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Cart & Castle Gear weapon skills


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1 hour ago, PurpleYouko said:

Pretty sure the basic STBs still contain PAT weapon skills.

There are absolutely loads of things in there that never really got used

So very true, they do contain alot of old stuff.   When it went from Pre-evo to evo instead of updated stuff, all old stuff was Ancient or Old (might have been more names I can't remember atm).    They really need to clean it up and get rid of the old stuff from the files.   I remember getting something, food? or something that was stackable, but for whatever reason 2 different ID's were used, so it saw the exact same item as 2 different ones due to the IDs.

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I am sure a lot of people would love to see CG be put to better use. And this sounds like a good starting point.


The questions I have; what purpose do you see for CG (with weapons)? Is it supposed to be good in PvP? If yes, will it make you stronger than a normal player without CG? That would likely ruin the fun for everyone without CG. And if no, why would you even use it?
I think it needs a dedicated use-case, where it's not as simple as "I have the money to buy CG and therefore I win every fight".


Some time ago on the discord someone made I suggestion I really liked: Make castle gear into a way of replacing missing roles. That way, it is fine for it to be worse than an actual player fulfilling that role (which would still be preferable). But someone rich has the luxury of always being able to fill workable groups, no matter what.

And having different weapons making the CG modular would fit right in with making it into different roles.


While I like @rayun's suggestion in general, I think castle gear (which is clearly made for combat) not seeing any combat use at all would be silly, too.


Really curious what you think the purpose of CG (with weapons) should be be!

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I left NA Rose year before end so maybe some stuff was changed after, please correct me then, my post is based on time i played still.

There are many weapons now but only (ranged) one was mainly used due to extreme difference in efficiency and also how it looked.

In order equipment to be effective its either optimized for offensive things, defensive things or utility.. mix/combination of them has own cons and pros


  • Ranged (launcher as its now)
  • Spear ("2 hands weapon") (or sword, even though in art CG has weapon and shield, i think it makes it useless now as its too useless/weak for attack and defense both)
  • Some kind of magical weapon, perhaps something like tesla coil or staff what can make some aoe damage? Could be just very wide or special aoe, nothing fatal/overpowered

Defensive (/Utility)

  • Shield or even shields and more hit points, but it has be able to get agro else its useless, yet if it aoe taunts it will create new imbalance and problems, so 
  • Skills what does not make damage? Like stun/etc?


I agree that CG should be sign of military "might", not just used for showoff, but for it it has to provide something in game what is good enough yet not making it overpowered.

Also price of getting one should be taken in count here, to be sure there are not too many and too less of them (as both cases are bad)

Question is also CG stats, as normal cart does strip gear/etc bonuses. Maybe CG should do the same as be dependant only on vehicle own stats/weapons/etc.

Cg is nice thing but it feels it was never thought through fully (aside of cosmetics), it is like hobby car now, what has special value but isnot practical.


Just my thinkings about this

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  • 6 months later...

How about making Piloting CG a new class. That way we can use CG in actual PVE, PVP, Clan Wars and all other stuff ingame not just cosmetics.

Pilot Class have passives and active skills for CG. Just like any other weapon and items CG parts can be refined and upgraded. The CG parts is the Pilot class basic items and gears.

CG is one of the best content of Rose for me and its really sad that up until now that CG cant be seen use in actual PVE, PVP. That would be great if we can use it in actual battle.

My Idea in mind with this class is
1st Job  -  Mechanic
2nd Job - Pilot (Castle Gear) Gundam Pilot Feels XD
                 Rider (Cart with weapons) everyone still can use cart but not weapons and skills.

Pilot - Passive. Canon Mastery. Lance/Drill Mastery, Recoil Mastery but they can only choose one mastery lol
                          Steel Mastery - Buff making a little tougher cause they are bigger making it a easier target and its robots XD that would not be cool if CG are squishy 
           Active is like for Canon Blast Impact AoE, Lance/Drill is Pierce Thrust, Recoil is like Orb Blast something like that.
           Dash - Making a dash flight through booster in a specific distance. This would make up for CG slow movement speed to catch up to enemies

Rider - Most likely the same with Pilot but I bit different set of weapons I guess. Giant crossbow, Gatling Gun, Smasher(melee weapon)
            Nitro skill - a super fast speed to travel in a specific duration (fast and furious feels lol)
            Passenger - ability to ride with you 2 players at a time (party road trip lol)

This is just a raw and rough idea I have with CG. Hoping and Praying that the devs would make a move about CG being more useful.

Let me know thoughts guys. Thanks


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Maybe instead of another job class there could be a specific pvp map for just Castle Gear.  Since we have the CG schematics and the materials needed to craft CG in the Valor Shop it would be easy enough to add those weapon schematics to that shop.  It takes some work to get Valor points but it's doable and you can't take the quest to get the CG driving skill until level 110 anyway so there is time to get the points, mats and schematics.

I'm not into pvp at all but clearly CG was designed for combat so a special map just for them makes sense.  People like me could still get a set of CG and just flex in Junon Polis if we want 😄  If you don't have plans for the Garden of Aru map that would be one possibility.  It would probably need some modifications tho.  Junon Cartel might be another option.

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CGs could totally be a levelling path, both as a constructed summon and as a piloted mech. If the unique feature of CGs was that their physical attack dealt area of effect damage, that would offer considerable value in teamfights and farming.  Upgrades would max this value but would have to be costly in terms of mats, effort and likely even fuel as a necessary trade-off.

Another feature of CGs is that, as machines relying on their own combat stats, piloting one is a viable option for squishy players with souffle-like DEF and HP like that of a carrot cake. Maybe a summoner cleric could use one equipped with high DEF and MS to keep up with their dragons in densely-populated dungeons. At the same time, CG-equipped players could off-tank if equipped with a Taunt module or careful use of a stun CG skill.  

PvP doesn't just mean going ballistic on each other - I see something like a Mario Kart event/arena being where carts and CG shine for this. We might have to blur the distinction between them, even. Having said that,  depending on their baseline featureset, we could use CGs where carts are undesirable (maybe carts offer very high movespeed but trash defense, limited offense and poor upgradeability vs CGs with poor-to-decent movespeed, unparalleled defense, medium-to-high offense and a full upgrade path.)


Players could perhaps rent very basic CGs from the NPCs in the Gorge of Silence and Muris for n zulies a day for greater accessibility. The CG is of course remotely disabled when the license is not renewed. Definitely a way to lure in the unsuspecting customer for rent-to-own.


Possible distinctive features:

- AOE right-click (left-click) for teamfights and farm

- Protective armor for squishy players

- Possible off-tanking


Fun stuff:

- Mario Kartness on Dolphin Island and other maps

- Why craft when you can rent!



The talk of upgradability also makes me wonder whether mounts should have an upgrade path too. Could a muse's flying carpet be upgraded to a better model with higher movespeed? Something to think about. 

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