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  1. If the heal stacking is busted in AA, it's busted in open world too. Clerics heals should stack, but not past 2 or 3 clerics. The healing needs to get reduced at some point. If you make it so that the healing isn't beneficial for several clerics to be in a match, then you'll see the number of clerics in each match go down on its own naturally. Currently, the power is in party heals, as most clerics aren't really focused on single target heals. Not exactly sure of the numbers, or the reduction it should be, I just, am pretty sure the solution is to negate how powerful, several clerics healing is. Because I am hoping for a solution similar to this. (big brain solution) I voted the second option. I'd rather a real fix, than a band aid solution. But another solution my be to fix point distribution towards wins, while punishing AFK with less(to no) points. Currently, people are seemingly always going to abuse the fastest way to earn points, and because this is the current fastest way, they'll do it. If points is changed to be earned on wins, then, players will be focused towards wins.
  2. Level is what effects success rate the most out of anything else. its like 90% Level, and then 10% CON. (maybe even more towards level) (At max level, doing gem crafting) 10 con is like, around 0.01% ish, its very, very marginal for 10 CON. That's why imo as long as you have near 1100 CON, you're fine to do GEM crafting. Higher is going to be nice, but to my understanding, your failure rate is pretty much the same as someone with even 100 - 200 more CON than you. Crafting at a certain point is more RNG than anything else. As long as you're max level and have floating around 1,100
  3. *looks at Austinbom with slight concern* You might have too much free time on your hands sir. But also, this is pretty awesome. Good job.
  4. Nice guide, very thorough. Congrats on your builds. Good work on it. Thanks for citing my post.
  5. Point being. I'm against pay to win. Games exist that, have no pay to win aspects. For me, it's I'll play a game that has no pay to win. Or I'll go play an entirely different genre of game. This decision was made much easier, knowing Rednim openly stated many times their opinion on pay to win, and recognizing that was a major downfall of the previous company. Rednim hates pay to win. Or at least, this is what was said to be true. Maybe I misunderstood the developments perspectives on the mater. Anyrate. The promise to not have pay to win was made. The game is slowly leaking in these things. And the community seems accepting of this, under the guise of we need to do this to keep development of the game up. I'd rather just not support that direction. With that said. I'm out. I'll go play other games. Sorry that the MMORPG genre as a whole, seemingly, has this deficiency, but I won't support it. Cheers.
  6. Fortnite Save The World, (the original game mode) HAD pay to win stuff in it, Until they got sued for millions upon millions of dollars. Now Fortnite entirely has a no pay to win. (In BR, in StW, in Rocket Racing, LegoFortnie, ect) (Overprime : The Paragon, has no p2w aspects)
  7. When players talk about players leaving for X reasons. I feel it important to explain why some may leave, even if I am alone in my reasoning. Rednim stated before EA that premium storage is basically pay to win. This is being changed. Your word in this world is your bond. Once you start to go back on your word, your credibility is gone out the window. Their KoFi openly advertises weekly detailed updates. This is something that is openly promised by Rednim. When confronted with this, Rather than just changing the wording, the money was refunded.(updated since this post) Storage, even though many don't want to see it as a pay to win, it is. There are many games on the market that are dedicated to not being pay to win. I will move onto companies that value truth. I didn't quit because of anything else. But failed promises.
  8. WAAAAY Offtopic Thnx MeNewbie for sharing those numbers with us.
  9. If there were only 6 heals, I'd agree that increasing CD is a good play. But because there are 10 heals, (video to shows and explains somewhat how the heals work) I think that the play might be to increase already existing heals. There's something that needs to be done about heals for lower levels. I think that if a cleric is in a level appropriate map, their healing should be doubled in under lvl 200 maps. Or something of the likes of that.
  10. There are people that will argue false truths as though they are facts, believing in these delusions; Example; Flat Earthers. (leftists, ect.) You believing that you can justify something being not pay to win. When it pays to give an advantage. Doesn't make it any less pay to win. If someone pays money, to proceed in the game, in any way, shape or form. This is an aspect of pay to win. Your inability to comprehend this, is unfortunate. I wish I had the patience to explain to you in further detail as to why. But currently. I lack this patience. But I'll try; Basically, Paying money for an advantage, is by definition, pay to win. Because you are PAYING MONEY. For something that gives you an ADVANTAGE over other players. Paying for an ADVANTAGE is what qualifies something to be considered as pay to win. You are paying for a progression you'd otherwise have to earn. Again. You don't have to agree with me, you can say that I'm wrong. But I am certain, a judge would agree with my definition. Cheers.
  11. I think that if level appropriate mobs weren't so hard to kill, as the level you're "supposed" to be killing it as, it wouldn't be as enticing to use a max level char, facing the drop penalties.
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