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Game Moderators [MOD]

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I am one of the Game Moderators in game [MOD]Trebor (Yes I do have a character also named Trebor)

I have been getting the same questions asked over and over, so I thought I would say something here

Can I get a Buff or Rez? - No, not allowed
Can I get an item, mount, weapon, food, armors, anything? - No, not allowed
Can I add you as a Friend in game, Have you in my Party, add you to my clan or whisper you? No, Not allowed.
Can you teleport me to another location? - No not allowed
What can you do for me? - Answer any questions we are able to, of course we still can't tell you anything that is coming up, when or what it is like. Again, not allowed.

We are there to be visible, try to educate people so they are NOT botting or causing any trouble.

We may be visible or invisible and you may or may not know we are there too.

If in a party and we come up and say Hi, please do answer, it will be in all chat, so you will see it no matter what. Hopefully you are not a bot.

Yes, you may think there is a lot of restrictions on the MODs, but it is there for a very good reason, not to show favoritism to anyone by giving something to someone, to assist them in a party, etc. I/we are there to assist the GM Team as of course they cannot be everywhere at the same time.

Hope this helps you all understand why we keep saying NO.

Enjoy Rose Online!


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On 6/16/2024 at 6:51 PM, Trebor said:

Hope this helps you all understand why we keep saying NO.

Personally I wouldn't even respond to questions like that. Just be silent and sent an autoreply/pre-defined message to redirect a player to the community for assistance in the game or something. And warn (or even temp ban) those who keeps repeatedly asking for profit. It's not the friendliest approach, but it will stop people for asking for profit. I dunno what tools you have as GM and if this can be replicated. But i would only be visible to players if there is not any other way to solve some issue. I think showing up as a GM can be considered game breaking.

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