a world. When you select a quest you can see which NPC you can get it from, or just a hint if you haven't completed the quest yet. Pros: Keeps track of all quests completed, and those not completed yet. Cons: Uses dev resources to make the feature. Edit: typos ._.
  22. I understand that it would be hard to design a way to 100% create a way to level up via PVP only from lvl 1, but I believe giving exp rewards could be a welcomed change for hardcore pvp players who would be able to progress through the few last levels doing the content they actually enjoy doing.
  23. With the level cap decreasing from a whopping 250 to 100 there is going to be alot of leftover weapons. The amount of weapons there will be left over against the stat combinations makes the variation of the weapons very limited. So I would like to suggest the use of "status effects" for unique (or just very hard to get) weapons. What I mean with status effects are special stats added to the weapons, for example; a unique katar with an effect that adds poison to the target on hit. Or a spear that adds a burn effect every 5th strike. With these conditions in mind the possibilities become very interesting and there is much more to imagine like spark effects that do AoE or effects that debuff the target. The only concern would be the limits of the current engine/net code. But adding the effects themselves would be very possible, since poison and burn statuses are already in the game.
  24. Like my title said I think a clan house or private housing would be a good money/cp sink and can add some more features to motivate people. As a clan house you could get a TP skill/scroll to a existing map, like the treehouse or the ball room. That way the maps get more love and variety. AFK'in in any house is both con and pro, depending on which point of view you're looking. Pro Clan house: --> CP can be used in more than just one way. Also permament --> Scrolls could be bought in towns --> Buying new NPC's with Zuly and/or CP to give the house a more "living" feeling. Also gives the Members a possibility to get special NPC's or a Clan Warehouse. The NPC's shouldn't be too strong with Items but at least give Junon-grade ones. --> A place for Clan meetings, relaxing and trading faster --> New furniture for Dealer/Artisans to craft Con Clan House: --> Need to be implemented --> It makes solo players a bit more pressured (but honestly, it's an MMORPG not an RPG) --> If unbalanced it could be a too strong existence Pro Private housing: --> Money, Union Points, and maybe Achievement Points could be used --> New furniture --> flexing without castle gear --> sense of accomplishment --> could add a title "house owner" --> can be used for test dummies (dps test), upgrade tables, and an identifier Con Private housing: --> Need to be implemented --> it's expensive --> I dunno Maybe even give rights to a clan alliance for visiting your clan house (via invitation) or friends to visit your private house. They also can be linked together for other mechanics like a marrying system, cooking system, fishing system and more. With Test Dummies showing the DPS of all players in a Party the Member could give suggestions how to get stronger
  25. Suggestion: This suggestions consists of two parts, which are supposed to work in symbiosis: Add a "Hero's Presence" aura to max level characters, which increases the out-of-combat regeneration of HP and MP for leveling characters by a significant amount. Add a social point system, which lets a leveling character commend a max level character once per account for being a tutor, friendly, welcoming or helpful in any other way. These could be either a currency for special "social" cosmetics or accumulate as a number for cosmetic rewards at specific milestones or for a (weekly/monthly) leaderboard. I personally prefer a system you cannot "finish", i.e. something like a regularly resetting leaderboard (at least as a part of it). Why: With the rework of the Cleric, concerns have arisen, that the main interaction between low level and high level players - going around and buffing leveling characters, while having friendly and helpful chats here and there - is going to get lost. This was something, that was unique to ROSE and albeit not perfect, still something very positive. The second suggestion is aimed at giving max level players of any job an incentive to seek out leveling players to engage with them and be helpful. The first suggestion ensures, that there is always some tangible improvement with a max level character around. Though, it is specifically not supposed to be an in-combat bonus and no power increase, to prevent it from being mandatory (to bring a second client). Potential Implementation Difficulties: If dual-clienting is allowed, it will be hard to stop someone from creating as many accounts as it takes to keep commanding themselves. I am unsure, whether an aura as described is possible to implement without major rewrites. "Once per account" might also not be a thing right now. Commending would probably have to come in form of a new skill (like Party or Trade). Pros: provides welcoming environment for new players brings recognition to helpful max level players makes "helping low levels" into a more official end game activity removes a concern about the Cleric rework helps populate old zones Cons: possibly too much time investment to implement. exploitable, if not implemented right (though it could be obvious if someone did not earn their social points the honest way), but then again, it would be about a few cosmetics at most
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