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  1. Ed


    i'm currently playing on the longest running server of rose, so i suggest that please limit the gems drop to 1 and [1] so that their value wont diminish so much like a trash and can still be flexed as long as this game is alive.
  2. When playing with friends, buddies and other cool folks you find in the game and want to play together in one big clan it's kinda stupid that the game limits the amount of clan members. So the system of clan ranks to raise the member limit is kinda stupid. If wanna play with a lot of friends and buddies in a clan you should be able to. No more raising clan ranks to be able to invite more people. It's a totally unnessecary system. Do this instead: Set a fixed maximum limit of at least 256 clan members. More is better. Use Clan Ranks for something different. Maybe some Clan Perks, Clan Items can be unlocked by leveling up the Clan Rank. Clan Roles should not be limited as well. If you want everybody have a Clan Leader/Master role you should be able to. As long there is at least 1 Clan leader/master (no matter who) then it's fine. Encourage people to play together with removing ridiculous limitations.
  3. Here is a thought on water. If you go into it, your mspeed slows down, no matter walking, running or driving. Also, how about if your head goes underwater, and if you don't have a snorkel on, your HP will start going down? Why should be be able to run or drive fast through water when it will actually slow a person or vehicle in real life. No one can breath underwater either, so a snorkel would need to be worn on the character to keep breathing.
  4. I would like to suggest to update save town and remove it from the pop up box on death, to only let the option "current field". I think the current meta of letting yourself be killed to quick travel to your save town is absurd, and the horrible bug where you would spawn in your save town if you were to lag out -> die -> log back in is annoying all of us since more than 15 years! Instead of that, I would suggest to make "save town" an active basic skill with a 20 minute cooldown.
  5. since cp still drop from mobs outside the clan field. so in order not to waste such a good map why not have mats that are needed to upgrade clan grade only drop in the clanfield. and remove the lvl cap to enter
  6. clanfields in the past version of narose was pretty much useless because they made clan points drop in instance. can we make clan fields great again? by making clan points only drop in clan fields, would make for pretty awesome pvp content.
  7. Own summons (and pets) are in general pretty basic (and often doesnot even do what you expect them to). Skill-based summons and pets are different, but in general both can cover about same things. It would be nice and more realistic if they had a little more self behavioural sides Examples Mountable ones could have movement small speed bonus difference (so even even if 3 people has 3 same summons, they do have abit different speed) Certain summons are having speed penalty or bonus based on terrain (e.g. water or forest or mountains, depending on their own class/heritage?) Could have some stats % random based (e.g. more or less hp or ap) on summoner proficiency and luck Combat summons could have penalties/bonuses versus specific enemy monsters, based on day or night time (e.g. night ones has bonuses in the night) Mountable summons speed could get permanent but small speed bonus over time from every distance passed, making long/frequently used summons faster
  8. End Game or Prestige Items I would like to suggest Character Bound items to the game. Having End Game Gear or special Prestige Items in game that are Character Bound massivly increases the replayability of said content. Of course there should be plenty of stuff to trade /craft etc etc.
  9. I don't understand the reason to why most of the items were suddenly changed into account bounds. Yup I remember you can buy trade keys with points you get from dg/war but this is a great disadvantage for new players, and it's just plain annoying. I get the idea that the previous developers want us to be active, getting valor pts etc but I don't think forcing gears/item mall into account bound one was a good decision. Many other old mmorpgs are doing fine without this account bound system. For example one of the oldest, most famous mmorpg, also from Gravity, is still doing fine without this system. Please reconsider this, thank you!
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