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Found 7 results

  1. When I played Rose in the past, one thing I did was explore any corner of the maps to find Easter eggs or something no one had found before... Specially at Junon, because the many assets that had those simbols and cryptic inscriptions... I was always thinking, what if those things have a real meaning and lead to a really nice spot with a really nice treasure?
  2. Quest system in game has always been somehow unbalanced. This post is primarily related to KEY quests (first/second job, cart/cg drive) In general i think JOB/CLass quests should be specific to job you pick, and shouldnot be depend on some rare monster/etc where it majorly limits chances, especially if its close or in some popular farming/level area. This can create frustation for new players as i have seen in past many being stuck for weeks in Krafy or another place, simply as they need to have it done and its not easy if you dont have much help from others. Job specific quests could be the related to earning your class specfic passives. Most discussed quests are now "kill N monsters in X location" style what should be diversified, some had little variations but not exactly. Doing PAT related quests are same annoying, no clear time estimation, and new players often mix up texts meaning/map. With reworking many other things in game (e.g. much slower leveling/etc) some of this problems will be fixed, but many remains. Based on developers comments game will be more focused around working on slowly your key character, and not having 20 of them at max level, with slowing things done quest balance is even more important (especially for new/inexperience players) ---------------- Recapp: Quests texts should be VERY clear what has to be done, even if your english isnot 10/10. Job/Class jobs should be more specific for class specifics Quest locations/logic should make sure it is guaranteed to complete in certain time, not to frustate players by dragging it for many days Huntable job quest "Random" drop rate should be "RATE" drop rate, as it would quarantee that even if you were unlucky after 5-10 kills you still get it. I recall having one character what couldnot get krafy drop for weeks as it was "randomly unlucky" Programmic random isnot really random/fair. We can create class-spefic threads about job classes if Devs has interest, as adding classes/etc all ideas in one post here would be way too long
  3. Quest Item [Locked] Vendor. Vendor/NPC that sells you quest items you've achieved [You've already done the quest] for free, and have a re-sell value of 0, and cannot be disassembled. Useful for if you're a goofyboy/girl and miss-click your quest reward.
  4. My suggestion is to make a Quest Board in every big Town. It would just be a board where the NPC's advertise that they need help. It wouldn't offer any advantages, like you cant pick up the quest from the board. So youll still have to visit the designated NPC and pick up the quest from there. Its just a way of showing the appropriate quests for your level and knowing where to start. I feel like some quests can be missed if youre not carefull and it feels weird having to revisit some lower level quests when you are higher level. Could even have different tabs to show story quests, fetch quests that kind of thing. Thoughts?
  5. I think it would be nice to be able to have some sort of quest tracker. It would be a bit like a list of all quests, organized per map or something so that it's not too cluttered. That way, if you come to a point where you don't remember what quests you have already completed and would like to know which one you could be doing next, you could go check the quest tracker and see, for example, that you missed a quest in Valley of Luxem Tower, and go get it from the NPC it shows you can get it from. I think you get the idea, but here's a visual example: Valley of Luxem Tower Quests The quest for bees that I finished The quest not for the bees I completed Quest I haven't done yet Another quest not done yet There could be a drop down many to select a map, or a world. When you select a quest you can see which NPC you can get it from, or just a hint if you haven't completed the quest yet. Pros: Keeps track of all quests completed, and those not completed yet. Cons: Uses dev resources to make the feature. Edit: typos ._.
  6. We we all know, there were very few NPCs in Gorge. NA added more to it with the ability to add more later. Why not add whatever more to the Gorge town and add some quests as well?
  7. I would like to suggest that the Christmas event map be expanded, with multiple quests/storylines and a much bigger map. The old original map was way too small, maybe use Snow Valley for Christmas or a brand new map with more detail and bigger in size.
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