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Wardrobe wear off


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What do you think about idea, that all wearable items should eventually wear off, like in real life? Maybe not over time, but through usage (hits).

I mean really wear off: you can reapir it, but durability goes down each repair until durability reaches 0 (just like if you'd use repair hammer), then it's dismantled into e.g. half of crafting materials needed to craft that item.

Not jewelry and gems, just wardrobe, weapons, shields and backitems.

That's one way to make people farm even after they reach end game content and also make artisans more usefull (high con, good quality mats -> high dura crafted item)

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I would vote for the exact opposite. The durability/lifespan feature of Rose is just about the worst thing in the entire game.

The way it works is that the lifespan (rate of decay with use) of an item is determined by the Durability of the item. Whenever an item lifespan is getting low you can repair it either with a repair hammer or at specific NPC locations. When you repair the item it's Durability decreases so the next time around it degrades slightly quicker.

Price for repairs depends on the value of the item so with particularly valuable items you very quickly reach a point where your weapon or armor (or whatever) gets destroyed so fast that it becomes the limiting factor when you are out farming. It literally costs more in repair bills than you can make from farming.

I absolutely despise this mechanism and would like to see it go away forever.

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Few problems with it.

The first being that there is a reinforcement mechanic in ROSE na in which you can increase the max durability of an item (up to a cap of 100) via materials you farm in game and zuly. I can also downgrade but that based on RNG.
The second being that Durability is tied to dodge rate and accuracy stats of an item. Dodge on armor, and accuracy on weapons. 
Third is that we already had that system in which if you repaired via a repair hammer, the items maximum durability would degrade, while if you repaired at a NPC / smithy, your durability was preserved. In short they removed it, because it caused more problems than benefits for immersion sake.
Fourth is that while that is 1 way to make gear more consumable, and thus keep armor and weapons more in demand for longer periods, ROSE's gearing system is way way too influential on gameplay to adopt such a thing. Some people spend a year or more trying to get the perfect maxed out set for their character. The idea of that set either being broken before they finally max out it's potential, or needing to never use it until it's maxed out for a year or more is just clunky. 

I like the idea of paying more attention to your gear in combat/excursions, but ROSE doesn't have the right type of gear system to make it sensible in my opinion. It would be neat but just doesn't fit you know?

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