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My "Get to level 250 Visitor" Experience


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8/3 - Initial Post 1-20
8/4 - 20-38
8/6 - 38-47
8/23 - 47-50
8/26 - 50-60



I will add updates to this as I go on in level and post what I find. 


This shows my own rules and how I am playing it. I am not rushing to be the first nor am I hoping to be the first to do it this way. This is the way I have chosen to do it and I hope you enjoy the ride with me.




  • Cannot use pots or food to heal
  • Cannot be healed
  • Cannot join a party with mage/cleric fires


  • Do every quest I can, even repeatable to try to stay out of danger
  • Doing all quests that are not locked behind job quest
  • Going full STR from start, moving to launcher for range. Best for health boost, could go DEX too, some SEN for crit
  • Using Hardened and Reinforced gear, there are plenty of Artisans on the server
  • Sitting to heal is just a faster way to heal from passive healing, so allowed
  • Picking up everything to sell to NPC or shops, no Zulie from other accounts
  • Starting during an event with drops, good for fast money



All quests up to level 10 to pick class. Skipped the class choice and went to Valley of Luxem Tower. First NPC did have a quest so went to the village for the first upgraded gear quests. All NPCs said to choose a class first. Bummer. I was able to grab the 30 Honey Bee repeatable quest though. Did that once and headed to Zant. You can talk to Francis and get the Missing children questline. Once you hit 15 you can also talk to Leena and grab the Honey Bee Helper quest to defeat 20 Hornets. When finished, take the Welcome to Zant quest and run around town. While doing the quest, when you talk to Ulysses grab his Price Chart Delivery quest to go to Adventure Plains to deliver to Seyon. You can not turn in the Welcome to Zant quest to Crow, there is no dialog to choose a weapon. Probably due to having no class flag…Bummer again. I suspect I am going to run into this a lot…..


I decided to finish up the Tryteh quest for Soul Crystal here. When I gained another level at about this point I put some stat points into CON, to 20,  to help with the missing a bit to kill Whoopies before they killed me. So far I have not had a ghost spawn issue. Found out that the Basic Skill - Dual Scratch (1) works with a launcher, basically giving you Double Shot skill for free! BONUS. Finishing the Soul Crystal quest line gave me Lena’s Earring. DEX 10… hey it's something! This also kicked off the Fairy Bell and the Fairy quest Info from Arua’s Fairy. Time to go back to Adventure Plains and find Seyon for Ulysses' quest and speak to Myad for the Fairy quest. Turned in Syeon price list and grabbed the list to go back to Zant and Ulysses. Talked to Myad and Seyon and found the Epidemic Mushrooms. Onto Valley of Luxem Tower to see Karitte at the top of the mound. The price list is repeatable if you want to go back and forth from Adventure Plains and Zant. I only did this once. There is a repeatable quest later we will be doing for quite a while. Karitte gave me the Healing Hands quest for Pumpkin Seeds. I did that while here. Shout out to the team for adding in the spacebar to jump, it makes getting off this mound SO MUCH EASIER. Got the Purification from Karitte and went back to Adventure Plains to sprinkle on the mushrooms. Gave the Antidote to Ronk and Pony and turned in to hit level 20!





Thank you for trying to help guys, but I am on my own this round: AlmsGiver, Nagato from SixSense



New Fairy Quest to talk to Sharlin in Zant. Free scroll to Zant from Myad was a quick ride. New gear now, planning on gear changes at the 10s. Just hit 20 so new outfit time. I will hope that I can still get the XP suit at 40, but I believe those are class outfits so I wont get my hopes up. Talked to Sharlin, she wants me to go see Karitte in the Valley of Luxem Tower. Killed regular Pomics until I found the Red Paper and moved onto the next step, killing Infected Pomics. You have to watch out for these mobs because once you kill a regular Pomic, it spawns an Infected Pomic right under you, even if you killed the Pomic from a distance. Finished that up and headed to Myas in Adventure Plains to turn in the quest. Myad wants me to search the mushrooms again. Continued on talking to Mairard and he wants me to go to Junon Polis. I just hit level 21 so this will have to wait until I hit level 30. So I will head back to Zant and see what quests we can dig up. Spiro has a quest called Stolen Formula which I will take. It is to kill Woopie and Woopie Chefs to find pages. It is a shame that Cornell’s 30 Woopie killing quests are buried behind a class quest. That would have been sweet to do at the same time. Leonard does have a quest to find his sword in El Verloon Desert. Mind as well grab that too. Killing a Woopie is much easier now, but that Assistant Woopie Chef…. Even though he was a yellow colored mob (about the same level) I was missing my cannon shots 90% of the time. Even sitting at 21 CON (level 21) it took forever to kill one. Luckily the first kill dropped the Formula B I needed. Running from Zant to Valley of Luxem Tower again and back, Spiro is sending me on my way to Breezy Hills. But first it looks like Keenu has a quest for us now to go find her thread. Good for some quick Zulie and Exp. Onto Breezy Hills we go.


Welcome to Breezy Hills! Mercucio has a couple of quests for me. Pomic Scouts and Pomic Infiltrators. Ok I am running into the same issue I had with Assistant Woopie Chefs. I cannot hit them with CON at the same as my level. I am going to have to respec and get more into CON. I think this might be because of the class passives you might get. I have never had this issue when I am at this level with a normal class character. Bringing CON to 30 didn't help at all. At 40 CON I am now hitting 50% of the time, still not ideal. With CON now at double my level I am hitting about 80% of the time. This is much more manageable. Might think about changing to a gun now, with straight CON for the gun it would help for accuracy. With the two quests from Mercucio done, he had one more for me. Red Pomic Soldiers and Pomic Soldiers. Finishing them off we now have two quests to go talk to Belz in the village. Most of the NPCs have quests for this area. I take the ones that are for Dalpings and Flanae because the run I do is the windmill quest from Punwell. It is repeatable and I have a set path I take to get them all. On the first run of this repeatable I do stop and get the Dalpings and Flanae. Turn all that in and continue on with doing windmills until 30. You make a good amount of Zulie and hitting 30 makes the run around El Verloon Desert a little easier. Here are some numbers I crunched a while back while optimizing the route:



Hunter Dalpings are serious business at level 26. I might hold onto the quest and come back later or just abandon it. Their ranged is very powerful with no class protections. I was able to take a couple regular Dalpings out before a rest so we will get that quest done. Level 30 can get here fast though. I need new gear and finally my first hardened launcher!

Ran the windmill quest until I hit level 30. From here I went out to El Verloon Desert to start the quests there at the village by the Temple, find Leonard’s Sword, quest around the lake and rush to 38 to start the XP Gear quests in Anima Lake.Grab the quest from Caraan at the entrance to El Verloon Desert to speak to the NPCs in the village. I grabbed the quest from Orias to exterminate Honey Rackies. I did not take the lost ring quest from Methio as I do not want to go back to Breezy Hills to kill Red Flanae. I completed and turned in the exterminate Hone Rackies twice for good measure and headed back to Caraan at the gate. He sent me to Franklin who gives you a quest to kill 25 Rackies and head to Linda up north. When I turned it in she has three quests to make stews, Freaky Fisherman Souffle, Beetle Surprise, and Turtle Soup, all of which can be found in the lake. This is going to take some time as I am already feeling the effects of not having skills to help boost my character. Things like attack speed, or accuracy, even attack power. As a visitor there are no skills to use the points on, and looking at this screen makes my heart hurt a little that I cannot use these points anywhere…..


I am thinking that I may have to try and sell all these Magical Box of Friendliness to get myself into a Rock Launcher with a P7 or D7 just to help out a little bit. I have also amassed quite a few Dirtys and Binds Tails I can sell once I get to Junon. Let us not forget the bunch of Powders and feathers one should have by now.

Before I was finished with the three quests from Linda I ran out of cannon balls. So I went back to Zant to grab some and empty inventory. Spiro has a turn in also so I continued with that quest. Also grabbed some Accuracy accessories from Mina while here, that may help a bit. Spiro asks you to test the vaccine on 10 Rackies so we are headed back out to El Verloon Desert. Finished up the Spiro quest for vaccine and dropped back down to the lake to finish the stew quests. And don’t forget Leonard’s Sword. Back to Zant to turn all this in.

I scrolled to Junon to turn in the quest from the Fairy line. Got the box and went back to give it to Mairard, and now I have the Junon Mask. This is going to help A LOT. This got me to level 38 and ready to hit up Anima Lake. I am going back to Junon and try to sell the stuff I have and dream of that Rock Launcher.

This was a long session getting to where I am now. It has taught me to slow down and think. I can’t just rush into mobs and survive 1+ mobs hitting me. At least not yet. I have learned to stay to the edges where I go and plan out how to tackle killing mobs and finishing quests. I am really enjoying it.


No one tried to help this session. This was all about learning what I can take on and how to deal with stronger mobs. Till next session my friends!


38 - 47

Starting this round I headed back to Anima Lake by way of El Verloon Desert to stop and turn in the quest to see Rick. I will leave his quests for the devil pests and bees as I need to head to Anima Lake to start the XP Gear quests. Plus the door is right there anyway.

Headed into Anima Lake and talked to Stephano. Grab hit two Porkie quests and did them right there. The Mini-Porkies are good enough. After finishing those two quests up I started the XP Gear quests which start at Stephano, make their way to Cantabury, and finally end at Edone. All the required mobs are either around or in the lake so you really are not going that far each time.



I have stopped at the last quest with Edone to give me my gloves and boots. There is an issue where I can click on the dialog to thank Edone for the gloves and boots, but it does not turn in or give me the items. After trying a few things including login and logout sessions, dropping the quest and doing it again, there has been no change. Seems there is a bug here and that's a slight bummer. I have the hat and body, there were no issues with that. You get what looks like a Fancy Shy outfit for a Visitor. Nice that someone thought of that this far in. The issue has been reported and they will look into it. 


This is not a huge priority for them so I will take a few days off from the Visitor and figure out the next options as I will be needing gear. I will probably grab the next few Reinforced sets for now and come back later to finish the XP Gear.


I am starting this back up as I was missing the challenge. There was no need for me to wait for the team to try and figure out the bug that is not letting me turn in the last quest to receive my last two 10% exp boost outfit. That was selfish of me and I need to get back to the grind. I know, it is sick and maybe a little weird that I was craving the challenge, but here we are.

I got myself the next two reinforced outfits for level 45 and later 63, the Fancy Blue and Senior set. This should take me onto Redfield Black when I get closer. And with the two events still going I can quickly make some fast Zulie with the drops. I know later on this is going to come in handy with a nice bankroll.

I did the Winters quest in Junon city at the gate killing 60 Moldies. Then ran around Junon delivering his packages. The next step is usually to speak to the Mayor and get your next weapon that should last you quite a while. But to my dismay he is also giving me the cold shoulder.


A little discouraged I went out front and beat on some more Moldies to cure what ails me. Level 50 here I come….. 


Also this guy is AMAZING! 1500 mspd and no level  requirement? YES PLEASE. Good thing no one was feeling ambitious to be camping Desert of the Dead.  😛



CART QUEST TIME! Even though the Krawfy mount has been great, always good to get the cart quest done and get some extra exp. Before heading out to get rid of the proofs on the Fighter Clowns I made sure to grab the blue hats repeatable quest from Odelo at the front gates of Junon. Same mobs so it's a good idea to double up on the quests.

I ended up being 51 at the end of the cart quests so I headed to Kenji Beach to wack on some Little Krawfys. Leveling on Little Krawfys was good and I quickly leveled to 55. From there I started taking the kill quest for 75 Doongas from Bith. Rinse/Repeat until level 60 where I stopped for the evening.


From here on out is going to be A LOT of repeatable quests. I might drop into some of the Luna quests for a few items, but it will mostly be grinding the repeatables from there on out. I know it is not going to be fast at all with no group. Just going to have to bare down and get it done. I will still keep things updated here during the process, but it won’t be too much more than a report on the journey. I will try to keep it interesting.

I also just added the death count as someone had asked earlier how many times it had been. So far to this point it is still 2. Those happened early on when I tried to kill a Aqua Warrior before he killed me, and getting stun locked trying to run away from multiple mobs.

I also created a clan to block the spam of clan invites I was receiving. I wish there was an option in the setting to toggle blocking clan invites, this was the best way to do that. I will not be placing any clan points into any skills. Thank you to all who sent invites, but I have to do this one on my own.


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Wow. You're actually trying this! If you accomplish this it might be the most hardcore ROSE Online run ever. Have you considered streaming it just so we can track your progress? If you complete this run we'll have to consider some kind of prize, no joke.

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That's really neat! 

I know @Heatfist was working on leveling a visitor.  Not sure how far that went but you might be able to get some tips/advice from Heat.   I do remember that he was able to get the experience set from the quest in Anima but there was no weapon from the quest in Junon Polis.  That armor will be very useful for you

Anyway best of luck to you! Let me know if I can help with anything.

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5 hours ago, HoneyBuns said:

Not sure how far that went

Went to 60, but I used food/pots. Ghosts and ranged mobs can become a bother on some maps. The experience set is good when partied with another dps class. Otherwise, Hp recovery accessories and reinforced gear is best for surviving.

Best of luck on your journey Mek! 

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10 hours ago, lazypenguin said:

Wow. You're actually trying this! If you accomplish this it might be the most hardcore ROSE Online run ever. Have you considered streaming it just so we can track your progress? If you complete this run we'll have to consider some kind of prize, no joke.

I wish I could! Work can be demanding at times. Being a CTO and Director of IT has it perks, I basically am my own boss working from home, but its bad enough I still try to squeeze in some play during the day. 😛 I might try to record some parts here and there and do a couple leveling epic movie montages. That would be neat.

9 hours ago, HoneyBuns said:

That's really neat! 

I know @Heatfist was working on leveling a visitor.  Not sure how far that went but you might be able to get some tips/advice from Heat.   I do remember that he was able to get the experience set from the quest in Anima but there was no weapon from the quest in Junon Polis.  That armor will be very useful for you

Anyway best of luck to you! Let me know if I can help with anything.

Thank you HB! You know I hate bothering you guys haha.

3 hours ago, Heatfist said:

Went to 60, but I used food/pots. Ghosts and ranged mobs can become a bother on some maps. The experience set is good when partied with another dps class. Otherwise, Hp recovery accessories and reinforced gear is best for surviving.

Best of luck on your journey Mek! 

Thanks Heat, I can only hop I have the patience to get to 60.

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You will be playing the game in hell mode. I suggest you ask the devs for a second job 'super visitor' and give you a triple scratch skill when you reach level 100 🤣. I'm cheering for you. Good luck and have fun.

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Another bummer here. I was able to do the XP gear quest as a visitor from Stephano, I have the hat and body.



But when I try to turn in the Gloves and Boots quest from Edone, It will not complete.





When I click on #1 nothing happens, it just closes. I tried to kill a couple more for good measure but still no turn in.

This is a BIG damper on my plans haha


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1 hour ago, HoneyBuns said:

I could swear that @Heatfist was able to complete that quest with his visitor.  The gloves and shoes are in the database so maybe the quest itself is broken.  I'll add it to our issue tracker   

Thanks HB. I just abandoned it and will try to do it again. Might have been a hiccup after all.

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1 hour ago, Mek said:

@HoneyBuns abandoning the quest and re-doing it did not fix it. It still just closes and doesn't give reward or turn it in.

I will hold off until I hear otherwise.

Thanks for that additional info. I'll add it to the issue tracker

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This is by far the dumbest thing ever. 
Yet also, the most amazing and bravest journey I've ever read. 
Trek on (almost said soldier) Visitor. Trek on... 
(after they fix the gear) 

TBH. I think you might still hit lvl 250 before @Zurn😄

Thanks for the entertaining read. And best of luck to you on your journey 🙂
I look forward to reading more 😄 

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