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Found 19 results

  1. Something I've been thinking could be a cool new feature would be to give the classes some more choices when it comes to what weapons they can use. So in other words, imagine a knight being able to use their skills with dual-wield swords. Of course, letting every range or melee class use their skills with every single range/melee weapon available would probably be far too hard to balance and would just end up being kinda silly. But opening up a few more options for what weapons the classes have available to use could give a lot more depth to building your character. There are already a few builds for some classes that somewhat represent this idea, builds like Dex Cleric, Xbow Knight and perhaps even Gun Bourgeois. There might be some tweaking needed with the stat numbers in regards to how much damage and other benefits classes will get from using a different weapon, but since this already exists in the game it might not even be needed. Some examples of my idea: Champs/Knights can use katars/dual-wield weapons/staff Champs can also use 1H+shield Knights can also use 2H Weapon Xbow knights can use launchers Hawkers/raiders can use 1H+shield/staff Katar raiders can also use 2H spear Dual raiders can also use 2H sword Scouts can use guns Dealers/Artisans/Bourgeois can use bows/xbows/wands(+off hand) Muses can use 1H+shield/bows/xbows Clerics can also use katars/dual-wield Mages can also use 2H weapon
  2. I think player's are rushed too fast to pick a certain weapon, and don't even really understand what that weapon may be better or worse at, or that it even exists and is able to be used with their class. I think there should be some sort of simple instructions and introductions for each weapon type, telling people what their strengths and weaknesses are. I think this would be teach players more about the game and what playstyle they want to do, and what kind of build they want for their character. I think in general this game needs alot more introductions for game mechanics and systems. Yes i know that most of us are rose vets that already know all of this, but it would be very informative to new players and would help them decide which to play and in general is good to teach players about the game rather than making them figure it out for themselves.
  3. as durability influences dodge on armors and hit rate in weapons. (not sure if it is like that here) from what i see, the higher the lvl the item, the more chance you get them with dura 50 - 100 while lower tiers has 20 - 50 base dura. so i would like to suggest that give every armor a base and max durability available. like 40 - 60, so a maxed out item would be really precious and will be totally godly, wont flood the market. market will also be lovely since stats/duras varies, players will also much likely use what ever best thing they can find as possible and makes every player not so choosy on using a not maxed out item.
  4. This is something I have thought about for many years, In the area where you assemble your cart or castle, you can only have one assembled at a time. It really should be that you can have 1 cart and 1 castle gear (if you have them both) assembled at all times. This way you can choose either to drive one or the other instead of opening it up and assembling either one of them. Of course, it would be for both, but not for 2 carts or 2 castle gear, only for 1 of each.
  5. In normal life special gear needs frequent maintenence or its efficiency starts to degrade I could be some quests or npc thing (simiular to refining/etc, just not requiring super rate materials) In long term it could be given even to Artisans to do (and let me earn some ZZ from it and help "gear horders" to save time) Idea is to make sure people has to take care of their main gears, example item some stat (e.g. dodge rate/defense/accuracy) would only be 100% if its taken care properly, otherwise it would be a little less. Idea would be that to have 100/100 gear it has to be maintained, otherwise its few points less (not critical mostly, but may make difference). It could also one way to return zulies/etc back from market to game I am aware its not so easy to develope, and also many people will dislike it
  6. Spoiler: I'm basing most of my thoughts here from WoW (Older expansions), so please don't hate. we all love mmorpgs after all. I love WoW but I love ROSE Online more, specially the memories! I read a thread here about finding a way for Zulie Sink. - I'd say make End Tier items as Soulbound. Binds when picked up, so non-tradeable when picked up. This allows players to not think of zulies that much! Instead, they will think of raiding, boss hunting more than just farming gold. - This idea requires a loot roll system of course, that many of mmorpg are using and we are familiar about. So players can greed or NEED it (only if it suits their class). - So when is zulie valuable then? welp cosmetics! Cosmetics is the true end-game and that's not a joke. Who cares if you are strong when you all look the same as others. - This idea must come with a trade window though, it may not be tradeable to others but can be traded let's say 1 hour after picked up to those you were party members with, when killing the said mob. This helps when someone "accidentally" rolled for it and win. Ninja looters will always be there, you think of the sanction for that. - Zulies can also be used for Artisan crafted materials as well. I don't think Artisans should be able to craft end tier items is what I'm saying. they should only be able to craft pre-raid/pre-boss hunt items that allows players to kill a boss but maybe on a longer time. - Zulies would still be important in creating potions, ammos as well. my thoughts about refining: OLD school refining system sure sucks! It's P2W no doubt. An Idea that still came from WoW, it to make end-tier items just have the strong base stats that it always needed! No need to upgrade, but we can still refine at 100% rate! with rare-epic mats. Example, I have this excalibur purple grade sword! Is strong! No need to "upgrade", but I can "refine" Like add +300 atk power at a 100% chance success rate by using very rare mats! it's basically just another GEM socket idea but another refine idea on top of it. Shop Ideas that can make the server keep running: - cosmetics, they already know that. - epic mounts, but please allow mount drops in-game please! just the basic-rare mounts. Please make all mount speed the same even if its from shop. - Weapon cosmetics. I hope we can still transmog weapons though in game with normal weapons. it'd be cool if I can use my bokuto "wooden sword" on high end areas. Feels like I'm in anime! (Yes I'm a weeb!) - I hope that the premium members get's like an "Arua" effect around them, like they'd be glowing some color representing them helping the server run. I hope there's no exaggerated stats. - I think premium should get, 10% discount on all purchase in shop for that month's subscription! A week before release allowed to buy some items, convenient items like auto-switch gear box or somethings (that's not broken right? since you can still do it manually from your inventory) - (might be a bad idea) NPC pet that allows them to "Buy" consumables but not sell items to them. To prevent idle farming without going back to town to sell misc gears for zulies. - custom emotes and dances! - custom afk emotes Let me know your thoughts about this stuff I wrote. I'm in work while writing so maybe some typo are there but I just cant wait to get off work just to share my ideas.
  7. Is there plans to introduce gems with dual stats like str/dex gems?
  8. Glow color I don't exactly remember the order or glowing level each refine level had. But I do remember that when max level was 9, it had an awesome gold-glowing effect which was completely butchered when level 15 was introduced and afaik level 15 didn't glow as much as 9 did. Also it wasn't even gold. It was some blue-ish color I think? What are your thoughts on this? Can it be better implemented this time so the level reflects their actual tier? Max level Level 15 was maximum refine level before naROSE closed down. I think that was way too many levels and each level didn't feel like they made any difference compared to the levels between. Can the maximum level be lowered, and make each level feel more like an accomplishment?
  9. So I've been trying to wrap my head around the development and future of ROSE, specifically around gearing and endgame for the last few weeks. I've been taking in opinions, comparing them to my own, and trying to find a solution that contains the least amount of concessions but the best compromise so everyone wins. So far, this is what I've formulated theoretically. Step 1: Already been done to an extent, but remove the Honor & Valor gear from the Honor & Valor shops. [This doesn't mean don't bring back the SHOPS with the materials etc in them, those are crucial in some regards, and are the foundation and main interaction of Game Arena and it's reward structure at present, along with a myriad of other gameplay]. Step 2: Bring back Factions. [I'll touch on the 5th and potentially 6th never implemented factions later in another thread or separate part of this post] Step 3: Give each faction a shop/vendor. Step 4: Remove all armor and weapon drops from Dungeons. Step 5: Remove all PvM + PvP Offense + Resistance from gear. Step 6: Take all Honor Sets, Valor Sets, Exalted Sets and place them into the Union Reward shop, contained in boxes <Coffers> that yield single pieces you select at the time of purchase. [This is so that when created, they generate sub-stats, since re-rollers are also now gone] Step 7: Edit the Disassembly table of all these armor sets, to yield 34% of the purchase price in Union Points. Step 8: Add daily quests to Factions, which you select a list of quests from a bigger pool, to do for Union Point rewards. [You can choose PvP or PvM tasks, or even mix them if you want] Step 9: Clan Fields <This requires it own post, I'll post a link here later> Step 10: Add some type of badge, or seal or item from Dungeons that can either be exchanged for Union Points, or Directly reward Union Points upon completion of a Dungeon, Arena, or Union War. What does all this accomplish: You've removed the barrier between PvP and PvM gear [some people have been wanting this to happen in some regards]. You've removed incentive/requirement for people to be forced into doing the types of content they don't want to: removing an irritating situation. You've expanded the pool of options for gearing choices and builds You've reintroduced and immediately integrated Factions into the core loop of the game and endgame activities. You've introduced a way to quickly get a base set, then farm for BiS <best in slot> gears via manifested sub-stats on gear coffers. and You've given a daily log-in incentive that will feel rewarding for anyone casual to hard core as the daily tasks should be fairly fast and simple, whilst there remains benefits to repeatable content runs. There are still many questions regarding things like, Runes, Elements, PAT's, Story, Dungeons etc and more. but from a foundational point, I think this offers potential to be bet best, most stable middle ground possible for everyone to enjoy. I also posted it in the public view, because I would like to encourage as MANY people as possible to consider this, and hopefully not allow personal sentiments or agendas/interests to prevent us from all hammering out /something/ that works. That something I'm hoping is this idea. Cheers: Vile
  10. I wholeheartedly agree that the pay-to-win aspects of the game we not great, and having costumes with bonus sets was not ideal because everyone was wearing the same thing, and you were limited to what you could wear because the bonuses were useful. I love the idea that costumes will always only be costumes and purely esthetic! But I will miss the fact that there was a way to get a small percentage of extra drops and extra exp though. So, it could be cool to have an extra item slot in the avatar area of the inventory for bonuses. I don't think these bonuses should be anything like attack power or crit, because some gems already do that, but it could be a thing too... However, these bonus stat items could be, for example, 10% exp bonus or 10% chance of extra drop. It could even be a bonus inventory space as like a 4x4 slots storage or something! They could be quest rewards so it would be available for everyone. Please note that this is an open suggestion and that I don't know myself how exactly we could bring back bonus stats and make them better or if we should even bring them back in a certain way. But if it were a bonus item, there is a space for it in the avatar as you can see in the image below. Otherwise, feel free to add your ideas and thoughts! Thanks to Owlchemist_vile for keeping his inventory open for hours and letting me get this screenshot on his stream.
  11. This is more of a general idea than a specific one. When leveling and changing weapons and armor, refining gets very expensive since you change gear frequently. It would be nice to have a way of using a refined item to refine another. Maybe a couple refinement levels could be lost, maybe it could cost more zulie than just refining, maybe you could only transfer refinements between items of the same type (weapon, shoes, back items, etc.) or of the same item grade, for example. It could be an extra option at the NPC that allows refinement, it could be a skill like dissassembly too, I dunno! I'd like to know what alternatives there could be to this or if you guys have any idea what other conditions or limitations there could be. Another point to consider is that this could just be a very bad idea because it would remove the economy aspect and rotation of items, meaning that, instead of buying and selling things you need and no longer need, you'd just consume what you no longer need for your new items.
  12. Quest Item [Locked] Vendor. Vendor/NPC that sells you quest items you've achieved [You've already done the quest] for free, and have a re-sell value of 0, and cannot be disassembled. Useful for if you're a goofyboy/girl and miss-click your quest reward.
  13. I would like to suggest to unify valor points and honor points into 1 single currency. We have to get out of this horrible idea that a game may force its player into engaging into an activity he does not like. Of course the time / reward value of both activities has to be balanced. I would also like to suggest the removal of pvm / pvp bonuses to all gears : 1) I do not think creating hard segregation in-between 2 communities of the same game is nothing point toxic. 2) Balance can be done via the item's stat directly. 3) This increase greatly the pool of gear stat combinations to be picked up for all game activity... I like that. 4) It replaces crafted gears / dropped gears as part of the end game gear pool. 5) It fixes an issue that will pop up eventually as I believe you guys are looking to make Clan Fields a thing again. (I can see PVP players completely anihilating PVM players in any PVP/PVM mixed content)
  14. With the level cap decreasing from a whopping 250 to 100 there is going to be alot of leftover weapons. The amount of weapons there will be left over against the stat combinations makes the variation of the weapons very limited. So I would like to suggest the use of "status effects" for unique (or just very hard to get) weapons. What I mean with status effects are special stats added to the weapons, for example; a unique katar with an effect that adds poison to the target on hit. Or a spear that adds a burn effect every 5th strike. With these conditions in mind the possibilities become very interesting and there is much more to imagine like spark effects that do AoE or effects that debuff the target. The only concern would be the limits of the current engine/net code. But adding the effects themselves would be very possible, since poison and burn statuses are already in the game.
  15. This is hardly a suggestion. Back in iRose, both weapons and shields had sockets for gems, but naRose only had sockets on weapons (or was it shields? I can't recall). I was so disappointed when I realized that, because characters ended up half as sparkly. Please consider allowing for dual gems again. I'd even be happy if one of them were purely cosmetic (no stats). That's it, that's my "suggestion".
  16. End Game or Prestige Items I would like to suggest Character Bound items to the game. Having End Game Gear or special Prestige Items in game that are Character Bound massivly increases the replayability of said content. Of course there should be plenty of stuff to trade /craft etc etc.
  17. I don't understand the reason to why most of the items were suddenly changed into account bounds. Yup I remember you can buy trade keys with points you get from dg/war but this is a great disadvantage for new players, and it's just plain annoying. I get the idea that the previous developers want us to be active, getting valor pts etc but I don't think forcing gears/item mall into account bound one was a good decision. Many other old mmorpgs are doing fine without this account bound system. For example one of the oldest, most famous mmorpg, also from Gravity, is still doing fine without this system. Please reconsider this, thank you!
  18. The Appraisal system has always felt a bit weird for me. the appraisal stats can be SO good that a lvl 10 item could be better than a lvl 100 item just because it has the perfect appraisal. of course getting that same appraisal on a lvl 100 item would be better but that means its also harder to get. IMO the Appraisal possiblities should get stronger the higher level the item. what do you people think about this?
  19. What do you think about idea, that all wearable items should eventually wear off, like in real life? Maybe not over time, but through usage (hits). I mean really wear off: you can reapir it, but durability goes down each repair until durability reaches 0 (just like if you'd use repair hammer), then it's dismantled into e.g. half of crafting materials needed to craft that item. Not jewelry and gems, just wardrobe, weapons, shields and backitems. That's one way to make people farm even after they reach end game content and also make artisans more usefull (high con, good quality mats -> high dura crafted item)
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