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  1. I strongly believe, that clerics heals, have too long of cooldowns. Often your team is dying, you use your 6 heals, and you have around talking in chat, for 20 seconds to wait until you can effectively support your team again. I am very happy about the flame insta tick change (or how I prefer to think of it, a fix) as I don’t think an instant tick was intended. This did however, reveal how salamander flames, were really the primary healers, and clerics real heals were more supplemental. However, cleric feels so much more fun honestly and more active to play in PVP because of this “tick change” we can no longer rely on flames to passively heal for us, we have to do it ourselves, and it’s fun and encourages activity! Why not capitalize on that, and solve two things with one stone? By that I mean, utilize cleric even more, reducing healing cooldowns, so we can be even more active, supporting our team. While at the same time, solving a major problem with cleric, their healing effectiveness! Currently, everybody is getting 2-300 points less than they were before this simple “tick change” without any change to their character or builds. This is a huge difference for such a small thing, and showed how ineffective heals are. This I believe can be solved easily with a cooldown reduction. So, what do you think, should heals stay the same, or should they be reduced in cooldown?
  2. Honestly I think it would be super dope to be able to dismantle honor/ valor gear and get 50% of the points back. It Would incentivize a progression in a way of getting higher and higher gear and really make you feel your char getting stronger and not having to throw away items lmk what you think about this. And it would just be a really cool system even after leveling a incentivizing people to try more builds and items they normally couldn’t afford in these valor/ honor gear, thus also encouraging build diversity and trying new things which is always a good thing and encourages activity. I’ve thought of this idea before, but it was brought up again so I thought I’d put it in a post so this post was inspired by Ashura in discord. Thanks let me know what you think:)
  3. Yeah games made by big companies that already have a lot of money and also have other games. rose is a very small company and never had a lot of players and I still believe it won’t appeal to a large audience. I don’t think selling only cosmetics will be financially viable for a long time. Sure for a while it will be maybe a year possibly two but I don’t think it will be viable for long and keep development funded. And the premium service doesn’t sound good at all. Most players would simply rather buy the IM pts than get them and some other benefits that are not even in game with a monthly subscription. It’s just not appealing especially for people with low incomes.
  4. I did them quite often and made a lot of IM pts off them and was able to buy the items I wanted without paying so I was very satisfied with them and think they worked great, only thing was sometimes you’d run into a shady survey that had you do all sorts of things and didn’t give you the IM pts, they would just have to be more careful about which surveys to accept if they implemented this feature.
  5. Yeah but if this idea was implemented correctly I think it would be great. Yea they will have a premium service but I am a kofi supporter and have seen their monetization plans for the service, and it’s really only incentivization is to get IM pts and buy the same cosmetics you could normally just buy with IM pts. This is not incentivizing at all and most players will instead just choose to buy the IM separately rather than having a monthly subscription and potentially having all the cosmetics you want. It’s just not going to be very appealing to very many people. I think it could be a good monetization option if implemented correctly, but yes that is the key word, if implemented correctly. If not it could be bad ofc yes. And they would have to choose wisely which companies and surveys they go with for the players safety ofc.
  6. i I read your the whole post it doesn't matter if it's an exaggeration you are literally the only one implying we should steal someone elses work and blaming others for doing so. we're not talking about a thesis or an essay obviously stealing ideas in that circumstance would be wrong but this is the video game industry, games take ideas from games all the time, and it's up to you as the developer of that implementation if you want to give credit to that person or not, it's your right to take it if its not copyrighted as its public information and anyone could go into the game and take inspiration for any idea. Now you're just trying to personally attack me, i did not like my last comments, i only did it in a couple to piss you off because you were acting as if bothered you and it seemed like it worked as you're still talking about it multiple posts later. Guess we'll just have to agree to disagree as it seems like you're not understanding a word.
  7. It's really not taking credit for other peoples work, but just the idea. you're literally the one who said "We may as well grab all the server files from a particular iRose server and just dump it all on this server. That’ll save us a whole bunch of time. " Yes what you said would be stealing someone else's work as they directly worked on those files, and you're just copy and pasting them. But If Rednim worked on a way to implement this feature themselves it would not be stealing anybody's work but rather taking inspiration from an idea. It's not like fast food restaurants are going to give other ones credit for inspiring their idea to make chicken fingers, or wendy's giving credit to dairy queen because they inspired their frostees. Anyways, sure if it was an extremely unique idea that not many games have, maybe give them a mention for inspiring the idea, but its not stealing its not like they trademarked the duel feature or anything. Anyways, you're completely being hypocritical as you're literally the one who said we should directly steal their work and implement the files they worked on when possibly introducing this idea because it will "save us a whole bunch of time" so if you are trying to blame anyone else for stealing other peoples work, blame yourself because you're the only one implying we should do that.
  8. i thought i very vaguely remembered seeing this dueling feature once someone mentioned it, but wasn't even sure if it was in this game or not. I just thought it would be a good feature to have in any game and incentivize pvp. So I was not meaning to steal any ideas, also this is the main official rose and Rednim prefer us to not mention private servers so even if i was completely sure which i absolutely am not at all, I wouldn't want to mention it, out of respect for rednim games and them haven bought the lisence of Rose Online. Regardless, private servers stole 100% of the official rose's ideas technically as they're unpermitted illegal copy's of the game
  9. I thought i vaguely remembered dueling in another server, but i wasn't sure i just think it would be a cool thing that any game could use. I just like pvp honestly legit didn't know for certain it was an actual feature.
  10. Some people suggested this idea on discord, and I loved it so i thought i would post it on forums to be able to have a better conversation about it. It would be so cool to be able to have the feature to duel people from anywhere, outside of towns, and also bet however much zulie you want on weather you will win or lose. I think this is a really awesome idea and would incentivize even more pvp, even to people who normally do not ever pvp, and maybe PVE and just have some freetime and in between doing whatever they are doing, they could just pvp from anywhere. I think this would be really cool and incentivize alot more people to pvp. Let me know what you think! Thanks
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