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  1. a while back obviously
  2. Just behave around the big boss man in The Foot Clan or else you'll be kicked out of the clan ASAP without explanation. -former member
  3. Be like a Doonga King. No weapon no problem.
  4. I remember being spammed with ride invites from random players when I first visited Junon Polis. You can cancel them but you won't be able to get rid of the notifications. When you accept the ride they will drop you off in the water (near the Junon entrance) and you won't be able to get out of the water because of low movement speed. To get out you need to use scroll or relog. I was poor so I relog every time. It's kind of annoying but hilarious though. When I joined private servers before there was a bug where you could merge CG and carts and when you driveskill your character will be upside down riding a CG body and the body parts are all over the place lol. Sometimes this bug can DC everyone in the area. It's good that these issues have been resolved by having only 1 notification from the ride request and having a cooldown when transitioning from cart to CG. Was I proud doing these bugs? Nope, of course not. My view is. If the bugs are there to begin with then they can be exploited. Anyways, what makes Rose Online great is that despite the bugs, issues and moaners, the game is still fun to play and some players are coming back. There are even former players who play with the kids now apparently. Now I feel old lol. Arua is probably still doing wonders for old and new visitors. Levelling at a low level was always fun. I remember just playing the free trial over and over again before the game became a free-to-play game. I couldn't afford to top up because I was still a little kid but exploring new maps while listening to Rose online music was a good adventure. A lot has changed since then. There were no mounts, I couldn't jump using the space bar and there were no repeatable quests last time I played. Right now, I'm playing as much of the content as I can during this early access and I kinda feel like a kid again lol. I'm not sure whether the game can compete with other modern games but I do hope Rednim Games does wonders for the game and make the game fun for old and new players. New planets, new fighting mechanics and more content. Please make Rose Online great again! By the way, sorry that my post is all over the place. I was just writing whatever I could think of. Anyways, have a good day/evening rosarian. See you in game .
  5. Turak king at level 156. No drops are too common. It seems that any drops are rare. Im wearing Legendary Gem and Dolomite asher.
  6. I've tried the re-clicking method but there still seems to be a 75% drop rate reduction for purple mobs with a 21-level difference. No drops are common and multiple drops are rare. This is quite sad.
  7. Thanks for the info. I'll try that
  8. How about red and purple mobs? is there a drop penalty for killing these? I've been killing King Turak while it's still purple and sometimes the boss does not even drop anything. I have dolomite asher and legrandrite marquise gem. I've been using taunt (no dmg) with my max-level knight and killing with my low-level champion ( level 155) is this a bug or feature? @Drezynit
  9. if you haven't got one yet I can craft you one. What's your ign?
  10. I agree, grey mob farming is game breaking. No wonder players just want to max their characters as soon as possible because they can grey farm, camp spots, steal loots etc. Just remove drops from grey farming. Max level players use summons to aggro mobs and first hit (even if they are afk), they do not need to use pots and they likely have full pvm gear to kill kings. They don't care about 75% drop reduction. They will camp and farm wherever they want. How is that fair? Being at the right level for farming is good but should be more rewarding. Well... if grey mob farming was implemented for medallion farming then that's the worse implementation ever. How can low level players farm and solo kings like grey farmers then? You do make a good point about some loots i.e. nymph powder only available for low level mobs. I think to make these loots farmable the drop penalty should be changed. Here is an example: Monster Level Diff <= 15 --> no reduction in drop chance (Yellow) Monster Level Diff <= 25--> 10% reduction in drop chance (Green) Monster Level Diff <= 35 --> 25% reduction in drop chance (Blue) Monster Level Diff <= 45--> 50% reduction in drop chance (light blue) Monster level Diff > 45 --> No drops!! Get lost noob!
  11. If you want a relax playstyle, play soldier. You are tanky and deal good damage. You can solo level easily. Dual client with a muse helps though so you don't spend most of your zullie on pots. Do quests and find parties. I started soldier when I first joined. Then became a knight and I managed to solo level to max which took me 1 and a half month but this will depend on joining parties. Its ok to take your time to learn and play the game. Good luck, have fun and welcome to rose online.
  12. opal 8 is 6% def + 60 and gem 9 is 7% + 60. I don't think its worth but I wanted to try my luck lol
  13. Hello fellow artisans, Its my first time trying to craft a gem 9 and it failed. I currently have 1290 con and when using enthiric the success rate is around 60%. Is it worth crafting gem 9's even with the difficulty to get the mats, high zullie investment and low success rate?. I'm just wondering what your experiences are when crafting gem 9s or higher. If you have successfully crafted gem 9s or higher, whats your con and set? Do you guys just keep farming and trying again, How do you guys cope with failure lol? I feel like my soul left my body. I've attached a reaction video below. WhatsApp Video 2024-01-17 at 07.06.27.mp4
  14. Are you sure its the same player? Thats Honeybunz, the letter at the end is different
  15. My sen is 995 with buffs. Alot. If the stats are not good I disassemble them so I can get some of the mats or costume piece back to craft again. I think its best you try them yourself. Crafting max stats can be tedious. P.S. I did manage to craft dex 20 and and 50ms last night on grade 7 but it cant be transferred to grade 6 items (lower grade).
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