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I think it would be nice to add a share quest button, this little QoL would help people or even your second char (dual client) in a party to get the same quest as you.

Like for exemple if you encounter someone and you want to party with him but hey he doesn't have the same quest as you 😕 problem solved you can share your quest with him 🙂 

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Sounds like a nice idea.

Might have to work out for what quest in what stage you can share the quest. (I.e sharing the a quest with multiple stages, or jobchange quests)

But upon start of the quest sharing it with your party could work.

Nicking your idea, I also see party quests totally working. Quest only for parties with 3+ active participants. Where one can pick up the party quest for the group. With special group type rewards. To encourage parties and teamplay

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26 minutes ago, lazypenguin said:

The suggestion came up a few times and I think it would be nice but we'd need to find a way to prevent it from being abused for quest rewards.

1: Add a lvl range

2:Party has to be lvl 10

I think just add a lvl range to it. Or you can add in inactivity check every some mins. so if someone is going afk they won't get the quest rewards

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