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Select a Log in Point Coordinates


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I think it is cool to have a log in point on which you can select a specific coordinates on where you want your character to spawn when you log in (considering only when you logged off on that city e.g. Junon Polis). It is great for players who have their clan who wants to be in their clan spot immediately when they log in.

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14 hours ago, Avatar said:

Hey, I love this idea! It’ll also be easier for people to start in a location that isn’t laggy for them if they don’t have a decent PC. 

Exactly, man. You can avoid spots where vendors are usually piled-up. (I know it's a little too early to think of these vendors, but still gonna be a cool feature to add) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I think this can be nice feature too, but i would limit it only to towns and cities.

Maybe each town/city has a npc where you need to 'register the town/city first to your map' or something before you can choose the location as starting point after you log in. This way it's always a location where you've been before and then you can't choose specific locations in your advantage. I also think you should be able to only choose a location on the same planet as where you logged out.

And i think there should be a cooldown (of at least 1 hour) on this feature as well. Otherwise people keep logging in and out to swap locations instead of using teleport scrolls.

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