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  1. the Breezy Hills map I love, but I don't like how someone could just run though and never be able to level in it or even use it. What is where I drew the red line it is a deep canyon with no way through that people would have to drive or walk/run around. Could be like the grand canyon more or less? The blue lines could be where the characters would have to run to get around Just thinking outside of the box here with ideas.
  2. Ed


    i'm currently playing on the longest running server of rose, so i suggest that please limit the gems drop to 1 and [1] so that their value wont diminish so much like a trash and can still be flexed as long as this game is alive.
  3. Anyone who has played an Artisan will know that acquiring materials could often be frustrating. Not because of scarcity due to drop rate. But because often times a material you're looking for only drops from monsters in a certain level range, and if you were a high enough level, you were either stuck with buying those materials at very often ridiculous prices, or creating a separate character who stayed within a certain level range just to farm materials. I'd hope to see this changed if only so the same economic bottleneck doesn't appear and drive up prices. As far as how it could be done, there's probably more than a few approaches. The easiest of which I'd assume would be adding materials to the drop tables of monsters throughout the games level range. My hope is that between myself and other forum members, someone will have and ideal implementation method. Please feel free to share your thoughts.
  4. I know the mob levels show when you actually enter a map, but many times a user will forget (like me) what the recommended levels are for that map. So how about under or to the right side of the map name that the mob recommended levels be added there? Comments, suggestions, etc?
  5. SUGGESTION: Allow characters to be named with spacing and even additional formatting Based on previous updates, this suggestion is likely to already be on the list of 'things to implement' so this might be redundant. I reckon it's worth highlighting though. PROS: -Never-before seen quality of life improvement to player immersion. -Greater variety of character names CONS: -May require longer development time than anticipated -???
  6. This is something I have thought about for many years, In the area where you assemble your cart or castle, you can only have one assembled at a time. It really should be that you can have 1 cart and 1 castle gear (if you have them both) assembled at all times. This way you can choose either to drive one or the other instead of opening it up and assembling either one of them. Of course, it would be for both, but not for 2 carts or 2 castle gear, only for 1 of each.
  7. When playing with friends, buddies and other cool folks you find in the game and want to play together in one big clan it's kinda stupid that the game limits the amount of clan members. So the system of clan ranks to raise the member limit is kinda stupid. If wanna play with a lot of friends and buddies in a clan you should be able to. No more raising clan ranks to be able to invite more people. It's a totally unnessecary system. Do this instead: Set a fixed maximum limit of at least 256 clan members. More is better. Use Clan Ranks for something different. Maybe some Clan Perks, Clan Items can be unlocked by leveling up the Clan Rank. Clan Roles should not be limited as well. If you want everybody have a Clan Leader/Master role you should be able to. As long there is at least 1 Clan leader/master (no matter who) then it's fine. Encourage people to play together with removing ridiculous limitations.
  8. I would like to suggest to update save town and remove it from the pop up box on death, to only let the option "current field". I think the current meta of letting yourself be killed to quick travel to your save town is absurd, and the horrible bug where you would spawn in your save town if you were to lag out -> die -> log back in is annoying all of us since more than 15 years! Instead of that, I would suggest to make "save town" an active basic skill with a 20 minute cooldown.
  9. since cp still drop from mobs outside the clan field. so in order not to waste such a good map why not have mats that are needed to upgrade clan grade only drop in the clanfield. and remove the lvl cap to enter
  10. Quest system in game has always been somehow unbalanced. This post is primarily related to KEY quests (first/second job, cart/cg drive) In general i think JOB/CLass quests should be specific to job you pick, and shouldnot be depend on some rare monster/etc where it majorly limits chances, especially if its close or in some popular farming/level area. This can create frustation for new players as i have seen in past many being stuck for weeks in Krafy or another place, simply as they need to have it done and its not easy if you dont have much help from others. Job specific quests could be the related to earning your class specfic passives. Most discussed quests are now "kill N monsters in X location" style what should be diversified, some had little variations but not exactly. Doing PAT related quests are same annoying, no clear time estimation, and new players often mix up texts meaning/map. With reworking many other things in game (e.g. much slower leveling/etc) some of this problems will be fixed, but many remains. Based on developers comments game will be more focused around working on slowly your key character, and not having 20 of them at max level, with slowing things done quest balance is even more important (especially for new/inexperience players) ---------------- Recapp: Quests texts should be VERY clear what has to be done, even if your english isnot 10/10. Job/Class jobs should be more specific for class specifics Quest locations/logic should make sure it is guaranteed to complete in certain time, not to frustate players by dragging it for many days Huntable job quest "Random" drop rate should be "RATE" drop rate, as it would quarantee that even if you were unlucky after 5-10 kills you still get it. I recall having one character what couldnot get krafy drop for weeks as it was "randomly unlucky" Programmic random isnot really random/fair. We can create class-spefic threads about job classes if Devs has interest, as adding classes/etc all ideas in one post here would be way too long
  11. Having build diversity based on stats and equipment could be an interesting direction for the game. Champions that want to tank while doing decent damage could go STR/SEN(or some other stat) while a pure damage Champ could go STR. Individual builds would be more suited to play style and creates even more diversity in builds. Other classes can use this same approach IE the Cleric. DEX/INT- DPS Cleric STR(or SEN)/INT - Tank Cleric INT Pure- Buff Cleric. These are just a few ideas I think could be interesting.
  12. I would like to give insight on some ways to make movement in the game more fluid and responsive. Recently I've seen the Alpha #5 update video by the developer in youtube. The trial implementation of the controller made me think of the old movement system in the game. The way you used to move in the old game was click to move, and the movement input needs to be registered and processed to the server side. In my opinion, there are 2 changes that can be made to improve the movement. The first one is to process movement input within the client side (or similarly, to prevent exploits), so that you can move as soon as you click the ground. I believe by doing this, the old movement delay will be eliminated, thus allowing a wide variety of movement systems to be implemented. The second improvement is to allow movement using the WASD,QE buttons (or manually keybind by the player). with the new movement input process, the WASDQE movement type will be feasible. This can open up to a more fluid combat, closer to that of a modern combat system (such as moving while using skill, etc.) An issue i can think of with this kind of system where movement is processed in client side, is you can abuse this movement to never take AoE damage. To solve this, I would suggest to add a "movement snapshot" instead, so that every attack will snapshot players/enemies, and deal damage even when the player moves outside the AoE range (when the AoE is cast, the player's position is snapshot, so player will have to pre-move instead). *Attached an image of example of snapshot to give an idea as to what i meant by "snapshot" (credits to joonbob on youtube) These are my ideas of ways to work on the movement system, mostly coming from experience playing World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14. I hope that ROSE movement system will be even better than before. Cheers!
  13. Maybe some of these have been suggested. Not going through pages to look............... Copied from discord couple of my thoughts for some of the game: -drops: they need to adjust all the %'s for each tier to undo the P2W aspect. Which then you can eliminate those gems for drops. All mats should be in both the valor/honor shop and drop from mobs. The drops should correspond to whatever is needed for crafting gear for that range. And some overlap would be needed from map to map and world to world. -refine: get rid of the % of chance to level up the gear (just like Owls suggestion). Max the top refine lvl to 9 and just up the %'s for each lvl of the refine. Leave the 4 slots for refine materials. As the level goes up you need a certain amount of a mat. Ex: lvl 10 gear need a bind, 10 irons and 5 pink powders. Refine lvl 9 need a bind, 30 irons, 25 low essence, 10 maple woods, 50 pink powders.. Something along those lines. -crafting: get rid of the % of chance. Make it similar to refining. You need specific amounts of mats to craft what gear you want. Then the only real chance is what stats (based on char Sen) you get and the durability/accuracy (based on char Con) of the item when crafted. --getting rid of all the % of chance would basically eliminate the P2W stuff that WP had ingame. Hairy Infant — Today at 10:23 PM leave it RNG otherwise server economy will die out cause everyone will have max items and wont have to spend as much i get RNG sucks but its in the game for a reason and legit every other game out there (edited) MagicianTrent (Osiris) — Today at 10:29 PM The economy wouldn't be hurt. Cause now you need the mats that drop for refining and crafting. You are also able to get them by doing quests/dungeons/pvp or from PvM. Players will have Max gear either way you go. Eliminating the % chance is better game play IMO. Farming for mats over and over just to see it fail isn't good game play. [10:34 PM] And some of the lower level gears you could buy certain materials (like iron, maple wood) from an NPC. so it would be some type of zulie sink also (edited) [10:36 PM] You could also make each jobs gear use different mats for like the 2nd and/or 3rd slot
  14. Glow color I don't exactly remember the order or glowing level each refine level had. But I do remember that when max level was 9, it had an awesome gold-glowing effect which was completely butchered when level 15 was introduced and afaik level 15 didn't glow as much as 9 did. Also it wasn't even gold. It was some blue-ish color I think? What are your thoughts on this? Can it be better implemented this time so the level reflects their actual tier? Max level Level 15 was maximum refine level before naROSE closed down. I think that was way too many levels and each level didn't feel like they made any difference compared to the levels between. Can the maximum level be lowered, and make each level feel more like an accomplishment?
  15. I've noticed on alpha streams that monsters generally hit quite hard and take a while to kill, even when they are green and the streamer is running full (10) refined gear which most players won't have resources for at the beginning. Although I haven't played in the alpha myself, I feel like solo leveling is a bit too hard right now and would suggest a general monster nerf, reducing either hp or defense stats of monsters across the board. This makes solo leveling more viable considering this will be a new server where nobody has the Zuly to refine gear constantly and where there will be no high level clerics to buff you and make you considerably stronger. It will also make the grind a bit faster, which seems to be what other people have voted for in this thread.
  16. A suggestion for all events, have an icon show up below the level and character name with the name of the event. If you click on that icon, it will give you details and who to see to take part in the event. I know it is automatic, I suddenly got the St. Patrick's drops and didn't even have an idea that it was going on and at this time, I could not remember remember who to speak to for the event
  17. Possibly adding q and e for diagonal movement to make it easier to go that direction than to hold two keys.
  18. clanfields in the past version of narose was pretty much useless because they made clan points drop in instance. can we make clan fields great again? by making clan points only drop in clan fields, would make for pretty awesome pvp content.
  19. So I've been trying to wrap my head around the development and future of ROSE, specifically around gearing and endgame for the last few weeks. I've been taking in opinions, comparing them to my own, and trying to find a solution that contains the least amount of concessions but the best compromise so everyone wins. So far, this is what I've formulated theoretically. Step 1: Already been done to an extent, but remove the Honor & Valor gear from the Honor & Valor shops. [This doesn't mean don't bring back the SHOPS with the materials etc in them, those are crucial in some regards, and are the foundation and main interaction of Game Arena and it's reward structure at present, along with a myriad of other gameplay]. Step 2: Bring back Factions. [I'll touch on the 5th and potentially 6th never implemented factions later in another thread or separate part of this post] Step 3: Give each faction a shop/vendor. Step 4: Remove all armor and weapon drops from Dungeons. Step 5: Remove all PvM + PvP Offense + Resistance from gear. Step 6: Take all Honor Sets, Valor Sets, Exalted Sets and place them into the Union Reward shop, contained in boxes <Coffers> that yield single pieces you select at the time of purchase. [This is so that when created, they generate sub-stats, since re-rollers are also now gone] Step 7: Edit the Disassembly table of all these armor sets, to yield 34% of the purchase price in Union Points. Step 8: Add daily quests to Factions, which you select a list of quests from a bigger pool, to do for Union Point rewards. [You can choose PvP or PvM tasks, or even mix them if you want] Step 9: Clan Fields <This requires it own post, I'll post a link here later> Step 10: Add some type of badge, or seal or item from Dungeons that can either be exchanged for Union Points, or Directly reward Union Points upon completion of a Dungeon, Arena, or Union War. What does all this accomplish: You've removed the barrier between PvP and PvM gear [some people have been wanting this to happen in some regards]. You've removed incentive/requirement for people to be forced into doing the types of content they don't want to: removing an irritating situation. You've expanded the pool of options for gearing choices and builds You've reintroduced and immediately integrated Factions into the core loop of the game and endgame activities. You've introduced a way to quickly get a base set, then farm for BiS <best in slot> gears via manifested sub-stats on gear coffers. and You've given a daily log-in incentive that will feel rewarding for anyone casual to hard core as the daily tasks should be fairly fast and simple, whilst there remains benefits to repeatable content runs. There are still many questions regarding things like, Runes, Elements, PAT's, Story, Dungeons etc and more. but from a foundational point, I think this offers potential to be bet best, most stable middle ground possible for everyone to enjoy. I also posted it in the public view, because I would like to encourage as MANY people as possible to consider this, and hopefully not allow personal sentiments or agendas/interests to prevent us from all hammering out /something/ that works. That something I'm hoping is this idea. Cheers: Vile
  20. Hello Everyone! I've been following owlchemist_vile on Twitch recently (Loving his streams! Great engagement with the content etc)... I did notice however that today he was just disassembling random items from the vendors over and over again.. sort of like a trial and error - now he was obviously looking for specific materials to make his next item, but he didn't know what he was disassembling from the shop and what they would give him.... I think a reallllly strong feature for the whole game would be to make an in-game wiki or update the disassembly table to see what items being broken down are going to potentially give you and their chance to receive etc... Edit: I think its call an ARMORY - Lists all the maps/drops/zones/info about items etc.. - Having this in game would be helpful.
  21. Allow CTRL+right click from the craftinmg menu to preview items I was watching @OwlchemistVile's stream and noticed you can't do that, might be a bug or a feature but I'd suggest to make it work! https://clips.twitch.tv/CrunchyDifficultEmuAMPEnergy-ft5UdHwVjb8Y8qx0 Pros: Most likely easy to implement. Very convenient. Cons: I guess taking the time to make the feature...
  22. There needs to be a way to lock the bars in game so you don't accidentally remove skills or whatever from the 2 bars.
  23. I dont believe that clerics need changed nothing was wrong with them thats the point in that character to help people and thats all. I get trying to make them less of that but that was and is the whole point in them...every game does it that way for a cleric they heal or buff and if you dont wanna do that then you be the mage version thats kinda why the classes have two different play types to be balanced and if you change that too much it breaks the game rendering it useless. taking away the offensive buffs will make them kinda pointless cause they dont kill either also if you make them do damage then why play the mage side of it at all. But either way i dont believe it should take over a year to start something like this i mean look at rose code zero they had theres up in a short timeframe and ik size of the dev team may be small but if thats the case maybe bring more people on to the team so that people can help accomplish things faster and help get people back to playing the game we all actually enjoyed years ago... I understand things take time and having a different outlook on the game but alot of the people here miss the original no one wanted anything but the original it was actually fun but changes to classes that make them do what a class we already have does is pointless i suggest adding new content and sure modify the content that is there but the classes dont have any issues with them.. I am super happy you all have decided to bring this game back i would love to be apart of the team working on this honestly. i dont think some of these changes that are planned are the best for the game..
  24. This is more of a general idea than a specific one. When leveling and changing weapons and armor, refining gets very expensive since you change gear frequently. It would be nice to have a way of using a refined item to refine another. Maybe a couple refinement levels could be lost, maybe it could cost more zulie than just refining, maybe you could only transfer refinements between items of the same type (weapon, shoes, back items, etc.) or of the same item grade, for example. It could be an extra option at the NPC that allows refinement, it could be a skill like dissassembly too, I dunno! I'd like to know what alternatives there could be to this or if you guys have any idea what other conditions or limitations there could be. Another point to consider is that this could just be a very bad idea because it would remove the economy aspect and rotation of items, meaning that, instead of buying and selling things you need and no longer need, you'd just consume what you no longer need for your new items.
  25. I always make an artisan and I love gathering items and crafting stuff. But mass crafting can be pretty tedious and this is an idea to make that a little easier. We had this on the pserver that I played and it was really convenient. Add a way to set a specific quantity to the crafting window. Then after you drag the materials over, you can click on "begin crafting" and it will just keep going until that number of items has been made. The first image is what the current crafting window looks like. The second image shows in red where that quantity box could be added. Of course you would still need to have enough materials in your inventory and enough space to hold the crafted items but it would be a lot easier especially when crafting a ton of the same item (like potions or ammo)
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