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  1. Offline vending is coming, just not here yet. Watch for the updates on when it will arrive.
  2. There has been talk on Discord about these and it was suggested to add it to the Suggestions: For the Boss mobs, make the times they appear completely random and not on a regular timer. Also, because many might "camp" these mobs, how about making these Mobs appear randomly on the map, so people would have to search for them. Don't give set spots, but make it completely random? Please give ideas, suggestions, thoughts on it.
  3. Interesting idea, so what would happen if they do 3rd jobs
  4. I do like this idea as well, maybe something extra showing what was checked out, who checked it out and who was the owner? just a thought
  5. I know, that is the Treehouse Map, it was not meant to be a regular map for people, so only the GM's and MOD's went there. I saw many of characters get banned there as the GM's would teleport characters there while they were botting, then get the ban!
  6. Here are some pictures from RoseNA.
  7. I have a couple of friends who use to Play Rose on a PC, since then they don't have a PC, but a MAC now. I see the part on how to update Rose, but is there something on how to install on a MAC? Thank you.
  8. I would like to see the screenshot location maybe configurable within the client. One issue I see with it currently is when you use the snipping tool, all of those go into the same directory as the Rose pictures. Early on in the testing, it was under Pictures/Screenshots/Rose but someplace it changed to Pictures/Screenshots. If it cannot be configurable, how about placing the Rose Screenshots in the Pictures/Screenshots/Rose instead? Thank you
  9. Would Charm help in all classes for the Buffs each class can take? Not just the Cleric?
  10. Makes sense Lazy, thank you for the update.
  11. I am wishing for this is why the suggestion. No it has not been announced or anything, but hopefully it can be used. This would not be needed to be removed after the 13th of Dec, but can be left up forever.
  12. Welcome back and it will be great seeing you in game once again!
  13. The Dev team already said we can have 2 accounts logged in at one time, no more that 2. A shared storage is also a great idea for a clan, but their might need to be some restrictions setup for something like that.
  14. I could be reading this wrong, but sharing accounts with friends has never been a good idea. I am just saying your own accounts that you own. Make better sense?
  15. I would like to make another suggestion. This could be a Item Mall one time payment for all accounts. What I am suggesting is for storage the ability to add one page for storage. If this is an Item Mall item, the person would by the "ticket", then register all the accounts (email addresses) with the Team. When completed, the one page could allow the person to move items on their own accounts ONLY from one account to another. Say you got mats from drops on a soldier, you could just place those mats into the Shared Account Storage, then the next time you were on your Artisan, you go to the shared account storage, move them to your char and then you could move them to your individual account or character storage. Maybe what could be built in as well is the ability to move zuly into that storage to be able to be used between the various accounts too. It can be allowed even the event items to be shared between all the accounts.
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