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  1. You stole my name! Good luck though.
  2. Let us just play and see what it gives! It's still Early Access. However I feel like this improvement on classes will be a huge succes.
  3. Good decision. There will always be people faking they were once leading the clan. @lazypenguin ROSE ONLINE has a fresh start so wheter you have your clan name back 2015 or 2017. We are playing in 2022. Fresh start, fresh name, fresh people ... Let's go.
  4. Yep, good idea, this clan zulies are needed to upgrade your clan grade f.e.x.
  5. Actually I ment borrowing yes like you say so. The idea is to put your good stuff (lets say only weapons and armour inside the storage). How long has to be chosen from the options which should be (2h, 4h, 12h, 24h, 48h). Ofcourse we aint talking about money (zulies) to be deposited inside the storage, only equipment. Let us see what @Flowan and @lazypenguinthink about this.
  6. OK this should be possible IF you can proof that you were the owner of this clan ... then i'm pretty sure they can delete the clan made by someone else from their databases.
  7. As mentioned in another suggestion-topic. A shared clan storage meaning that you put items in a clan storage which can be hired (for free ofcourse) by your clanmates. For example: member A puts a Unique Weapon that is helpfull to level faster in the clan storage. This can be hired for 2h-4h-6h-24h (chosen by the one who puts the item in). This item goes to the player who hires it for the time chosen. After that the item goes back into the storage waiting to be reclaimed by the owner. This way you ban scamming players. @lazypenguin@Flowan
  8. I will make another (new) post for that.
  9. Maybe its an idea to put items in a shared clan storage where clanmembers can hire the item for x-hours ... After the time is completed the item returns to the storage where the owner can retake this ... In my opinion this is a better option to do so.
  10. Sharing accounts has never been a good idea indeed. However with my experience in ROSE there's plenty of people sharing one or multiple characters. In my opinion this shouldn't even be possible to share but as noted above: people do share accounts if they are allowed to ...
  11. Sounds like a very good idea but i'm not sure if this is possible database-wise certainly not if there's a possiblity to share your accounts with friends then this can't be linked with your IP-adress.
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