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  1. The system part is ok to have. Also, I noticed that after i log out and log back into the game it doesn't keep my settings. everything is reenabled. I don't need people shouting at me all the deals.
  2. perhaps the dev's can do a path map of players. this way they can tell what areas of the worlds are not explored and make fetch questions to explore the maps.
  3. this is a suggestion part of the forum. where you leave suggestions to the game dev's. i was only adding a suggestion. I didn't need help to hide it off screen. I just move it off the screen. It was a not needed negative bad "joke" that didn't add to the suggestion.
  4. The map that is in the top left hand side of the game was designed i assumed for smaller CRT displays. Now that we have 1080 and 4k screens the map seems a bit small. it is hard to read the NPC names on it. I would suggest a resize feature.
  5. mmm. thank you for showing that even ROSE Forums have toxic players. We can hide the menu. we can hide the map, we can hide the alt bars. if i am to stream sometimes i don't want other people cussing or chat on the stream.
  6. i would like a way to hide the chat box that isn't moving it off the screen.
  7. We need more dances or emotes. if fortnite can have a bunch.
  8. only the super-rich can play the games.
  9. https://forum.roseonlinegame.com/topic/3371-guide-how-to-get-beam-blades-and-all-types-of-stones/ Something like this is what I really need to know. of course, people will learn it over time. I played other games that had a player's handbooks and spent years learning the in's and out's of the game. Just because someone would need a guide doesn't mean they wouldn't want to learn the LURE of ROSE online. I swear I didn't know it would be this bad to ask for help with what stuff does in ROSE. As for getting rich. This game is less than a month old and already has Zulie sellers for $$ and people at level 200+ having millions of in game currency. I am not looking to get zulie rich. I would like to learn how the game works. As a guide teachs the basic's of how a game works. I am interested in learning about ROSE. Learning how to can craft weapons and armor for my other characters. what all the zodiac and runes and stones do. Learning from a handbook or guide about the game so I can be more involved. I didn't think I would have to explain all of this for asking for help to learn the game. When naROSE was popular. I played the game for nearly 3 years off and on. I spent a few thousand dollars with Warp Portal. Also, had fun. Made friends. learn about the game. Never finished the game. but still.. it was nice to get have guides if i got stuck or needed help.
  10. What does PAT stand for? What is Valor and how do we get it? Where is the shop?
  11. https://web.archive.org/web/20130522012629/http://rosena-wiki.org/wiki/Main_Page https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uXClAevF9ep55Nc9y7kKLVrCXz10OBWcEIdcMHMT1OM/edit#gid=293117429 https://www.irosephonline.com/game-info/ More so a player's handbook such as the above. Thank you xSean! I said guide. I have not played this since 2010. I don't recall all the ins and outs of crafting. I was looking to get some knowledge. For instance. I forgot you can also buff the armor. I didn't know I needed what type of runes. The weapons guy just say to improve a weapon. Also, it would be nice to know what each of the dirty stuff does. Also, if i pick up an item. It would be nice to know what it can used to create. Such as Animal Leg bones. Limpid Skin. etc. a guide to what is in the game. I didn't ask for "secrets" or your magic notes.
  12. I can't possibly know every recipe of crafting. which items give what when disassembled, what are the levels of materials, what bindrunes, talismans, etc do. It helps if a guide can guide me on how it works. There is a ton of guidebooks or player handbooks that help people understand game better. What bonuses give what. etc. Thank you for the help!
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