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  1. Of course. You don't want to alienate things too much. But I think most people would agree that any game how old or new undergoes changes whatsoever. So smaller changes, like a new enemies, or even bigger changes, like map redesigns, are totally acceptable if this makes the game better.
  2. I think this is a big one. I always felt that some drops didn't match the mob that dropped the item. Are you considering adding new monsters to match this even better. Like adding a bird enemy that drops the Bird feather.
  3. Basicly anything that give someone who pays an advantage to anything ingame compared to someone who does not pay. Things i consider not Pay2win: Buying a fresh high level character. This is not pay2win as this gives you a boost so you play more quickly with friends. This will only make the game more fun. But it option should be limited though. Only 1 per year or something. Teleportation tickets (teleport between maps/cities from any place). Can't hurt the game as these can be bought ingame as well. Extra storage space or no deposit fee for storage. Can't hurt the game that much. Yes, you could store more items to sell, but a vending shop can only hold that much items each time. Costumes/Visuals/etc. As long it's cosmetic it's totally fine. Party/group buffs (can buff all party in range instead of one by one). You're not the only one that benefits from it, so it's fine. Everything else you mention in the poll is pay2win if you ask me.
  4. Maybe each event (unless the event takes place in own seperate zone) can have a set of quests for each planet to solve this. In case of a seperate zone, like santa planetoid, there could be like different instances based on level (like 1-100, 101-150, 151-200, 200+ or something).
  5. Even if they don't have someone who can do it now, it can still inspire the team to do it later when they do have someone capable of doing it. So don't let that discourage you of posting wild ideas. Your idea might even be the reason why the team wants to expand. Think about that.
  6. That's what I said too. Just post your idea no matter how wild the idea is. I guess some people want the insurance that their idea is actual gonna be used or something.
  7. There was a little discussion about which ideas can be executed by the dev team compared to Rednim's team capacity. You can read the discussion here in the comment section: As the discussion doesn't have anything to do anymore with the idea itself i suggest we continue here in this topic.
  8. You would think so. Completed page is empty though.
  9. In the new Ideas section, which is truly wonderful to have, you see at the top view modes Newest, Popular and Completed. At each idea you see a status of New, Considering or Implemented, but not completed. When is an idea completed? Note: I wasn't sure where to put this topic btw. Hope it's ok here.
  10. If the mods keeps moving you, why are still try to place your shop at 'illegal' positions?
  11. Things like this bothered me in ROSE. It's not only this cap, but more headpieces have this problem. A good way to fix this, i think, is to have a "bald version" with a hair texture on it for each hair color. And then the devs can choose if a headpiece has clipping issues to switch to this "bald version".
  12. Maybe a new currency can be introduced for Clan field where 10/50/100 (i dunno) Clan Field Coins or something can be turned in for 1 clan point.
  13. Anyone who does damage or debuff a King questmob should be eligible to get credit for the kill to complete the quest. No matter if you have first hit or not. Does not count for loot however, only kill credit for your quest or obtain questitem.
  14. Imagine if zulie becomes 17.024 gold, 153 silver and 725 copper zulie Where 1000 copper is 1 silver and 1000 silver is 1 gold.
  15. It would be awesome if the way how loot works on King enemies is changed to loot roll system. For people not knowing how a loot roll could work in ROSE, here is an explanation: You get two options to choose from once the loot roll pops up after a King is defeated. Everybody who participated in the kill gets these options. Dice roll - You want the item Leave roll - You don't want/need it. If you want the item, you can roll for it. You roll a number between 1 and 100. The player with the highest number gets the item. If you don't want the item, you can leave the roll. If everybody leaves the roll then item will be dropped on the ground and will be freebie for anyone else. Note that you must make haste to choose what you want, cause the roll choice is only active for 60 seconds. You will also leave the roll if you didn't make a choice.
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