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  1. Don't think so haha. Thystro/Intellect/Mana/Xylor
  2. A few of those names sound familiar to me Yo those images bring back so many memories dude. Especially as a fellow raider
  3. Which means people will have to make new chars > makes lower level maps more populated > Makes new players feel that the world is more alive > Makes the community grow. This basic principle is what made the world Junon always active in the older ROSE versions. Due to Goblin Cave (Refines), GoS (Uniques, B3 Equipment, Woodstock/Sporty Schematic), DoD, Kenji (Leather, Lace, Blue Hearts, Blue Crystals) farming and more.
  4. I think you completed missed my first few posts. This seems like a sub-discussion in itself. Also keep in mind that the feedback I gave was during the earlier months of the release of the game, some things might have been changed a lil bit already however the loottables are still mostly shit and there is no reason to go to a lot of maps still. Due to repeatable Q, shit loot and being able to obtain it anyway with a max-ed out character.
  5. I for one can't wait for a looting revamp. Havent touched the game in 10+ months but might give it another shot once these issues have been fixed.
  6. Awesome! This sounds great! Does this also exclude max level players for farming for example: goblin cave? Or will they still just receive loot anyway and can just grind their ass off on a max level character?
  7. Fully agree. I already noted this almost a year ago somewhere around january. In the current version the journey is not the game, everybody just rushed and skips 80% of all the maps because that is currently just not a viable option to level. Why bother going to other maps if the XP is way worse you don't earn any zuly and the loot is just the same in all the maps? At least this counts from 1-140. If you'd skip krawfi for example you miss out on so much XP + Zuly. So nobody bothers level in other places, same goes for penguins etc etc. Well an example would be. in those iROSE servers you stated making a new char can be fun! Mainly due to several farming/level places being really viable even as a lowbie. Here are some examples I remember in that time which all is gone in the current version: Goblin Cave > Refines Krawfi King > Topaz, Blue Crystals etc GoS > Uniques, Castle Gear Schem, Hearts FoW > GK Farming (Uniques) Etc. And these are only places already between level 1-88 that makes the game fun and feel alive due to several places being active instead of 1 meta place where everyone is located due to repeatable quests. Currently the best way to just earn money is get you ass ASAP to max, go farm dungeons 24/7 or several other bosses at max level and thats about it. A normal MMORPG should be about the journey and fun it is to become max level (Take a look at Classic WoW for example) currently the game just sort of starts at max.
  8. Since the brand new client is out of the way. I pray to the Arua Hebarn it might be time for some QoL changes, hereby a small bump in my suggestion.
  9. Yeah it's kinda sad really. The thing they did with LCF is a small upgrade though, but still doesn't feel that rewarding in making a new char and gaining mats again that are worth collecting.
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