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  1. The Golden Crystal can be looted by anyone regardless of First Hit or not.
  2. You need to verify your account to each device you want to play it on. It only takes a few minutes to set up. Once all your accounts are verified to each device you can play as normal. It’s basically similar to google email security.
  3. Great guide as always HB! Any chance in the future to make Robot Dance a unique skill book like Qpid summon? It doesn’t specify that it’s a dance scroll and the price could be increased to 200 to make it worth 410 Lacrima.
  4. When? would be nice to have those unique accs in game and the other goodies!
  5. Press “b” on your in game account or the golden coins on the mini map to open the Item Mall window where you should see your Points inside and available items to purchase.
  6. On Zant map. Mouse over the mini map for NPC names.
  7. Wand Knight is super niche, it’s a nice mix of def/mdef/dodge, low dmg but it’s free ranged and shield slams are available. Viable for event farming Never saw anyone else using it.
  8. Yeah, you need a party to enter. Yes all those bridges are part of the maze. That whole southern chunk of the map is part of the maze as the maze has a divide within it where you can try the bridge part or continue through the zig zag area. The bridge part also has holes in the bridges it’s quite annoying lol.
  9. The giant area in ruins? It’s finished lol. It’s the Turak Maze, you need to talk to Hope NPC at the entrance of it to get a quest. Then you need to be party leader to turn in the quest allowing your party entry into the maze. You then have 15 minutes to get through it and defeat Turak. Only one party can enter at a time. This was Eldeon’s end game for refine mats and higher quality chemicals as the rewards for defeating Turak scale with charm stat. Since it’s a PvP map groups would compete for entry. Due to Turak only having 30k Hp back at EA launch it was abused to hell so his Hp has now been increased to 1m. It’s still a decent farm for those mats for those who don’t enjoy dungeons and prefer quest/boss rushing.
  10. Team: Cheerleaders LVL 250 Mage – Angie LVL 250 Knight – Inni LVL 250 Cleric - Xiomara
  11. If leprechauns are going to be spawning on all planets, then the event NPCs on each planet should offer the same quest as Judy in Zant. Or disable the leprechauns on orlo and eldeon.
  12. Your character weight should not be over exceeded either
  13. This is actually the case. Looking at your storage you kept a lot of these junk drops. Due to the lack of tutorials and ways to figure out what’s actually junk and what’s relevant materials does make it hard for new players. @Luckystriike has made a mod that can show you what are trash drops and what are relevant crafting materials. You can check that out in the mods section! If you don’t like using mods the alternative to figuring out what to keep and what to NPC is to make a Dealer and check each crafting skill option and see what mats are required as well as checking the refining NPCs too for what they need for an item placed into the refining system. You can also dissemble equip drops like gear and weapons for crafting materials too. A lot of the game is currently undergoing changes. Previous development had a lot of pay to win focus which is a result of most of the negative aspects in the game currently. The game having ancient code is also a major issue to many problems as well. The current team have been doing a great job fixing things up, but there’s a lot of work to be done and will still require a lot of time. This is still not the official release of the game and shouldn’t be taken too seriously so trial and error your way through the game and figure things out as you play until tutorials and other helpful changes get added. If there’s any ideas you’d like to add and share that haven’t been mentioned yet post them in the ideas section!
  14. “13. Matches have a 5- minute limit. The team with he most kills wins upon the end of the match. A draw will count as a loss for both teams.“ There will be mods present to control any interference by teleporting them to a special place I believe.
  15. Will these be added/fixed? Never seen them. The Mastyx one sounds nice. It would be great too if the valor cutoff wasn’t at level 220 but instead 230ish since some mobs are still yellow at 220 so getting half valor for the quest doesn’t seem right.
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