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  1. I have some very strong thoughts about this idea, but they're almost all negative, so I'll express them elsewhere and wait to reformulate them into polite speech.
  2. I read this as "I had to buy mats from my parents". Cue interesting thought process involving a stern talking to from your father about fiscal responsibility, and a tearful mother wringing her hands. "He has to learn how to manage his zulie the hard way!"
  3. Nice, I'll go get it again then for nostalgia at least, if not for the SEN. ty @Sparky
  4. It was likely removed then. Thanks. EDIT: FYI, it was the Shadowmoon Set which was char-locked or char-bound, I believe. It was likely awarded as part of the Hero Quest chain towards the end of the Luna arc. Zurn might be able to remember the details.
  5. I don't see the set from one of the Luna quests, the one that gives +SEN.
  6. Bobbity

    Champ or Knight

    HoneyBuns gave advice that's not very useful in this case. Soldiers after their second job choice are very different from before that choice. Champs differentiate more sharply into 2hand, spear and axe, with axe being mostly useless, 2hand being mostly focused on skill power and spear doing well in PvM thanks to Victorious Respite's sustain and the dodge stacks but middling to poor in PvP. Knights generally always do okay at the very least in both PvM and PvP. Some knights are geared for PvP and are merciless killers, so they seem to have their cake and eat it too. That said, champs can gear to be killers too, but aren't always useful in lategame PvM (some dungeons either don't benefit much from spears but do from 2handers, or champs in general without best-in-slot gear overall don't bring much to the table for that specific dungeon.) Until axe champs are reworked or buffed a bit, it's really a 'level as spear and respec to 2hand' meta. Knights are always wanted and useful, though, even if their utility varies based on the current needs of the party.
  7. For the event to work, even low-levels should have impact; things like manning the cannons mounted on the fortifications and so on. I doubt we could get anything like that going in the short amount of time remaining, so either make the invasion slightly safer, less burdensome or, failing that, move it to DoD/ random Junonian town. Let's keep brainstorming this. EDIT: Maybe the invasion needs a precursor, a spy to open the backdoor, as it were? We could have players being approached by red robe NPCs, offering them EXP or something in return for disabling certain city protections. The quest could take the players around the entire circuit of major NPCs, many of whom would be suspicious of your actions. The quest would also be collaborative; when enough protections are disabled by the players, Hebarn invades!
  8. Either you or your target, that is.
  9. Go, @Zurn go! We believe in you! You've got this!
  10. 1. The idea that mages are OP is a misconception. Mages aren't OP. Mages are fake. They're just the magic version of bourgs. In other words, they're trash undeserving of their name. 2. AA generally doesn't allow you to safely gear towards only countering one specific class. You leave yourself vulnerable to the other classes and your team doesn't pick up the slack. That's not due to lack of teamwork; it's because the game itself was never designed for PvP, so we mostly see players just casting whatever skills are off cooldown. Flailing around like muppets. Remember, MMORPGs start off with the idea of 'sameness', they have class templates and you distinguish yourself with achievements and cosmetics, differentiate yourself with Unique skills and maybe your basic build. We know the truth, of course: all the builds are the same. There's no distinctive difference between spell animations and sfx in terms of glance value. The casting mechanics are the same. The sound effects are overwhelmingly the same. Mage skills usually have a relatively short casting time, so there's no risk in casting spells since it's all fire-and-forget. There's no channeling mechanic, no arrays or formations. The only guard skill in the game is Mana Shield; everything else is just a remix of the basic buffs. The game's not diverse enough to set up meaningful strat. 3. Imagine if you had ONE person on your team whose sole job was to take out mages. Maybe a raider, maybe an arti with a highly developed Sniping skill thanks to maxing out a questline or from building a super sniper rifle; either way you'd need a dedicated magekiller, an anti-raider and a bourg-killer. Yeah. We don't have that. Authentic Greek Tzatziki Sauce - The Wanderlust Kitchen
  11. Okay, so the open-ended opening didn't work. This discussion exists to brainstorm *better*, more *appropriate* skills and mechanics for mages. Mages and bourgs occupy the same space in PvP, yet bourgs are better as their skillset is much more focused. Their DEF down, slow and DoT burst/nukes are right there next to each other, making for a very clear tactical approach. Mages have many more skills along with their Masteries. On paper they seem more versatile, but are they? I'm especially interested to see if we can remove the over-reliance on the mage mana shield for PvP and move away from a static PvP meta as this impacts PvM.
  12. what would you do? And how? Be as detailed as you like.
  13. Bobbity

    Muse's buffs

    100% correct, HB. It's also true that no-one trusts the skill resets to be permanent since it feels artificial, there's been no clear policy statement regarding it and we're very much aware that we're in EA. (Early Access, guys, not Electronic Arts or the Sword of Rupture/god.) I do remember Garnet was annoyed with people for dismissing switching between combat and full-support modes through the use of skill resets (as part of progression). That doesn't change the fact that the Muse skill tree is lackluster. It doesn't change the memories of former naRose players that remember how resetting your skills wasn't a trivial action. The resets feel like a crutch that any passerby could kick out from under you. Muse/Cleric/Mage builds should be strong, varied and be able to stand on their own two legs. Right now, I can't make an argument for playing fs that has a leg to stand on. "Uhh... well, you can heal. And you can switch to bc and DPS, or inbetween for war cleric. What? No, no real buffs, not right now anyway. Zant? Just set a flame and heal them if they get hurt. Yes, I know, we can't do that anymore. Check back later, I guess." The Rednim team is skilled, passionate, engaged and increasingly aware of what can and should be done, so there's no rational need to worry, but we should still air our ideas. According to lazy, the Ideas subforum gives direction to development. EDIT: We don't need to be PoE with 1200 nodes in a skilldrassil, but we are in an increasingly pserver-like situation with ONE META for fs, maybe the entire Cleric class. Increasingly, the entire game. That is very dangerous for our health.
  14. We're still in Early Access, so don't feel that this is where it ends. I don't think bourgs *need* summons, and you're better placed to specialize in other stuff. Why not lobby for something like a Sniper mode or some other combat-oriented skills? This isn't something the devs can say isn't doable in a few years; I've played games older than ROSE that had stuff like that. Just work towards building your bourg into a true Rambo mercenary. EDIT: Ask for an emotional support droid, maybe? Everybody deserves their own droid.
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