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  1. Mages can be pretty squishy but with Mana Shield you can tank a LOT of damage you wouldn't be able to in older, iROSE scenarios. I have yet to level an Artisan but so far, with the buff allocation and using food/pots, I've been able to solo level every class. Dual clienting is probably the most efficient way to play, but it's not required to get to Lv 250. Having a Cleric with you in general isn't required anymore, though the Heals come in real handy. Soldier is a nice intro class too, as you are tanky and can dish out damage as well. A lot of players will use Spear to level to 2nd job and then decide where to go from there as Spear has a lot of AoEs you can use to complete Quests. Same for Mages, though they're squishier without Mana Shield active.
  2. Those new hair styles are a pain in the butt! Haha. We have a very talented volunteer artist who worked on some new hair styles a while back and I have those prepared for the game. I'm not sure when or how they'll be implemented. And I've asked that same volunteer to work on fixing up the existing low quality hairs. Again, not sure when that will be done as their time is restricted and they work on a volunteer basis. But I trust them with the hair improvements, they'll do a great job with that. After you brought up the CvC banner, I looked at it again and I definitely could have built the model up a bit more. I think I'll modify it in the future to have some feet or a foundation on each pole and maybe beef up the poles a little as well. I'm not above trying to blend the object in more. Another area that it may feel out of place is that it's placed in the map as a fake NPC basically, and that means it doesn't have lightmap baked onto it or onto the terrain from it so it can look out of place for that reason too. Thankfully this time around, the CvC banner is a temporary decoration added to Junon Polis to celebrate the winning clan and won't be around forever haha. Hopefully we can make some model improvements between now and next CvC.
  3. What is it about the CvC Banner that feels particularly "p-server and odd" to you? As far as the costumes go, they were from WarpPortal but I wholeheartedly agree that their quality is lacking. Some of the normal gear quality is lacking too. Addressing poor quality textures and models is on my list of things to tackle. Of course, going through each equippable item in the game and reviewing for needed edits and then completing those edits is going to be a long process but it's something I think is very important to do for the game's art style and presentation.
  4. Sneaux


    If you want an AFK Hero game, there's plenty of those on mobile platforms.
  5. How much USD did you have to pay for points in the past? Does anyone remember?
  6. 100% in favor of this. And that means if we have low level dungeons in the future, they could be scaled to real difficulty if a system like this is already in place.
  7. I got this spammed to me at Yeti Riders and was very confused at first haha. Seems unnecessary for everyone to get it. Maybe keep it to party members or the player themself.
  8. Also keep in mind that any additions to IM will either be convenience-based or cosmetic. So no items added will add stats, just serve as a costume.
  9. Because this is an Early Access focused on finding and fixing issues. This was an issue, even if it works as designed by the previous devs. The issue was fixed. Trust me, as the server matures the zulie people made using this for Lisent U to sell isn't going to make a difference.
  10. A lot of what you're saying makes sense from an iROSE perspective where buffs were super OP and 100% necessary. But on this ROSE that's simply not the case. Buffs are weaker on average and a lot of that "power" was added to Passive skills instead. Older players put a lot of emphasis on needing full buffs to play and that's why they dislike the Cleric change. But you don't actually need full buffs to play the game. I'm soloing better here with only my limp noodle Muse buffs than I did on iROSE with full Cleric buffs. On naROSE, class buffs were already stronger than Cleric buffs so people were doing the same thing; finding other classes for the best buffs. The game should be balanced to where full buffs aren't needed and I think good progress has already been made in that direction.
  11. I love all of your suggestions and I think it'd be great for the QoL of for parties.
  12. Ancient Coins could definitely use a big bump in NPC price if they're supposed to be considered a zulie drop replacement.
  13. But, like...Dealers could and 100% would still be able to craft more ammo in the field. If your Scout runs out of Bone Arrows congratulations the Artisan in your group can craft more on the spot still. But wait, what if your Artisan doesn't have the materials to craft you more ammo for some reason? Oh right. This suggestion takes effect and you can use crappy, already free base ammo instead until everyone's ready to finish their grind session instead of having to stop and go back for materials or more ammo. This isn't a suggestion for changing Ammo materials to something easier to find or things more commonly dropped. That's a good idea, make a new post for it if you feel this passionately about ammo crafting. Also, people who never go back to town for more food, ammo, etc and live off of their loot can still do that. It literally wouldn't change their preferred, niche playstyle unless they wanted it to change it. They can still play how they want to.
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