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Summon and pets extra behaviour


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Own summons (and pets) are in general pretty basic (and often doesnot even do what you expect them to).

Skill-based summons and pets are different, but in general both can cover about same things.

It would be nice and more realistic if they had a little more self behavioural sides


  • Mountable ones could have movement small speed bonus difference (so even even if 3 people has 3 same summons, they do have abit different speed)
  • Certain summons are having speed penalty or bonus based on terrain (e.g. water or forest or mountains, depending on their own class/heritage?)
  • Could have some stats % random based (e.g. more or less hp or ap) on summoner proficiency and luck 
  • Combat summons could have penalties/bonuses versus specific enemy monsters, based on day or night time (e.g. night ones has bonuses in the night)
  • Mountable summons speed could get permanent but small speed bonus over time from every distance passed, making long/frequently used summons faster




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