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About Me

  1. Something I've been thinking could be a cool new feature would be to give the classes some more choices when it comes to what weapons they can use. So in other words, imagine a knight being able to use their skills with dual-wield swords. Of course, letting every range or melee class use their skills with every single range/melee weapon available would probably be far too hard to balance and would just end up being kinda silly. But opening up a few more options for what weapons the classes have available to use could give a lot more depth to building your character. There are already a few builds for some classes that somewhat represent this idea, builds like Dex Cleric, Xbow Knight and perhaps even Gun Bourgeois. There might be some tweaking needed with the stat numbers in regards to how much damage and other benefits classes will get from using a different weapon, but since this already exists in the game it might not even be needed. Some examples of my idea: Champs/Knights can use katars/dual-wield weapons/staff Champs can also use 1H+shield Knights can also use 2H Weapon Xbow knights can use launchers Hawkers/raiders can use 1H+shield/staff Katar raiders can also use 2H spear Dual raiders can also use 2H sword Scouts can use guns Dealers/Artisans/Bourgeois can use bows/xbows/wands(+off hand) Muses can use 1H+shield/bows/xbows Clerics can also use katars/dual-wield Mages can also use 2H weapon
  2. Would it be possible to make ammunition stacks be 9,999 (or more) to save space in your inventory for drops? alternative idea (which I believe was Leonis’s) make ammunition an item that doesn’t consume, like craft or buy 1 and it never runs out. Pro - SPACE in your inventory for crap you probably don’t need or want, but can sell for more stuff! Con - people who sell ammunition types as a source of money will lose out, crafters lose an item to make ’zulie sink’ is lost (if you buy arrows/bullets/cannon balls)
  3. I don't really understand the point of having three different ammunition slots. I can't think of a scenario where all three (or even just two) would be used. Would be nice to have just one general Ammo slot and the game taking care of the rest.
  4. my idea for cleric .. how about make cleric a debuff kind of support something that we need in a party and can be a main character to play something spammable like "DEF down, slow, root(vines that explodes in every hit kinda like this guy's skill https://log-horizon.fandom.com/wiki/Shiroe) , curse(DPS), burn or make enemy target vulnerable for a few seconds that will make dps deal more damage and heals can that can be offensive if used against enemy(Demon types) this will be a fun char for me at least..
  5. When playing with friends, buddies and other cool folks you find in the game and want to play together in one big clan it's kinda stupid that the game limits the amount of clan members. So the system of clan ranks to raise the member limit is kinda stupid. If wanna play with a lot of friends and buddies in a clan you should be able to. No more raising clan ranks to be able to invite more people. It's a totally unnessecary system. I suggest to do this instead: Set a fixed maximum limit of at least 256 clan members. More is better. Use Clan Ranks for something different. Maybe some Clan Perks, Clan Items can be unlocked by leveling up the Clan Rank. Clan Roles should not be limited as well. If you want everybody have a Clan Leader/Master role you should be able to. As long there is at least 1 Clan leader/master (no matter who) then it's fine. Encourage people to play together with removing ridiculous limitations.
  6. I think the game is too peaceful if you look at the aggro of the monsters. Aggro should be build up from the first couple zones. I agree on that, but when you're past Zant the introduction of the game is over and the real danger can begin. Mobs should be much more dangerous from that point. No more passing or skipping certain mobs for speedy leveling or something, but being attacked by the mobs cause they are a threat to you and you are on their kill list. Levels of aggro (should not be based on difficulty): Peaceful - might attack sometimes. Will attack you if coming too close. Will attack if nearby. Will attack if in targeting range. Will attack and alert nearby mobs to assist. Level 1 and 2 are perfect for the first couple of maps, Adventure plains to Zant. After Zant level 3 should be active. The higher level zone you get the higher aggro level the zone should have.
  7. Hi all! I tried the Alpha test this weekend. I remember playing the game years ago and had no problem but with my current vision problems(not fixable with glasses) I found it's extremely difficult for me to play the game as everything in the User Interface is soo small for me(health bar,spell bar etc). Since this is an option in many other games i think having a scaling for the UI would be insanely helpful for people like me who can't deal with the small interface. I'd like to add that i tried searching for it in the options and couldn't find anything. Excuse me if there is already an option for that and i just couldn't find it. Feel free to delete the thread if it's my bad
  8. Pretty self-explanatory suggestion: Mounts should go into the PAT tab in inventory. Why? They, just like cars, are part of transportation and there's no reason for them to take up an inventory slot elsehwere. EDIT: I noticed this during the alpha test at the last hours when I got a Choropy mount, thought it felt strange and off when I literally lost it in my inventory for a second, lol.
  9. As the title suggests... I am sure everyone chuckled whenever they saw their first "islamic bandana" drop in game, but in this day and age it isn't really appropriate. I am not sure how many items have weird names like that, but I suggest going through the item database and change those names before the newer audience joins the game. Kind regards, Clown
  10. Vix


    While playing during the stress test I noticed that the minimum characters for a IGN were four. And I honestly don't see the point in that. I know I could just use "Vixx" or "Vixz" as a IGN, but I find it pointless when I don't think having a 3 letter IGN will affect the game in anyway.
  11. It would be nice to make the WASD movement make the character walk backwards with S. It looks silly when it just turns around towards the screen
  12. I think to balance all classes, the cleric buff should be reduced in duration. for a couple seconds for example. that way all classes will have strengths in each line. and the game won't feel too fast. The Carts and Mount will have its value again, due to the absence of the unsustained dash buff, so player will choose to have mount and Carts. Cleric has 2 different focus, between enchanter or healer. And i think heal skill need longer Cooldown, and add the Mobs area skill with timer that deals massive damage so player must dodge it. With that change... players can't auto lvling again (Boting) or leecher, and will be harder to get caps lvl. without Boting player will have real experience and memories each level went up. (Item Mall double exp medals will have more value again)
  13. I would like to recommend that NPCs for each town carry the previous town scrolls besides their own. So, AP would only have a AP scroll Zant would have Zant & AP Junon would have Junon, Zant, AP and Goblin Caves Gorge would have Junon, Zant and AP Something like this would be something I would like to see. This might also be good for the other planets as well.
  14. Soo, stockpile... It has worked, not worked, seen as unfair, removed, implemented and broken again. Looking at the streams the whole drop system seems to have changed (for me, old ROSE player) Now there are 6 "classes" with seperate droptables (i.e common drops, rare drops etc) Would it be possible to trigger specific parts of the tables as part of the stockpile effect? (i.e. Stockpile multiplies drops amount by 1.5 roundeddown, for common drops) Further levels could influence chance of exclusive drop by 1% or something along that line? Plain removal would make a bourg just not special anymore
  15. Here is something, I just hand drew the 2 circles below for the thought. Say the Red circle is for Exp and the Green Circle is for Drops So, if beyond the standard Exp or Drops those would appear and if you hover over either of them, it would give the current Exp or Drop rates. Say 2x Exp or 2x Drops. This way the person would know what the rates are when there is a EXP or Drops event going on. Maybe a 3rd one would be for Events and when you hover over it, it could say Valentines Event, Summer Event, Christmas Event......etc
  16. I don't recall if this has been suggested on here before, so if it has, please remove it. The suggestion which came up the other day during a party I was in is anytime someone disconnects from a party and/or group for whatever reason, when they reconnect they are not in the party and/or group anymore. I know this has always been a pain in the past as you need to find out who is the party lead now. So, my suggestion is for this, keep everyone in the party intact for 5 minutes after they DC, if they do not return within that time, they are automatically removed from the party/grouping. Not to say that someone did not log out, if this is the case and the party needs the additional space, whomever is the lead can still remove that character from the party/group.
  17. Currently, bonfires heal a certain percentage of HP every 10 seconds. I would suggest that they heal either half as much, but every 5 seconds or, They heal 30% as much but every 3 seconds.
  18. Nothing worse than playing "click to move" and you can't get anywhere because you are constantly clicking on player shops. Sure early on this wont be a problem but as the server fills it will become one. It would be nice to have "allowed zones" for placing your shop. Basically NPC area's and "main walk-ways" should be kept clear. Place your shop elsewhere. Also make it so you can't place a shop too close to another player. I remember them overlapping and that is such a pain in the butt. Its a small quality of life change that could really enhance the overall feel.
  19. At NA, annual events automatically begin and end without the need for a server restart but I think it would be good to have some sort of notice in the game about events, I was thinking maybe it could be a system message when you log in. This image is from the test server to show what I mean by system message. The message wouldn't have to be fancy, just the name of the event and possibly directing players to check here at the forum for more info. At least that way you would see when you logged in that something is happening. I do plan to post the annual event list once the game launches and I've got event guides for every event too. I just thought it would be useful to have some indication when you log in since not everyone is familiar with the annual events from NA
  20. Currently, the skill tooltips are pretty new player unfriendly, since it's just a collection of skill attributes, which may or may not be important to know: Personally, I prefer a full English sentence, explaining what a skill is doing. To borrow from another popular MMORPG, a skill tooltip could look something like this instead: If you still want to include the formula (maybe enabled by ticking something in the options or holding down a key), it could appear behind the damage number in brackets:
  21. Ed


    i'm currently playing on the longest running server of rose, so i suggest that please limit the gems drop to 1 and [1] so that their value wont diminish so much like a trash and can still be flexed as long as this game is alive.
  22. I think it would be a good idea to have an NPC in Junon for resetting skills and stats. It would make sense to give players free skill/stat resets until level 100, so (especially new) players can experiment without being punished, or they can just reset if they pick the wrong skills/stats. After level 100, I think it would make sense to charge something like 1 million * each level you have over 100, with a base cost of 50 million Zulie, or something in that range. So, if you're level 157, it should cost 107 million Zulie for someone to reset their skills or stats. It wouldn't be free, but it would be affordable enough to be able to get a reset past level 100, if someone wants one.
  23. This is generally how I think most of the second classes should be balanced, in terms of general strengths and weaknesses, which would mostly be the skills that they have access to. I can probably go into further detail in the future, but this is how I'm going to do it for now. This list is going to be assuming the setting is a PVP 1v1. The two classes that I'm not going to be covering, because I think their roles aren't really suitable for 1v1s, are Cleric and Artisan. Although, I don't have enough experience on Artisan to say whether they're actually good at damaging anything. My assumption is that their primary purpose is for crafting, and Clerics are for healing and supporting, not dealing damage. I'm also going to assume that each class is neutral against itself, disregarding minor build differences. For the sake of this thread, also going to exclude Bourgeois in their current state, and instead list them as I would ideally like them to be, because it seems that they primarily rely on their summons to get stuff done, which would not be easy to balance for PVP. This stuff could most likely use a lot of refinement, but this is enough for now, and just about as well as I can do, until I can see the skill trees, to build more informed opinions. The classes in this list are: Scout, Raider, Mage (no summons), Bourgeois (no summons), Champion, Knight Scout: Ranged, typically with some kind of bow. Primary Strengths: High Attack Speed, High Accuracy, % Physical Defense Penetration Primary Weaknesses: Low Magic & Physical Defense, Low Max Health Raider: Melee, typically with dual wielded weapons, like katars. Primary Strengths: High Movement Speed, High Attack Speed, High Accuracy, High Dodge Rate Primary Weaknesses: Low Magic & Physical Defense, Low Max Health Mage: Melee, typically with a staff. Primary Strengths: Medium Magic Defense, High Magic Damage, High Burst Magic Damage, % Magic Defense Penetration, Crowd Control (Single Target & AOE Stuns, Slows, Snares, etc.) Primary Weaknesses: Low Physical Defense, Low Max Health Bourgeois: Ranged, typically with a gun or a cannon. Primary Strengths: High Physical Damage, High Accuracy, % Physical Defense Penetration Primary Weaknesses: Low Attack Speed, Low Physical Defense, Low Max Health Champion: Melee, typically with a two handed weapon, like an axe or a spear. Primary Strengths: Medium Max Health, High Physical Attack Damage, High Burst Physical Damage, Medium Physical Defense Primary Weaknesses: Low Magic Defense, Low Movement Speed Knight: Melee, typically with a one handed weapon and a shield. Primary Strengths: High Max Health, High Physical Defense, % (Physical and/or Magic) Damage Absorption Primary Weaknesses: Low Damage Potential, Low Movement Speed -- Synopsis: Scout: Scouts should be good at dealing large amounts of damage, from somewhat far away, in a short amount of time. Given that they should be attacking quickly, and with high accuracy, they will be able to get a high number of consecutive hits on targets that don't have a high dodge rate. There should be a way for Scouts to be able to increase their physical defense penetration as a passive percentage debuff per attack, as well as abilities to temporarily increase their damage, hit-chance, and physical defense penetration for a few consecutive attacks, in addition to abilities that can slow/share their target for a brief moment. Raider: Raiders should be good at moving around more swiftly than the average movement speed, but not TOO swiftly that nobody can ever catch them. There should be a couple of abilities on every class to slow/snare/debuff opponents, especially quick a opponent, like a Raider. They should also be good at hitting accurately, and with a passive percentage-based physical defense penetration, along with other abilities that help them beat up heavily armored opponents, and tear up opponents that have low physical defense. Against a Champion or Mage, Raiders should be required to be on their toes, otherwise they'll get a good chunk of their health taken away with a single ability. Mage: I think a Mage should be treated like a magic version of a Champion. They should excel at dealing large amounts of magic damage in short bursts, but also have the ability to CC individuals and larger groups, which should make them stand out from other classes. The down side, however, is that they will be vulnerable to most of the other classes, due to their low max HP. They will have to skillfully shut their opponents down, before they take too much damage. In a mirror match, it should be down to who is more skilled and who has the better build, since both players will likely have decent magic defense. Bourgeois: Since this is basically a version of Bourgeois that I made up, it likely conflicts with how it currently is, but that's okay. I think Bourgeois should be a version of Scout, but with guns/cannons, and a focus on low attack speed and high physical damage, rather than high attack speed and low damage. Scout and Bourgeois can both share the ability to penetrate physical defense, for the sake of countering knights. They'll be able to tear through classes with low max health as well. Champion: Champions should be able to deal large amounts of physical damage in bursts, and per auto attack, but not have high physical armor penetration, and be restricted by their low movement speed and magic defense. They should be somewhat unfavored, but not too much, against Raiders, due to their medium physical defense, and somewhat favored against Knights. Due to their low physical armor penetration, but high physical damage potential, and a Knight's lack of ability to deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time, Champions should come out on top in that matchup maybe 60-70% of the time, on an equal-skill playing field. Against Mages, in most cases, I think it will be a matter of whether or not the Champion can get close enough to deal crippling blows to the Mage, before they're locked down by CC and defeated by a lot of magic damage. Knight: Knights should be the class that can appeal to defensive players. I think they should have some passive abilities to deal thorns damage, which returns some damage to the attacker, for both physical and magic damage, as well as have high resistances to both physical and magic damage. Their main weakness should be their lack of ability to deal a lot of damage over a short time period, and their low movement speed. They will have to rely on absorbing and returning damage over time, and dealing smaller amounts of damage with some of their other abilities. Knights could have some physical damage CC, like the ability that slams into the ground and stuns in a radius. I think slower movement speed classes should have ranged abilities that can slow/stun their target, to help them against stronger opponents. They could also have some abilities that they can spec into, which would reduce their max potential resistances, but increase their damage potential to a somewhat medium range, to be maybe 60% of a champion's damage potential. -- Conclusion: Other than these strengths and weaknesses, each class should also have abilities that help them in some minor way against their weaknesses, but not enough to significantly turn the tide of a battle by themselves. If used skillfully, you should be able to win against a hard counter maybe 35-40% of the time, if both players are equally skilled. In a game like ROSE, I think all classes should have one ability that you can skillfully time to avoid any incoming ability, and either be immune, take reduced damage, or maybe revive with a small % of your max health if you are killed (which could probably be best utilized as a passive ability). This would allow classes to fare better against stronger opponents, both skillfully and balance-wise. This post isn't perfect, and likely has a few holes that people will point out, but I think it points to the beginning of a good path for class balance. * I think it would be a good feature to slightly increase miss chance on all attacks/abilities if a target is moving perpendicular to their attacker.
  24. We all should remember, you run behind a tree or under a rock formation and your camera re-adjusts close to you because of the interaction between the camera and landscape. I think it would be better if the camera ignored such things and stays where ever you placed it. For example running under the poisoned mushroom in adventure plains. The moment you went under those darn rocks your camera would freak out. The camera shouldn't get moved like that in my opinion. When you run under, your camera should stay right where you set it.
  25. I was talking with my friends yesterday on discord about what we hated the most in rose online back in the days and it's the drop system based on level. You had to stay at a certain level to continue farming a specific monster. When you character was too high level, the monster/boss could no longer drop anything. It was the most annoying part of this game since you had to make many characters with different level range to farm certain area / Boss for legendary, crafting and refining items. And also it was so annoying to kill a boss and see no drop at all. Imo, the Experience Nullifier shouldn't be the solution to fix this problem. Why not change the drop system so you can keep farming and see drops from mobs no matter level you are? I can understand a level 220 shoudn't get as much drop than a low level character in the lower level area since they can 1 shot low level thrash mobs, but at least make the drops still possible to get at any level. What do you think about it? edit: I just saw in another topic a solution from the member Zeror i think is a very good one.
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