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  1. Hello, sorry about that. We will do some testing on our ends, but it seems Rose should still work with https://www.codeweavers.com/crossover/ for Mac users
  2. Hello Oxaliis , Welcome back to this game, thank you very much for your feedback. Having spend most of our time on iRose version ourselves too and loving the game as much as you do, we share a lot of your feedback and frustration. This game still being on early access for now, we have the chance and time to still improve a lot of what you said before the official launch. While this version is very far from the iRose day, i think you nail the 2 big problems with the current state of the game very few spots to do repeatable quest again and again: We couldn't agree more, and we want to improve this linear experience of repeatable quest. While it is the most used route for leveling, players are not forced to do them, and can level up also going to other area. The problem is because there is no incentive for players to sacrifice a bit of XP from these quest to just level and try to loot some Mats/Stuff from other area. If we were to remove these repeatable for exemple, people will just go back to the most classic way of getting XP, focusing on area with the most mobs and who give the most XP. But maybe the second point you made is also very linked to this "farming repeatable for xp" problem nobody are taking drops anymore, because the farming is dead: This version experienced a big Drop Revamp in his late stage before Rednim took this project, making the drops feel way to similar across mobs and Maps. While the idea was good on paper, players don't feel the need to farm some materials and items during their leveling like they used too, or farming feels all too similar across the game. There are too many drops on mobs and mobs drop everything and nothing. There too many trash drops. We have started to work on this problem to give back drop identity and meaning to mobs and maps. Fixing this will give incentive for players to go to other maps to farm specific items for different crafting recipes. Also, making the artisan crafting kit more interesting and more things to craft should also help fix this problem. If there was more demande for specific items from artisans, people would feel the need to farm expensive materials on maybe more secluded maps Removing of the Cleric buffs: This is indeed a very controversial change that happened when we launched in Early access. Buffs were already spread on all classes and Cleric also had all the buffs too. The buff are also nerfed massively compared to the iRose day. We wanted to try to get away from this buff slave meta, knowing these buffs were not as much powerfull as they were. But we do also miss the feelings of buffing newbies. While there is little chance that we would give Cleric theirs buffs back, they would still be weaker than the classes specific ones. Rest assured that we are working hard and have plan already to improve a lot of what you said, because we play the game too and we couldn't agree more
  3. We're writing this forum post to clarify the drop system. The system is very complicated compared to the experience many players have had over the course of Rose's history. We hope this post will become a reference for all players who still have questions, but also dispel some of the myths we've heard since the game's early access started. Please bear in mind that this system is by no means definitive. On the contrary, it already has started to evolve and will continue to, but we want players to be able to give us feedback based on facts, so that we can improve it together. But for this to happen, players need to have the best possible understanding of the system. The purpose of this article is not to give the keys to our database, nor to serve as a wiki. We just thought that some of the players who never played NaRose or never played Rose before are at a big disadvantage. In a way, this post is a continuation of an article posted almost 10 years ago by Leonis. We'll update this post as we change the drops and maybe the drop system in the future. Drop Rate Penalty Drop Rate increase Drop System Drop Tiers
  4. It's a huge problem indeed In order for a game to feel good, you need to be able to immerse yourself into it. That's exactly the core of the problem. The drops need to make sense for a player to be able to figure out on his own where to search and what to kill. Currently it's the exact opposite, it's feels like a casino, where the only variable that matters is how many mobs are you killing and how fast. But also, Rose nostalgia is a big part of why people are coming back to play. If old players can't even trust their own knowledge that they acquired a long time ago, they feel robbed of their own game
  5. We fully agree with most of the feedback from this thread, some of the changes we already worked on still have to hit Live Server. Here is our vision for the Drops : Get rid of this feeling that ALL the monsters still feels the exact same Keep cleaning the valor AND honor shop and adding back the items to their originals mobs (like we did for Little angel feathers) Remove the MANY inconsistencies ( ex: Bird feathers dropping from pumpkins....) Bring back Mob and Map identity which was taken away almost 15 years ago during the big drop revamp Bring back the "discovery/mystery", where players need to go and figure themselves like in the old days. The main reason these changes take so long is that updating the drop tables are a tedious task, and require a lot of testing. We need to prioritize these changes while taking into account all the other changes that also need to be implemented and that are not related to drops. It's all about time management and prioritizing the developers' development time. We're farming too, and we're looking forward to fixing the problems that our whole community is feeling. Take a look at the community Feedback from back in the days. it's been 15 years of complaints. It was only a good system on Paper
  6. The main problem regarding Gem crafting is the way chemicals / high con scales poorly. Like everything else, back in NA, people had more stats and access to better IM items to increase their success rate. Gem 9/10 are also too weak compared to Max stats. For some of them, we would like to buff them so the difficulty match the power it gives. Unless we make it 100% success rate, some of us will have to fail them for the rest of us to appreciate a success. We've heard a lot of good ideas from the community, Epic Hammers, more CON oriented gear for artisan, chemicals giving better % increase with increased quality. We're looking into the best way to adjust the feeling without making the Gem 9/10 too easy
  7. @OukiShougun Most dropable mounts drops from their respective King ! So if you like a mount, try looking for the King or Queen version of the monster ! If you're over the lvl, you can still drop the mount but gets reduced chances of drop.
  8. Thanks a lot for the feedback @MeNewbie Keep in mind that if you farmed with a lvl 250, you are affected by a BIG drop chance reduction compared if you farmed mobs at their right lvl. This goes for every mobs in the game
  9. @kaiserkiva Thanks for the report ! it's better if the repport is posted here --> https://support.roseonlinegame.com/
  10. Bonsoir à tous Nous relançons un clan FR pour la sortie de Rose Online ! Nous sommes des joueurs de plusieurs serveurs différents, avec un grand groupe de joueurs qui ont joué ces deux dernières années. Beaucoup d'entre nous n'ont jamais joué sur Narose ou aucune Version d'Evo, donc on part en full découverte pour beaucoup Il n'y a pas de restrictions pour le Clan, nous acceptons un maximum de joueurs FR et ne demandons rien de particulier, juste de profiter de Rose comme à l'ancienne sans se prendre la tête !!! On à déjà un Discord avec déjà environ 50 membres, donc ceux qui sont Chaud faites moi signe !
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