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Found 14 results

  1. Pretty self-explanatory suggestion: Mounts should go into the PAT tab in inventory. Why? They, just like cars, are part of transportation and there's no reason for them to take up an inventory slot elsehwere. EDIT: I noticed this during the alpha test at the last hours when I got a Choropy mount, thought it felt strange and off when I literally lost it in my inventory for a second, lol.
  2. It would be nice to make the WASD movement make the character walk backwards with S. It looks silly when it just turns around towards the screen
  3. I would like to recommend that NPCs for each town carry the previous town scrolls besides their own. So, AP would only have a AP scroll Zant would have Zant & AP Junon would have Junon, Zant, AP and Goblin Caves Gorge would have Junon, Zant and AP Something like this would be something I would like to see. This might also be good for the other planets as well.
  4. I think it is cool to have a log in point on which you can select a specific coordinates on where you want your character to spawn when you log in (considering only when you logged off on that city e.g. Junon Polis). It is great for players who have their clan who wants to be in their clan spot immediately when they log in.
  5. Here is a thought on water. If you go into it, your mspeed slows down, no matter walking, running or driving. Also, how about if your head goes underwater, and if you don't have a snorkel on, your HP will start going down? Why should be be able to run or drive fast through water when it will actually slow a person or vehicle in real life. No one can breath underwater either, so a snorkel would need to be worn on the character to keep breathing.
  6. I would like to suggest to update save town and remove it from the pop up box on death, to only let the option "current field". I think the current meta of letting yourself be killed to quick travel to your save town is absurd, and the horrible bug where you would spawn in your save town if you were to lag out -> die -> log back in is annoying all of us since more than 15 years! Instead of that, I would suggest to make "save town" an active basic skill with a 20 minute cooldown.
  7. I would like to give insight on some ways to make movement in the game more fluid and responsive. Recently I've seen the Alpha #5 update video by the developer in youtube. The trial implementation of the controller made me think of the old movement system in the game. The way you used to move in the old game was click to move, and the movement input needs to be registered and processed to the server side. In my opinion, there are 2 changes that can be made to improve the movement. The first one is to process movement input within the client side (or similarly, to prevent exploits), so that you can move as soon as you click the ground. I believe by doing this, the old movement delay will be eliminated, thus allowing a wide variety of movement systems to be implemented. The second improvement is to allow movement using the WASD,QE buttons (or manually keybind by the player). with the new movement input process, the WASDQE movement type will be feasible. This can open up to a more fluid combat, closer to that of a modern combat system (such as moving while using skill, etc.) An issue i can think of with this kind of system where movement is processed in client side, is you can abuse this movement to never take AoE damage. To solve this, I would suggest to add a "movement snapshot" instead, so that every attack will snapshot players/enemies, and deal damage even when the player moves outside the AoE range (when the AoE is cast, the player's position is snapshot, so player will have to pre-move instead). *Attached an image of example of snapshot to give an idea as to what i meant by "snapshot" (credits to joonbob on youtube) These are my ideas of ways to work on the movement system, mostly coming from experience playing World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14. I hope that ROSE movement system will be even better than before. Cheers!
  8. Possibly adding q and e for diagonal movement to make it easier to go that direction than to hold two keys.
  9. It would be fun to have "party van" cart/vehicle, a pat what could carry whole party. Driving with own party members, or helping some friends/low levels to get to other locations, or just using it to carry larger stuff, it could also have weapon like normal PAT I know its not easy to implement and usability is probably specific/limited
  10. I understand that a good amount of mounts might need to be sold via cash shop as it is potentially a good way to secure fair income. But regardless, I would like to suggest adding more in game mounts with premium particle effect / hiding the existing one behind hard to achieve walls or going along with specific titles. I want to see ppl trying hard to get in game exclusive shinny items... I want to see the boiz be proud and flex like pros.
  11. Own summons (and pets) are in general pretty basic (and often doesnot even do what you expect them to). Skill-based summons and pets are different, but in general both can cover about same things. It would be nice and more realistic if they had a little more self behavioural sides Examples Mountable ones could have movement small speed bonus difference (so even even if 3 people has 3 same summons, they do have abit different speed) Certain summons are having speed penalty or bonus based on terrain (e.g. water or forest or mountains, depending on their own class/heritage?) Could have some stats % random based (e.g. more or less hp or ap) on summoner proficiency and luck Combat summons could have penalties/bonuses versus specific enemy monsters, based on day or night time (e.g. night ones has bonuses in the night) Mountable summons speed could get permanent but small speed bonus over time from every distance passed, making long/frequently used summons faster
  12. Back in the days, one person (Rescudo) made a program that worked with RoseNA that you can follow other characters. I don't recall if it worked if you went through a gate or not anymore, but what would be good to have a Follow skill that you can follow other people, say if the party was moving to a different location or you wanted to have some fun in towns to follow someone without clicking. I would like to see it work even if you went through a gate, of course planet to planet it would not work.
  13. How about adding a whole lot more variables (from craftable or dropped items) that can be used to tune up carts for maximum performance? I don't mean to say brand new variables as such, just more variability on custom wheels, engines, accessories, fuel types and so on. Ways to make all the carts that people own more unique and variable. Then we can have automated cart race features to see who has the fastest cart and who can drive it the best. Add to this a league table where we keep track of the best drivers and we can have our very own ROSE Formula 1 series.
  14. There could be also skill for teleportation to maps, to be able to teleport to specific maps/cities assuming you have been there before. It could be even job/class specific skill or general one, and have success rate (based on history or some pots/items?) and limit how many times can be used per hour or day Skill could be for current character only, or even AOE based, or like "stargate" with specific limits
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