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  1. I know the mob levels show when you actually enter a map, but many times a user will forget (like me) what the recommended levels are for that map. So how about under or to the right side of the map name that the mob recommended levels be added there? Comments, suggestions, etc?
  2. This is something I have thought about for many years, In the area where you assemble your cart or castle, you can only have one assembled at a time. It really should be that you can have 1 cart and 1 castle gear (if you have them both) assembled at all times. This way you can choose either to drive one or the other instead of opening it up and assembling either one of them. Of course, it would be for both, but not for 2 carts or 2 castle gear, only for 1 of each.
  3. Player markets have the issue of having to sift through dozens of markets to try to find the one item you want to buy for a good price. This issue is present in Maple Story too. The way they fixed this issue is by having a one time use item that scans the markets for a specific item you have chosen and it would give you a read out of where the item is located and how much it is listed for. I think is would also work in rose online. The only caveat is that this scanning item would have to be limited in uses other wise the player market would turn into a centralized market. So I suggest maybe getting like 5 of them per month from a quest or something.
  4. How about the ability to right click on a character and see their name, level and job?
  5. Hello Everyone! I've been following owlchemist_vile on Twitch recently (Loving his streams! Great engagement with the content etc)... I did notice however that today he was just disassembling random items from the vendors over and over again.. sort of like a trial and error - now he was obviously looking for specific materials to make his next item, but he didn't know what he was disassembling from the shop and what they would give him.... I think a reallllly strong feature for the whole game would be to make an in-game wiki or update the disassembly table to see what items being broken down are going to potentially give you and their chance to receive etc... Edit: I think its call an ARMORY - Lists all the maps/drops/zones/info about items etc.. - Having this in game would be helpful.
  6. There needs to be a way to lock the bars in game so you don't accidentally remove skills or whatever from the 2 bars.
  7. Quest Item [Locked] Vendor. Vendor/NPC that sells you quest items you've achieved [You've already done the quest] for free, and have a re-sell value of 0, and cannot be disassembled. Useful for if you're a goofyboy/girl and miss-click your quest reward.
  8. I always make an artisan and I love gathering items and crafting stuff. But mass crafting can be pretty tedious and this is an idea to make that a little easier. We had this on the pserver that I played and it was really convenient. Add a way to set a specific quantity to the crafting window. Then after you drag the materials over, you can click on "begin crafting" and it will just keep going until that number of items has been made. The first image is what the current crafting window looks like. The second image shows in red where that quantity box could be added. Of course you would still need to have enough materials in your inventory and enough space to hold the crafted items but it would be a lot easier especially when crafting a ton of the same item (like potions or ammo)
  9. This one is pretty simple. There could be an option in the settings to always display item details when hovering items without having to right click them. Credit to @OwlchemistVile for giving me the idea, so if the idea sucks blame him https://clips.twitch.tv/SteamyJollyClipzDxCat-6Wt5K6vqFsFfhZqT Pros: It would allow hovering many items quickly in inventory and storage. Right clicking also moved the camera so it would be useful if you're looking for something specific. It could also be toggled on by defaut so new uses would already see the full item description without having to right click, which can be unintuitive. Cons: Development time it might require.
  10. I'm seeing the Alpha testers running out of inventory slot non stop and having to drop items on the ground, which is heartbreaking. I believe it would be good to either have a flat out 2nd tab of inventory which should be too hard to do for our gifted dev team! Or to add it as a premium service.
  11. Would be a nice quality of life option to be able to sort the materials tab by type, and possibly quality.
  12. I think it would be nice to be able to have some sort of quest tracker. It would be a bit like a list of all quests, organized per map or something so that it's not too cluttered. That way, if you come to a point where you don't remember what quests you have already completed and would like to know which one you could be doing next, you could go check the quest tracker and see, for example, that you missed a quest in Valley of Luxem Tower, and go get it from the NPC it shows you can get it from. I think you get the idea, but here's a visual example: Valley of Luxem Tower Quests The quest for bees that I finished The quest not for the bees I completed Quest I haven't done yet Another quest not done yet There could be a drop down many to select a map, or a world. When you select a quest you can see which NPC you can get it from, or just a hint if you haven't completed the quest yet. Pros: Keeps track of all quests completed, and those not completed yet. Cons: Uses dev resources to make the feature. Edit: typos ._.
  13. One other thing I would like to see is on the main logon screen is the ability not only to save your account name, but the ability to use a dropdown for multiple account names. Typing them in or doing a copy/paste is a pain in the .... all the time, where as having the ability to already save them in the ini file of the client would be a great idea too.
  14. I noticed that when you relog you get kicked out of the party you are in. Which would suck if you leveled up your party with your friend and you end up having to relog for one reason or another and lose the party and its levels. Maybe put in a 5 minute grace period before you get kicked off from a party when your offline, to give enough time to relog and still keep your party. Also i dont know if this feature is included but a vote to kick a member is also important. I find the best party of this game is the social aspect and having the right tools is important. Thanks :D
  15. How about the ability to save the character setting instead at the local computer but at the server level? I personally might use different computers of my own, at home or elsewhere to log on and get on Rose. What I hate when I log on to a different computer is my character's items always get messed up, not the storage, but what is on the character. Would it be possible that instead of saving locally, it is stored on the server instead?
  16. I would like to see the mats in storage to be able to be stacked more than 999, even if we can't do it on a character. Many of us save almost everything that drops, maybe with the exception of the items that are sold by the NPC. I know on NA, I had multiple stacks of certain stacks as each had 999 in them. What about the ability to stack costumes, weapons and armors that are exactly the same? (that don't have extra stats on them)
  17. I would like to recommend that NPCs for each town carry the previous town scrolls besides their own. So, AP would only have a AP scroll Zant would have Zant & AP Junon would have Junon, Zant, AP and Goblin Caves Gorge would have Junon, Zant and AP Something like this would be something I would like to see. This might also be good for the other planets as well.
  18. Would it be possible to make ammunition stacks be 9,999 (or more) to save space in your inventory for drops? alternative idea (which I believe was Leonis’s) make ammunition an item that doesn’t consume, like craft or buy 1 and it never runs out. Pro - SPACE in your inventory for crap you probably don’t need or want, but can sell for more stuff! Con - people who sell ammunition types as a source of money will lose out, crafters lose an item to make ’zulie sink’ is lost (if you buy arrows/bullets/cannon balls)
  19. Kai


    We need cute pets! I hope we can get a system where players are able to capture and adopt certain mobs to keep as pets. IDEAS: FOODS: Making the pet eat certain foods, which players can buy from NPC (way to push zulie out of the system!) PET TAMER: are either purchasable form NPC or dropped from other mobs. AUTO FEED system ON/OFF Depends on dev team, maybe it's a good idea to give pets ability to give a little bit of status boost. Maybe 1-3 points. For example Moldie gives +2 int. Which isn't too much of a big deal but not super duper bad either. When the hungry level is low, pet will stay but would stop giving extra status. EVOLUTION SYSTEM!
  20. Back in the days, one person (Rescudo) made a program that worked with RoseNA that you can follow other characters. I don't recall if it worked if you went through a gate or not anymore, but what would be good to have a Follow skill that you can follow other people, say if the party was moving to a different location or you wanted to have some fun in towns to follow someone without clicking. I would like to see it work even if you went through a gate, of course planet to planet it would not work.
  21. I believe Rescudo also with RRE had it where when you were looking at shops, the name of the shop would change from whatever background to a grey background for the shop name as you looked at them This way you know which shops you have already looked at. I would say that would stay till you either log out or change maps, depending on how it can be programmed. Now if the shop changed items, then the shop name should return to normal colors.
  22. Maybe players would like some kind of real time market information. Would be nice to have one, though, I don't mind manual windows shopping too.
  23. There could be also skill for teleportation to maps, to be able to teleport to specific maps/cities assuming you have been there before. It could be even job/class specific skill or general one, and have success rate (based on history or some pots/items?) and limit how many times can be used per hour or day Skill could be for current character only, or even AOE based, or like "stargate" with specific limits
  24. Would be nice to have mobile app what could even basic things in start. List could be: Chat with clannies Chat with friends Get game notifications (e.g. new patch, updates, etc) See whose online from friends Im am sure there can be much more other things
  25. How about a way to trigger the drop names on/off in the client? I like mine on all the time, others maybe not, but if in the client there was a trigger, we can choose it.
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