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Pinging system


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I've been playing FPS games for very long and if there is something that I think MMOs should also have is a great pinging system for party members. Two things I can come up with that really would come in handy:

- Ping areas on minimap or in-world to give party info like "let's go here" etc...
- Ping floor loot so party sees exactly where a certain item is

There could even be a ping wheel if you hold your ping key so you have ready-to-use dialogs like "let's go here", "let's attack here". You know what I mean.

What do y'all think?

Simple proof-of-concept:


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3 minutes ago, Bobbity said:

Could we maybe integrate the suggested pinging feature with this: 

and make it more rich (different types of pinging like 'Let's go here', 'Fight here', 'Avoid this', 'Help' etc.)? 

Yes, these should definitely go hand in hand!

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