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Found 10 results

  1. Since Character name reservations will be allowed, how about Clan Name reservations as well? Just a thought!
  2. Hi all! Glad to find out about Rose coming back yesterday, its like a childhood memory slowly returning back, the feeling is fantastic! I did search around in the forum but didn't find any suggestion regarding a Clan-section in the forums. Maybe its already been suggested & the work is in progress. In my opinion there should be some categories under the Clan-section, for example: Looking for clan Clans recruiting Clans (you cant enter the specifik clan section without being invited by the clan-master/generals) I like this kind of system to keep the forum active and attractive, discord is taking over most today imo. I think that a good Clan is the difference between quitting the game after the nostalgia feeling disappears, and continueing playing. Me myself will probably have a hard time to convince my friends today to start playing the game, and would love to work together with old-school and new players to earn that zulie for creating the clan and work towards future goals. Have a great weekend. //Erko
  3. When playing with friends, buddies and other cool folks you find in the game and want to play together in one big clan it's kinda stupid that the game limits the amount of clan members. So the system of clan ranks to raise the member limit is kinda stupid. If wanna play with a lot of friends and buddies in a clan you should be able to. No more raising clan ranks to be able to invite more people. It's a totally unnessecary system. I suggest to do this instead: Set a fixed maximum limit of at least 256 clan members. More is better. Use Clan Ranks for something different. Maybe some Clan Perks, Clan Items can be unlocked by leveling up the Clan Rank. Clan Roles should not be limited as well. If you want everybody have a Clan Leader/Master role you should be able to. As long there is at least 1 Clan leader/master (no matter who) then it's fine. Encourage people to play together with removing ridiculous limitations.
  4. Like my title said I think a clan house or private housing would be a good money/cp sink and can add some more features to motivate people. As a clan house you could get a TP skill/scroll to a existing map, like the treehouse or the ball room. That way the maps get more love and variety. AFK'in in any house is both con and pro, depending on which point of view you're looking. Pro Clan house: --> CP can be used in more than just one way. Also permament --> Scrolls could be bought in towns --> Buying new NPC's with Zuly and/or CP to give the house a more "living" feeling. Also gives the Members a possibility to get special NPC's or a Clan Warehouse. The NPC's shouldn't be too strong with Items but at least give Junon-grade ones. --> A place for Clan meetings, relaxing and trading faster --> New furniture for Dealer/Artisans to craft Con Clan House: --> Need to be implemented --> It makes solo players a bit more pressured (but honestly, it's an MMORPG not an RPG) --> If unbalanced it could be a too strong existence Pro Private housing: --> Money, Union Points, and maybe Achievement Points could be used --> New furniture --> flexing without castle gear --> sense of accomplishment --> could add a title "house owner" --> can be used for test dummies (dps test), upgrade tables, and an identifier Con Private housing: --> Need to be implemented --> it's expensive --> I dunno Maybe even give rights to a clan alliance for visiting your clan house (via invitation) or friends to visit your private house. They also can be linked together for other mechanics like a marrying system, cooking system, fishing system and more. With Test Dummies showing the DPS of all players in a Party the Member could give suggestions how to get stronger
  5. Hi all this is probably my very first Topic i am creating so just bare with me for a minute. I got this idea of clan skills from another thread i was reading and giving my viewpoint. I was thinking of a way to make clans more interesting and valid in this day and age is to make it more viable to use the system itself by adding clans skills like i.e crafting and stockpiling which will work best in clan fields and only materials for clan items gets dropped. 1. Items created from these material have a different color from regular game items to indicate that they are clan items and can only be used by clan members. 2. a set amount of artisans/bourgs is needed to unlock different levels of the skills and the higher the level of artisans the better stats on items crafted. Crafted items will have clans insignia engraved on it or next to the items name as to identify its origin. 3. Market place to sell items to clan members which will make it easier for them to sell unwanted goods. 4. Also thought of being able to sell these items to other players which will help the clans generate money as well or use clan points as a form of currency. Auto 5-10% levy attached to item sales and goes to the clan who made the if sold to another player. 5. Players who resells items back to the clan who made the item get a 30% cashback. Just some thoughts i had feel free to add to the list of skills or give input on what you think of this suggestion. If a similar thread exists please send link and i will remove this thread.
  6. I think it is cool to have a log in point on which you can select a specific coordinates on where you want your character to spawn when you log in (considering only when you logged off on that city e.g. Junon Polis). It is great for players who have their clan who wants to be in their clan spot immediately when they log in.
  7. since cp still drop from mobs outside the clan field. so in order not to waste such a good map why not have mats that are needed to upgrade clan grade only drop in the clanfield. and remove the lvl cap to enter
  8. clanfields in the past version of narose was pretty much useless because they made clan points drop in instance. can we make clan fields great again? by making clan points only drop in clan fields, would make for pretty awesome pvp content.
  9. I would like to see more done with the clans in regards to what authority the Clan Master gives and to whom. So maybe an admin window for the CM that can give rights to certain levels of the clan members (like in a file share, the owner can allow read, read/write, no access to the share) Right now, I believe the Clan Master, Deputy Clan Master and Commander can add to the clan. What might be an idea is to be able to have it the CM can allow whichever member to add, remove, promote or demote from the clan, so basically any level below their clan grade can do as per the permissions of the clan is set by the CM. Of course, the Deputy can't kick or demote the CM. Also, maybe something else, if the CM say has not logged in for a period of time, maybe allow the Deputy to take over administrative functions possibly of the clan? I know people get sick, go on vacation, etc, so this is just a thought in case a clan master has gone stagnate and has not been around for a period of time (as in not logging in).
  10. Have a clan storage, where people could borrow items from the clan storage. So something like this: Say I have a Spear (9) with a D(7) in it, I want others in the clan to be able to use it. I put it into that storage (on a loan and I am still the owner of said item). Character B come to check out storage and sees that spear and is of the right level and stats, they check it out. When checked out, the item becomes to that person since they are not the owner Character Bound, can't be dropped, sold or placed into their storage. When Character B is done with it for the day, they either return it back to Clan storage, or when they log off or DC, that item automatically moves back to the clan storage to prevent them from keeping it. Now if the automatic way does not work, how about a way the Clan Master or the owner (since they can see the list of the items they put in, or the CM can see it all) click on it to have it moved back into the clan storage. Another idea is no matter what, after a certain amount of time, the borrowed item will move from that character and back to clan storage. This might work out best, but not sure on the programming of it. The only person who can take out the item permanently and do as they please is the owner of it, no one else will be able to do anything with it. If the CM kicks the owner of that item from the clan, the item will automatically appear in the owner's inventory or back into the user's own storage.
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