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Follow command/skill


Follow Command/Skill  

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Back in the days, one person (Rescudo) made a program that worked with RoseNA that you can follow other characters.

I don't recall if it worked if you went through a gate or not anymore, but what would be good to have a Follow skill that you can follow other people, say if the party was moving to a different location or you wanted to have some fun in towns to follow someone without clicking.

I would like to see it work even if you went through a gate, of course planet to planet it would not work.

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4 hours ago, Shid0x said:

Rob you do realize that considering how popular you are there would be 50 people running behind you at all time right ?

🙂   that sounds like fun!    hehe    I have seen something like that before.   A human train

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10 hours ago, Cigojnar said:

It's nice feature, implemented on some private servers. But on the other hand it supports multiclienting. So eventhough I opted for it I have second thoughts about it 😄

Multiclienting will be restricted to 2 clients. 

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