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Found 9 results

  1. Would it be possible to make ammunition stacks be 9,999 (or more) to save space in your inventory for drops? alternative idea (which I believe was Leonis’s) make ammunition an item that doesn’t consume, like craft or buy 1 and it never runs out. Pro - SPACE in your inventory for crap you probably don’t need or want, but can sell for more stuff! Con - people who sell ammunition types as a source of money will lose out, crafters lose an item to make ’zulie sink’ is lost (if you buy arrows/bullets/cannon balls)
  2. Pretty self-explanatory suggestion: Mounts should go into the PAT tab in inventory. Why? They, just like cars, are part of transportation and there's no reason for them to take up an inventory slot elsehwere. EDIT: I noticed this during the alpha test at the last hours when I got a Choropy mount, thought it felt strange and off when I literally lost it in my inventory for a second, lol.
  3. As with alot of other people I enjoy collecting costumes however they just take up so much storage (& if you have a crafter you already have no storage space). I know in NA they added an IM storage but with all the p2w gone maybe we could change this to a costume storage for all costumes be it IM or Event. Cheers Sloth
  4. Do you have any plans to rework the storage? We want it to not be limited by slots and pages. There will be unlimited slots on one page, limited by weight (similar to the player inventory). That's from the FAQ and it was also mentioned in the livestreams. I have one concern, which I did bring up at that time but I wanted to also mention it here. Artisans (and bourgs) need to gather and keep many, many items. Stacks of drops are quite heavy and arti's need a lot of stacks of a lot of things in order to be able to craft or reinforce. Basing storage on weight is going to be a big problem for artisans. I'm not sure what the answer is. Maybe excluding materials and just basing it on the weight of equipment and weapons would be one possible solution. Removing weight from drops needed in crafting is another, tho that would be a lot of work and also defeat the purpose of expanding the inventory with backpacks as was also stated in the FAQ. Personally I liked having pages in storage. My artisan had a page with wood mats, one for metal mats etc and it was easy to quickly grab the mats I needed. I also loved having unlimited Item Mall storage for my thousands of costumes :P. But change is a part of life and I'm sure this change will be fine. We just need to find some way to make sure that dealers are not penalized for choosing that job.
  5. I'm seeing the Alpha testers running out of inventory slot non stop and having to drop items on the ground, which is heartbreaking. I believe it would be good to either have a flat out 2nd tab of inventory which should be too hard to do for our gifted dev team! Or to add it as a premium service.
  6. Would be a nice quality of life option to be able to sort the materials tab by type, and possibly quality.
  7. How about the ability to save the character setting instead at the local computer but at the server level? I personally might use different computers of my own, at home or elsewhere to log on and get on Rose. What I hate when I log on to a different computer is my character's items always get messed up, not the storage, but what is on the character. Would it be possible that instead of saving locally, it is stored on the server instead?
  8. I would like to see the mats in storage to be able to be stacked more than 999, even if we can't do it on a character. Many of us save almost everything that drops, maybe with the exception of the items that are sold by the NPC. I know on NA, I had multiple stacks of certain stacks as each had 999 in them. What about the ability to stack costumes, weapons and armors that are exactly the same? (that don't have extra stats on them)
  9. Have a clan storage, where people could borrow items from the clan storage. So something like this: Say I have a Spear (9) with a D(7) in it, I want others in the clan to be able to use it. I put it into that storage (on a loan and I am still the owner of said item). Character B come to check out storage and sees that spear and is of the right level and stats, they check it out. When checked out, the item becomes to that person since they are not the owner Character Bound, can't be dropped, sold or placed into their storage. When Character B is done with it for the day, they either return it back to Clan storage, or when they log off or DC, that item automatically moves back to the clan storage to prevent them from keeping it. Now if the automatic way does not work, how about a way the Clan Master or the owner (since they can see the list of the items they put in, or the CM can see it all) click on it to have it moved back into the clan storage. Another idea is no matter what, after a certain amount of time, the borrowed item will move from that character and back to clan storage. This might work out best, but not sure on the programming of it. The only person who can take out the item permanently and do as they please is the owner of it, no one else will be able to do anything with it. If the CM kicks the owner of that item from the clan, the item will automatically appear in the owner's inventory or back into the user's own storage.
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