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Hello RoseOnline


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Many of you know me from RoseNA as Trebor, the one who you usually saw sitting near the fountain (sometimes many of my characters)  🙂

I did for sure play, with then 22 accounts, I would play different characters for sure.

I also was in game as [MOD]Trebor too, so some of you know me as that as well.

Looking so forward to getting back in game!

Looking forward to seeing old and new friends too!

Trebor   "Rob"


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Welcome to the forum. 👋 I see you've already made yourself quite at home here. Awesome! Let's hope many more follow your example and engage with us.


Great to see long standing members of the community make a return.

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On 1/13/2022 at 5:09 PM, Cupid said:

Great to see old friends coming back to join the return of a great game. I cant wait to see you afk at the fountain again! ⛲


Of course Cupid, can't wait to park there.   I attempted to convince Leonis to create a statue of me there, but he wasn't able to!    LOL:ClassChampion:

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