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  1. Hello! The Halloween event is Oct 13 – Nov 1 and the invasion Junon Polis is back, but I would like to start a discussion about this invasion. All I think about with this event is how annoying the invasion and I can't describe how annoying it must be for low levels to get killed by mobs at a spot like Junon Polis which should be a safe spot. Can't the invasion of the zombies and the kings be moved to a place as Desert of the Dead (?), where it fits with the theme and is not in the way of low levels and other players that just want to run free around Junon Polis without any problems. Yeah, DOD is a low-level map but there are also other places to level but there is only one Junon Polis. Of course, this is a discussion and I might be the only one that finds this as a problem but I know there have been suggestions about this before the shutdown. So please vote for what you think. Thanks - Buffiies
  2. Rose Online has a such lovely community that takes time to fix an old thing like that. Love it! You could also make the CvC banner attached between two towers, hanging by a 'string' and by that, you don't need to make the poles. However, it might need some animation to flutter and that might take a longer time (?). Am no programmer, just a person with opinions. (Lol, like we need more of that). The temporary banner is doing its job, let us celebrate Godly's win, and let's look forward to the next CvC! It was fun! Perhaps some sort of PVM tournament? Fastest dungeon run?!
  3. With its structure. Rose has a lot of massive buildings and structures. Everything is too big for the actual character model (kind of funny when you think about it, can't even reach up to the table in some places) and everything is robustly built. This sign has two sticks that are so tiny and slim and in perfect form, that it makes an odd feeling and it sticks out. Thank you for the comment, I understand it's a job that takes time, and it is not easy. Even if you think ''How hard can it be to make so the hair doesn't stick out from the hats?''. The idea is easy but the actual coding/fixing takes time. If you want a second opinion on something, am glad to take a look at them, It would be an honor to work on the game a bit like I did before. One of my favorite things in Rose is costumes and I just love the nature and environment of Rose.
  4. That is some sort of explanation and gives an understanding. It is not the ideas from the costume contests that are wrong, it is the quality and appearance of the actual costume, such as the ''sprayed-on'' feeling, the low quality in some textures, and so on. I know, by now Item Mall is the only thing that is producing revenue for the server which is literally its heat-beat. Would be fun with some sort of Premium feature, but that's a different story and a different topic. It is a complicated topic to talk about, Should we mass produce new content that is 'meh' to create more revenue or produce less content that is 'Wow' but perhaps create less revenue? Perhaps as you said, they are already there and if they weren't there, it would been a bigger problem.
  5. I might been unclear in my first message. What I mean is the new costumes that were also added at the end of NA. I know Rednim isn't responsible for those, but they still have a choice to either use them or not. The Dark Oblivion set is good-looking! Don't get me wrong, it might not suit my characters 'theme'( I mostly dress my chars cutely haha). I do find it good-looking! Example 1 This does not even look like ''Rose Online'' and I have never seen it before, must be an oldie one but the feeling it gives is p-server. Example 2 This was a new costume that came in Patch Notes v610 on June 15, 2016. The dress and the female shoes look like it been sprayed on her and the quality looks like it's unfocused. It kind of gives ''Kate Perry from her Super Bowl Halftime show back in 2015''-feeling (Spoiler). The texture on the wings seems to have some sort of effect on them. But the lack of details makes it difficult to even understand what they are trying to look like. I like exploring different materials and giving them different effects but when it comes to the point where you do not even understand what it is, it's difficult to like it. Tho it has thickness which not all costumes have, even the Golden era costumes have no thickness (Hopefully in the future). The male body is the only thing I like but it seems like there is some sort of error on the end of his shawl (is shawl even the correct name for the red thing across his upper body?). Is it supposed to look like a flame but the background hasn't been removed? Example 3 The skull/wings look un-focused and the overall looks like it's retro comic book art. Example 4 The Clan vs Clan tournament; the sign in Junon congratulating (btw, congrats Godly) Godly looks bad, not the message it gives out but the sign itself looks... p-server and odd. I hope this clears a little bit from what I have been noticing about in-game. I understand this won't be categorized as ''Must be done ASAP but it is my own thoughts from what I have seen in-game.
  6. Hello! This topic is a personal opinion and it will be different for all of us. Lately, the appearance and quality of costumes, weapon skin, and in-game objects have been lacking in appearance and quality (in my opinion). As in; low quality (sharp edges, not looking as sharp as the rest of the game) and not fitting the Rose Online theme (It looks like it has been meant for another game). Tho as written, this sort of discussion can be difficult to discuss because for you it can be great but according to me it's bad. That is why it is important to discuss this and respect each other's views on this. Please vote in the poll and make a comment on what you think! I understand, that Rednim is a tiny team. But that doesn't mean we should pump out just anything. Rather use the Item Malls costumes that we all know and remember that are good quality. Because some costumes/etc. look like it is from a private server. Thank you. This is not meant to be hateful towards anyone, just a discussion to make the game we love, a better place.
  7. Wow! Love the guide! Been looking for this sort of guide!
  8. I must also say, thank you to everyone whos working on this game and the team.
  9. I have also reported multiple players and some I have never seen again and some I have seen get *poofed* away and seen the player 15 minutes later running around. My guess is the DEV team doesn't ban instant but instead of giving a warning to the players and if it's seen again, a punishment will be put in place. I understand if they are doing something like this but at the same time, shouldn't a warning contain perhaps a 3 days ban, and if it continues the punishment will result in a perma ban. To make a greater stand against botting because, as said before, it's a big problem, and the DEV team needs to take a big step against this. But I hope there is some sort of system already in place, which I find comfort in at the moment. P.s If you need a botter agent DEVs, contact me
  10. Thought of that today... A lot of ancient stuff around here lol. Feels like it should be unique to be called ancient.
  11. Botting has always been a problem throughout the years and it will keep being it until action is taken. One problem is AOE spots, shouldn't be a thing. I haven't played a lot of MMOs but from the time I have done it, I have never ever seen a AOE spot like Rose Online. I understand it might be because of its age and so on but the last DEV time redid Sikiku Prison to be a BOT-free zone and it killed the whole map. No one ever goes there anymore, why? Because it's difficult to bot there now. Something like Sikiku has to be done throughout the whole game, but it might also just kill the game because people don't wanna put a lot of effort into the game, at least when it comes to the leveling part. I tend to sometimes like the grinding part of just spamming aoes/healing/picks up because I tend to talk to the party and get to know people. Last night we talked about cultural differences with it comes to tipping within restaurants and service jobs, which was nice and fun! People went brb, afk because people had to eat, visit the toilet and stuff happened which needed attention. Which is fine because a real good party? Can run for hours and hours... Am saying once again, as I have said in past years. Why play the game if you aint gonna play it? Just my random thoughts...
  12. It will never happen, hopefully. You do not need to farm to make Zulie. If you are into PVP sell the honor points thru items within the honor shop, etc.
  13. Loved looking thru this topic, thank you guys for all the screen shots! Such a nostalgic trip!
  14. I would asume because alot of players is spamming their ticket system with ''THE SERVER IS DOOOWWNNNN !%#&!#¤%'', ''WHY IS MY ACCOUNT BANNED, I DIDNT BOT BROOO''. Just a guess.
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