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About Me

  1. Since Character name reservations will be allowed, how about Clan Name reservations as well? Just a thought!
  2. Few things i noticed poking around so far. First, once you manage to download/install it, it asks account name, can be confusing as in real it expects your email Installation seem to work fine if patient, but it could show some progress while installing Visual C++ libraries (its done on background now, and "nothing happens" on this time, can confuse as may seem that it froze). Its installing both 32 and 64 bit libraries, are both really needed on all systems? Game starts default in full screen. Maybe launcher could ask window or full screen on first lunch at least? To exit login screen you need to only use "Quit". Adding "X" on top right somewhere on login page could be helpful Game runs after login, can run around kill some low level mobs, also have start interactions with npc PS! created accidentally in wrong forum section, could someone move it please, sorry
  3. While some want the exact opposite of this I think it would be better to focus on keeping players in the shared game world while they are still leveling. Also, consider the average active pool of players available for when dungeon/raid size is decided. It shouldn't take half an hour or more to gather enough people to do an instance that takes about as much to complete. Active guilds with hardcore players won't be the ones having those difficulties and shouldn't be the measuring stick for it. Maybe keep the group minimum as low as possible with the option to scale the difficulty and reward up to some max amount for each additional member.
  4. After a certain quest is completed (episode quest and repeatables), allow it to be rated (S+, S, A, B, C, D, E). Quest ratings may vary depending on how the devs want it (mostly speed of completion). Quest rating also affects rewards equal to 100% base reward plus (for example) 150% for S+, 50% for S, 25% for A, 15% for B, 10% for C, 5% for D). After completion, quest can be repeated (no more base reward for episode quests). For example, you completed quest for S, you get 50% bonus reward. When completing it again for S+, you get 100% reward (150% - 50% = 100%). This can also be added to leaderboard and achievements.
  5. Due to the direction change from betas to early access with no resets in between launch, there have been lots of talk about how new players starting at launch will feel at a major disadvantage, and will be completely decentivized to play the game as there already so many players that are max level, who have been playing for a long time at that point. This I think will drive a lot of players away, even people really interested and wanting to play they will get on, and see there is nobody to level with and they're already way behind because they started at launch, and maybe just heard about the launch with advertisement only happening at launch. My idea to combat this issue is to create two different servers early access, and launch. this way people just starting the game will not feel discouraged & demotivated and will have lots of people to play with and level with their level, and in my opinion would be a LOT more appealing to those new players. Then, 5 months down the road, or however long it takes to get from early access to launch, give that same amount of time to those new players to catch up to people who have been playing since early access then merge the servers together after that time period (for example early access was out 5 months before launch, give those new players 5 months time that way everything is fair) This way early access players will be able to have their fun together and not have to have a reset on progression & will still see an influx of new players and the the new players will not feel discouraged to the point they can't play because everybody is way higher than them, and will create a fresh feeling experience (which i think is needed and expected for people just hearing about the game) and everything will be fair. I see it as a win win for everyone. Yes i see splitting up the communities is unfortunate, but I think it is something that has to be done to retain the new players starting at launch, and it's not like they will be split together, i definitely think there should be a merge it will just make for a level playing field and in my opinion be the best thing that could happen to the game with the direction change and no resets. Edit: I'm not saying lock the launch server and EA players cannot join and make a new character, rather than would just enhance the new player experience even more. I'm looking out for the best interest in the game and that is retaining and gaining new players, and also not be a hindrance to "old" players who played on EA to have a reset and do the exact same repetitive grind to get their stuff back. I thought I'd add this because i felt people were getting the impression the servers should be locked and players from EA wouldnt be able to play with their new friends, This is not the case at all, i think not locking the servers would be the best idea. Thanks for reading, I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments! Cheers, Rosarians!
  6. I couldn't find any thread about it yet, so I wanted to put it out here. A lot of us who are here, and who will be playing the game (at least at first) are returning players with very well-established names throughout the ROSE Online communities. I know other servers I have started from beginning where they let each person reserve one name for when the game started. So that more known names wouldn't be sniped by people just messing around. Any plans on something like that here? I've personally used the same name on every server I've played, I have dead-old forum signatures dating back from 2007 with this name, etc. I would be quite sad if I lost it, tbh.
  7. To enjoy the game we must know when to find people from same nationallity, or nearer to our country. That cose you can actually make like a timetable so your "friends" will play at the same hour than yours, or at least you can coordinate with them!. To do this i suggest: 1.- Put the game entries of each FRIEND at the friends panel, in a range of one week at least. 2.- Do a pop up or an announce on the chat windows saying that we got a chance to find a friend! calculated in probability, which you can fix manually in the options of chat window or pop up window(for example: "There is a high chance (75%+) that in 30 minutes your will find your friend "TurnTrout" online!) 3.- Make a party finder! like in many mmorpgs Have good day
  8. It's come up in quite some discussions and I've always been a strong proponent of non-linear games. What does that mean? It means that it's a game that doesn't make you "finish" an area and simply never return. At the moment ROSE is very linear, once you out-level a map you very, very rarely go back to it. I believe it would be highly beneficial to look into ways to make it less so. It would make the player base less disperse (i.e. not only level 10 character in zant and max level characters on Oro), which I believe would help player retention rate as well. A few things have been discussed here and here already, so I'd like to summarise my thoughts on the matter. Here is a list of previously mentioned and not mentioned ideas with a short summary of why I think it would help. These are all ideas that will open for sideways/horizontal playing, rather than pushing max level in 3 days and skipping most of the game. And sideways gaming is important for any MMORPG to survive. Aside from horizontal gaming, completionist gaming is also a huge thing for a lot of people. Completionist items would be things that would take a long time to finish, and that can be done at the leisure of the player - not something that makes or breaks gameplay itself if you don't want to care about it. Boss Log A boss log would entail almost like a pokedex, best way to describe it. It would be an area (a window) with a list of bosses you've encountered (seen), whether you've defeated them, and what their boss drops (special drops) are. It could either list all bosses openly, or like a pokedex only show the ones you've seen. Achievements This would be a collection of tasks and accomplishments, such as "Defeat a Jelly Bean" (that's a great first achievement). There is an endless stream of things that could be made into achievements. "Finish 10 Quests", "Gather 5 Animal Furs" - really whatever we want. Menagerie (Yes, I shamelessly got this idea from Guild Wars) This would be a map, unique to each player, which has one of every mob you've ever defeated roaming around the map. They're friendly and can't attack, nor can you attack. So for example, if someone is new and have so far only killed a Jelly Bean and a Choropy, they will see a green grass field with those two mobs walking around. This is a great part of completionist gameplay. Other Completionist things include Collection logs/achievements such as "Collect all Launchers" or "Collect the full Dimple Set". Easter Eggs Find all 17 stars hidden in the game These are just a few examples I can think of at the top of my head. The main reasons for this being a good things are It gives a huge boost to the amount of things you can do outside of purely leveling. It makes the distribute of players of different levels much more even throughout the maps. All of these things would yield cosmetic rewards at best, no actual stats or benefits other than being what they are as a mechanic. I personally wouldn't need much more than seeing my log and menagerie fill up, it's very satisfying. Would love to see some opinions and the developers' take on this.
  9. As the title suggests... I am sure everyone chuckled whenever they saw their first "islamic bandana" drop in game, but in this day and age it isn't really appropriate. I am not sure how many items have weird names like that, but I suggest going through the item database and change those names before the newer audience joins the game. Kind regards, Clown
  10. Vix


    While playing during the stress test I noticed that the minimum characters for a IGN were four. And I honestly don't see the point in that. I know I could just use "Vixx" or "Vixz" as a IGN, but I find it pointless when I don't think having a 3 letter IGN will affect the game in anyway.
  11. Personally, I like the current login screen the least out of all the different ones I have seen during my years of playing ROSE. I would love to see a more detailed and immersive login screen like these ones we had before: Treehouse Junon Agree? Please leave a comment Share your favourite login screens below!
  12. When a character is deleted, the name should be instantly released to be reused. Back in iROSE this was the case, characters would schedule for release with a 30 minute timer during which you could change your mind, after that the character was removed and you could instantly use the name to create a new character. This was extremely handy for those of us who changed out minds and wanted the same name but on different characters. I did it several times myself when I "migrated" my names around. Other servers have zero public policy on when the names become available. When you delete a character it can "take several months" before the name becomes available, and they can't do it manually, I can only assume how horrible their internal system is for that to even be an issue. So, I'm kindly asking to make sure that names are instantly released upon deletion of a character.
  13. 1.Right clicking shows a dialog of player level/class and equipments also easier way to add/ignore players 2. Add a setting to disable WASD movements for people who would like to not use it 3. EVENT Team 4. If a ability is used the character automatically focuses the target you dont have to click again to start basic attacking
  14. With the default control settings, I can't figure out if there's a hotkey to change which hotbar number I'm on. I'd rather not have to click it if I want to change it. It's also unclear as to whether shift is the only form of secondary hotbar, or if we can still use control for that as well. Does the shift hotbar have multiple different numbers as well, or is the one we get the only one? With WASD movement, I'd personally like a movement mode where the player is always facing forward, or the direction of the camera. In this mode, W and S would always move forward and back, relative to the player camera, and A and D should always move left and right, perpendicular to the camera's direction, while the player always faces forward. There doesn't appear to be a button, like with the legacy controls, to just hold to view the item labels on the ground. Unless I don't know what the current control is, I can only see the toggle option in the menu, to either always or never see item labels. Please add an option to constrain the mouse cursor to the game window. Tool tips for graphics options would be nice. Basically just a little tip when you hover over each graphic option, to briefly explain what the option does. Like smoothing, I'd like to know what that does. I'd like to see a separate option for locking hotbar movement, and a different option that locks the skills, rather than having the lock option lock both movement and skill placement. Please add an option to reset the hotbars to their default positions. It would be nice to be able to change the position/size of the info box on the top left, and change the size of the bars over players' heads. My resolution puts the info all the way on the top left and I have to turn my head quite a bit to look at it. The mana bar above my character is also super small. I'd appreciate if escape didn't close my inventory when I want to open the main menu. I like leaving my inventory open at all times. It would be nice if there was a target mode that searched for targets in a small-ish radius around your cursor, rather than only directly what your cursor is hovering over, so targeting smaller targets would be easier. It would also be nice if it ran a ray trace from the player to the cursor, so it would detect things, perhaps in a small cone, from the player to the cursor, in case you aim past your target. Please make items that aren't visible from the player's perspective/the player camera origin not display item labels. Please sort item draw labels by distance to the player camera, so label placement actually makes sense. Item labels should also draw behind other objects if something is in the way, especially if item labels are always on. Please add an option to remember password for logging in. I use a randomly generated password and I have to open a password manager every time I want to login to rose. It is somewhat annoying. Please add an option to move the quest box around, and resize the text. It would be useful to be able to resize any of the ui elements on the screen.
  15. Have no idea how difficult it would be to implement but I reckon it would be quite a fun thing to have in Rose. To further grow communities etc, having the option to voice chat within a set proximity and voice chat in parties over any distance. Include option to turn off.
  16. Okay, so to start off, I did post in your discord and also on a youtube comment. I was directed here. I apologize for bad formatting and rambling. Passion is hard to break down into simple means for me. So here we go! Classes, a complete overhaul to refresh the game and set it apart from other rose variants. Firstly "visitor" would become "villager." I mean you aren't just "visiting" the world when the Aura Fairy teleports you there, you become a "resident" which you could also change Visitor into Resident. Maybe the "welcome to the game quest" which helps new players learn the game turns you into a "villager" or "resident" thus immediately grants you "resident" or "villager" title/class. You should in my mind be able to play through the entire game without ever choosing another class. Sort of a "hardcore" mode. But then you would have your four main "first job" classes, which would be changed slightly.... The upcoming changes also had a bit (in my mind) to do with how the developers stated they wanted to make the Muse MORE than just a "sit there and buff" class.... these changes help with that for all class sets.... Instead of Soldier, Hawker, Muse, and Dealer, you would have Warrior, Thief, Mage and Dealer (couldn't think of another name for dealer). Each of these would then have FOUR subclasses (aka 2nd tier) that you could upgrade into. Again this would help set the game apart from other Rose Clients allowing players to have more variety and gameplay style/choices. The Warrior (ex Soldier) would then be able to upgrade into Knight, Paladin, Champion, and Samurai. The Paladin would be a ideal for more solo minded players, as you would have moderate damage, moderate defense, and light healing. Paladin weapons would focus on single hand weapons with a shield. But they would be able to use wands and shields to slightly buff their mana/heal power, but still not as good healing as the Cleric from the mage category. The Knight would be your typical tank, with high defense and moderate damage who focuses on shield and single handed melee weapons with lots of shield skills like bash or taunt.... Champion is your typical "all rounder" class which has moderate defense, moderate damage, and can use ANY melee weapon in the game, a great "introduction" into the world of melee. The Samurai would then become your "sword user" who could uses swords, spears, and katanas (new weapon set) and have special skill sets to go with each of their weapon choices. The Samurai would have high damage and low defense. This gives the player more choice and more segregation between classes in 2nd tier. Helps let players feels more "unique". The Thief (ex Hawker) would then be able to upgrade into Assassin, Ranger, Swashbuckler, and Bard. The Assassin would get new a new weapon aka DAGGER which can be equipped into both hand slots (typically sword/shield or wand/other). The Assassin would also be able to use the hawker "dual sword" and "katar" based weapons. The class breakdown would have two subsets, direct and indirect. Indirect focuses on going invisible and attacking from the shadows while direct would focus on straight on damage. Assassins would have high damage and low defense. Then Ranger would be your typical bow/crossbow class. Who can also call "animals" to aide them in the form of pets. So you could call a hawk, or a wolf, and maybe two other types of creatures. The hawk is more about attack speed low damage, the wolf is more about damage and moderate attack speed, and maybe a turtle that acts as a tank that has high defense but low attack. Giving the Ranger more "range" in how its player (puns, lmao right?). Then you have Swashbuckler, this would be your moderate damage moderate defense character. Passive skills to boost "parry" chance to block incoming attacks. High attack speed and moderate damage. Bard would be the buff class for this range of characters. You would need to add in weapons like guitar, drums, etc. And the bard can either play an attack role or buff role. The buff role would be an AOE where as long as the bard is playing his instrument, teammates within range would gain a buff to certain skills. Which would be cool! They may also have light AOE healing with their songs as well, not as much healing as Cleric or Paladin but can heal more than 1 player at a time which would be dope. Sort of a moving Muse Bonfire but less healing. The Wizard (ex Muse) would then be able to upgrade into Cleric, Mage, Mystic, and Necromancer. The Cleric has a high affinity for healing both direct and passive. The bonfire skill will remain as a "static" placement (can't be moved until the timer runs out, aka think about where you place it) and of course high power single target healing. Cleric would also be the opposite of the Paladin, so low defense, moderate damage (equal to Paladin) and high healing (where as Paladin was moderate defense, moderate damage, and low healing). Mage would be your typical "elemental" magic user, fire, ice, lightening, earth.... with skills in each category. Would have both high damage direct attacks and low/moderate damage AOE attacks. Then you have Mystic. This is your "arcane" damage dealer. Basically all attacks are "arcane" damage like magic missile from classic D&D.... And then Necromancer, being able to summon skeletons, golums, bats, etc to fight by your side. Maybe have a system slightly like Diablo2 where you have "skeleton" skill then a "skeleton passive" that you can put points into. So Skeleton summon gives you 1-2-3-4 skeletons to summon, each tier giving you either more health, last longer, or more skeletons (will need balancing but still its an example) and then the passive skill will boost damage output of your summons or defense of your summons. So skeleton attack and skeleton defense maybe skeleton attack speed. Making the necromancer have skill point sinks to balance it out with other classes. Down the road you could have "unlockable classes" that are "hidden" like "death knight" or "monk" which you can learn by playing through the game and completing some NPC's quest (when you are high enough level to do said quests). This would make the game more dynamic and fun in my opinion. More options helps set your playstyle apart from other players. Nothing worse than seeing 1000's of the same class choice playing exactly the same way, using the same exact skills. I think back to world of warcraft, where every single warrior plays exactly the same, wearing the same gear, same skills, same playstyle. That's lame to me. I love choice. Now onto CRAFTING. As I remember, the OG crafting you could use ANY material you wanted. So making a noob sword might take metal and wood. Using higher end materials only meant you had a higher chance of success. I think it would be BETTER if using higher end materials meant you got a final product with better stats. For example, maybe the starter wooden sword. 7 attack power, fast +3 attack speed, and hitting rate in the high 20's. Using "end game materials" might result in 13 attack power, fast +3 attack speed, and hitting rate in the high 30's. This would obviously need balancing like anything else. But it would help set the game apart from other rose clients. this also helps close the gap between UNIQUE item drops and normal weapon gear you can buy from NPC's. This helps the Player vs Player interaction like buying/selling or communicating on crafting for guilds or friends. This way, there is a reason to buy gear made from players vs looking only for unique gear.... From what I remember, the gatling gun unique drop would do about 100 damage and its only requirement was 59 strength? (if I remember correctly). Doing 100 damage with a normal launcher would be akin to a level 50-60 launcher!!! And you could use the noob launcher at like level 15-16 (if I remember correctly, aka putting 60 points directly into strength at every level). So from 15/16 to about level 60 you had an OP weapon that lets you level up faster than anyone else. I don't think that should be nerfed, but I do think craft-able items should help close the gap. If you use higher tier materials you should be able to get close to but not exactly the same kind of power on lower tier items vs unique. So if at level 15/16 you could do 100 damage with a unique, maybe the player made uniques using high tier materials for lower end weapons could get you to 75 or 80 damage. Not as much as unique, but still enough to be "worthwhile" to buy from crafters. This gives crafters a bigger role in the economy other than "make wings" or "make mask/glasses" which I remember being the meme. "if you want to make money, make wings and face items". I honestly think this will help set Rose apart from other iterations and older versions. This I believe could bring a new breath of life to the game, while still offering that classic Rose feeling and gameplay. The best parts of rose online? being able to pick your own stat points and skill points. Having ACTUAL choice. I would love to see skill tree's big enough that you can't learn everything. This way you have to choose which skills you prefer to use as a player. Player one might focus on AOE while another focuses on Direct Damage, another might want to do high end healing. This way players have more choice and thus more variation in groups and parties as to how the game would be attacked and overcome. Rose is a great game. even if you DONT use my idea's. I know rose will still be fun to play.
  17. We all should remember, you run behind a tree or under a rock formation and your camera re-adjusts close to you because of the interaction between the camera and landscape. I think it would be better if the camera ignored such things and stays where ever you placed it. For example running under the poisoned mushroom in adventure plains. The moment you went under those darn rocks your camera would freak out. The camera shouldn't get moved like that in my opinion. When you run under, your camera should stay right where you set it.
  18. can we please increase the cap on at least 5, so that while we farm we can craft and vend? just monitor the account/character reported if someone found them suspicious on botting/using 3rdparty programs?
  19. Hey! I’ve been playing rose online when it was still active and online. Right now i’m hyped about the new release and want to help you and the community. I’m a junior software developer and I would like to start develop game addons. Will it be possible to create addons for rose? Addons like damage meters, loot trackers and more.
  20. There are some interesting conversations on Discord about free to play vs subscription based Rose. I believe there's a model that works for everyone which has already been proven successful by games like Fortnite. The game is free to play, accessible to anyone, anywhere. The item mall is purely cosmetics and emotes, nothing P2W or nothing that gives you an advantage over others. A season pass gives people access to fun quest lines and challenges. This content gets updated every season. Nothing that gives an unfair advantage, just fun things to do on the side. Rewards could be cosmetics or seasonal credit to buy cosmetics exclusive to season pass holders. A subscription model for those willing to support the game. This could be a reworked version of premium accounts without any P2W aspect. Monthly rewards could include IM credit and free access to the seasonal pass. I feel like this encourages a large f2p fanbase who can spend money in the IM, while also giving the hardcore Rose fans a way to support Rednim through a monthly subscription. People who don't want to spend monthly amounts but still want more than just the occassional IM purchase can go for a season pass. No pay to win, lots of accessibility to different target groups and enough revenue flows to hopefully allow Rednim to grow and introduce more content like new planets. Any thoughts on this?
  21. My biggest suggestion this time around is to only sell cosmetic/vanity items in the item mall, assuming that there is one. I wouldn't sell anything like XP boosts or other crazy items that give you a big boost over other players, or alters the gameplay in any way. The in-game economy of the old official Rose was destroyed when they started to sell shit that free to play players wouldn't have access to, at least without spending billions of Zulie to get something from a shop. I recommend making all items from the item mall account bound, no matter what it is, so things can't be resold at ridiculous prices. The in-game economy should be strictly in-game items, that everyone has access to. It would be neat if there were monthly events, where new vanity items (maybe in sets or with a particular theme?) are added to the item mall, and maybe an additional thing every-so-often, like a unique quest line, for players to unlock certain things, like special vanity pets, etc. Things to renew interest in the game over longer periods of time would be nice to see. If every item has some kind of value in one way or another, and each class has a purpose, such as; Dealers/Artisans being required to craft advanced items or gems, Muse/Clerics for heals and buffs, Soldiers/Knights/Champions for tanking shit and clearing mobs, Hawkers for dealing big burst damage for boss killing, that's when you have a bustling and thriving in-game community & economy. I hope the balance is just right. I believe the game can still have potential, even today. One helpful thing that could be added is, for each material that can be crafted into something more useful, there could be some kind of UI indicator somewhere that shows players what it can be crafted into if you hover over it, so people can tell if a material is something they want to keep or not. One thing I found confusing about the game in the past is, I never knew what materials were worth holding on to. I think there needs to be as much information available in-game as possible, so people, particularly new players, don't have to constantly look things up outside of the game, like where to level up or something like that. Cheers
  22. This is VERY important!!! Please let us have the tree house character selection back. I miss this more than I miss my ex! PLEASE!
  23. Spoiler: I'm basing most of my thoughts here from WoW (Older expansions), so please don't hate. we all love mmorpgs after all. I love WoW but I love ROSE Online more, specially the memories! I read a thread here about finding a way for Zulie Sink. - I'd say make End Tier items as Soulbound. Binds when picked up, so non-tradeable when picked up. This allows players to not think of zulies that much! Instead, they will think of raiding, boss hunting more than just farming gold. - This idea requires a loot roll system of course, that many of mmorpg are using and we are familiar about. So players can greed or NEED it (only if it suits their class). - So when is zulie valuable then? welp cosmetics! Cosmetics is the true end-game and that's not a joke. Who cares if you are strong when you all look the same as others. - This idea must come with a trade window though, it may not be tradeable to others but can be traded let's say 1 hour after picked up to those you were party members with, when killing the said mob. This helps when someone "accidentally" rolled for it and win. Ninja looters will always be there, you think of the sanction for that. - Zulies can also be used for Artisan crafted materials as well. I don't think Artisans should be able to craft end tier items is what I'm saying. they should only be able to craft pre-raid/pre-boss hunt items that allows players to kill a boss but maybe on a longer time. - Zulies would still be important in creating potions, ammos as well. my thoughts about refining: OLD school refining system sure sucks! It's P2W no doubt. An Idea that still came from WoW, it to make end-tier items just have the strong base stats that it always needed! No need to upgrade, but we can still refine at 100% rate! with rare-epic mats. Example, I have this excalibur purple grade sword! Is strong! No need to "upgrade", but I can "refine" Like add +300 atk power at a 100% chance success rate by using very rare mats! it's basically just another GEM socket idea but another refine idea on top of it. Shop Ideas that can make the server keep running: - cosmetics, they already know that. - epic mounts, but please allow mount drops in-game please! just the basic-rare mounts. Please make all mount speed the same even if its from shop. - Weapon cosmetics. I hope we can still transmog weapons though in game with normal weapons. it'd be cool if I can use my bokuto "wooden sword" on high end areas. Feels like I'm in anime! (Yes I'm a weeb!) - I hope that the premium members get's like an "Arua" effect around them, like they'd be glowing some color representing them helping the server run. I hope there's no exaggerated stats. - I think premium should get, 10% discount on all purchase in shop for that month's subscription! A week before release allowed to buy some items, convenient items like auto-switch gear box or somethings (that's not broken right? since you can still do it manually from your inventory) - (might be a bad idea) NPC pet that allows them to "Buy" consumables but not sell items to them. To prevent idle farming without going back to town to sell misc gears for zulies. - custom emotes and dances! - custom afk emotes Let me know your thoughts about this stuff I wrote. I'm in work while writing so maybe some typo are there but I just cant wait to get off work just to share my ideas.
  24. All of us are eagerly waiting to be able to play the game and I realize that testing, especially alpha testing, is a constant state of change and adjustment. But would it be possible to pin a topic here at the forum with info on decisions made or things that are being looked into and update it every week or something? I’ve been watching as many alpha streams as I can but we all have lives and responsibilities so it’s not possible to watch every stream every day, Apparently one of the devs mentioned on a stream (that I did not watch) that a few buffs will be added back to the muse skill tree. Since so many people are concerned about the future of clerics, that news is at least somewhat reassuring. But if I didn’t just happen to be watching a streamer’s chat where that info was mentioned, I would not have known. So far the Rednim team has been refreshingly transparent and the community really appreciates that. I think an update topic at the forum would help all of us stay informed on issues that are important to us as ROSE players and prevent inaccurate info from being spread around. Even if a firm decision has not been made on something, the fact that it’s being reviewed (like cleric buffs for example) is good for players to know imo.
  25. Hi all, I have often heard the devs say that they don't want to make it a super long journey to max level and want to help people as much as possible. In a way, yes, it's probably demotivating for people to restart from scratch and have a slow journey back to max level. However, personally, I think this slower leveling experience is one of the core principles of what makes Rose so unique. Nowadays in MMOs you rush to max level in 2-3 weeks, and then it's all about running dungeons/raids or farming up for BiS gear. All the gear you farm before max level is basically trash loot that you won't wear for more than a few hours or a day and you sell it back to NPCs, and features like mounts are something you get after an hour of gameplay instead of something to work towards for a few days or weeks. Although some people enjoy this, I personally miss the oldschool feeling from games like Rose and WoW classic where getting to max level was a journey with lots of rewards and progression along the way. Rose does this really well, you get carts at level 50, you get a 2nd job after that, then you unlock a new world, another new world after that, every few levels you switch to a new area or mobs to get better exp and so on. And during all this, you constantly get rewarded with better gear and cool items like wings that are level locked. "Do I buy little angel wings at level 90 or save up my Zuly for large angel wings at level 120? The large ones look so cool, I can't wait to get to 120 asap!" I haven't felt this kind of experience anymore since quiting Rose Online 10 years ago, and this is one of the main reasons I'm excited about a relaunch. So please, don't change the experience too much from what it used to be. Pros: By sticking with the original experience, it's more likely to feel like the old game and attract the old player base Sets Rose apart from private servers and other newer games which do exactly the opposite Cons: Some people will quit for not reaching max level fast enough Best, Sui
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