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Found 4 results

  1. Is there plans to introduce gems with dual stats like str/dex gems?
  2. It seems MP regeneration is a big issue slowing down the already slow gameplay to an annoying extent. I cannot imagine any new players being happy with the fact to not be able to skill 70% of the time and sit 1 minute every 2 minutes. Why not giving a passive to non magical fighter classes to regenerate MP on normal hit? Mages obviously cannot have it because of mana shield Clerics have bonfires
  3. Own summons (and pets) are in general pretty basic (and often doesnot even do what you expect them to). Skill-based summons and pets are different, but in general both can cover about same things. It would be nice and more realistic if they had a little more self behavioural sides Examples Mountable ones could have movement small speed bonus difference (so even even if 3 people has 3 same summons, they do have abit different speed) Certain summons are having speed penalty or bonus based on terrain (e.g. water or forest or mountains, depending on their own class/heritage?) Could have some stats % random based (e.g. more or less hp or ap) on summoner proficiency and luck Combat summons could have penalties/bonuses versus specific enemy monsters, based on day or night time (e.g. night ones has bonuses in the night) Mountable summons speed could get permanent but small speed bonus over time from every distance passed, making long/frequently used summons faster
  4. The Appraisal system has always felt a bit weird for me. the appraisal stats can be SO good that a lvl 10 item could be better than a lvl 100 item just because it has the perfect appraisal. of course getting that same appraisal on a lvl 100 item would be better but that means its also harder to get. IMO the Appraisal possiblities should get stronger the higher level the item. what do you people think about this?
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