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  1. Visitor: Axe or Xbow Weakest class + worst weapon (In terms of dps without skills or passives)
  2. Sword should be effective in this situation because Soul Wreck is a six second mute. With a 20m range and only 80% success chance, the odds of it working might be too low, and so no one picked sword. A mage or scout can probably pick off a champ from 30m-40m range, and even if the skill hits, it might not mute.
  3. Not at all a surprise. What's most interesting is seeing the representation of all the classes. Unless I'm mistaken, not a single champ or artisan is being used.
  4. Ruven Token When LVL 250 Knight - DoubleRosie LVL 250 Cleric- Rawrz LVL 250 Raider- AutumnDawn
  5. Matches are best of how many? 3? I assume even a best of 3 set wouldn't take more than five minutes.
  6. They contribute by giving the team soldier class buffs. That's really it.
  7. One of you says his clan has lost some members and the other says he's all alone. Put two and two together guys. There's an obvious improvement to both your problems.
  8. Item grade unique, so it can use unique grade substats.
  9. What is the start and end date for this year's event?
  10. If you were doing 500 damage a hit you would do 540 because of the % bonus. You'll never have enough attack where 3% > 130 from hardened.
  11. 8% offense on unique vs 5% on HAB. That means all damage you do gets an extra (8-5=3) 3% amp. That said, salvation is bad for bc and not worth using. 3% bonus damage is weaker than the hardened bonus.
  12. Arumic Valley with the Coffington npc's quests. Yeti riders are the preferred spot and count toward two of the quests per kill.
  13. Stuff that other people can't get or can't feasibly earn. Like those IM passives in NA that gave +10% to a stat. Yes there were valor ones, but I think you could have both, so you were able to buy stats. Faster mounts/carts same thing. Others can't get those bonuses, so you are buying a permanent advantage. Upgrade success also is p2w like with those rune things in NA and reinforcing in this version. If your odds are unfeasible without the IM, it's p2w. You could consider the most of rest p2w, but I see it as f2p friendly, which would be a better goal for this game. Without some pay to fast mechanics, a lot of players will leave (and already have).
  14. Until pvp scoring changes I recommend against playing knight. It will be a complete slog to get an honor set. Don't use luna as it is a pvm item. You want the unique str jewelry because those give accuracy and you only get fencing stacks on attacks you land.
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