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  1. Hey guys, I've made a new video about lvling from 101-180. I basically explain the method I've used going through these levels so far in the game. I didn't talk about OT because I honestly didn't use it. If it somehow is good I will address it in the future!
  2. Hi guys. In this video I am going over all the stats in game I hope you enjoy my explanation.
  3. Hey guys, Made another video for you guys. This time I'll talk about what I think are the best spots to level at as a big party. Enjoy the video!
  4. Hey y'all, I uploaded my first Youtube video. I am going over all classes for Early Access to inform you what the best class to pick for fast leveling! It's targeted to new players but also gives some info on what you can expect during EA. Hope everyone enjoys the content!
  5. Hi Bob, The shield would add an extra defensive layer which I deem unnecessary in most cases. I'd rather see heals balanced first. Kinds regards, Clown
  6. Hi Mizore, Thanks for the suggestion, but u think it's a bad idea! I feel like people on the discord tend to be less involved in the game and more about themselves. Adding the barrier of hopping onto the forums to talk about the game makes sure that only the true devoted will suggest stuff! Kind regards, Clown
  7. Hey thank you for posting this amazing idea on the forum! Though I do not agree with this take, I think posting it on the forums makes it way better for a civilized discussion. I don't see a reason why I would prefer this shield over regular healing as current healing on a cleric is very underwhelming as far as I've seen. The heals also drain lots of mana. I guess it might be different when you're in endgame, but we haven't seen it yet. Maybe the general mana shield is a thing for in the future. Kind regards, Clown
  8. As the title suggests... I am sure everyone chuckled whenever they saw their first "islamic bandana" drop in game, but in this day and age it isn't really appropriate. I am not sure how many items have weird names like that, but I suggest going through the item database and change those names before the newer audience joins the game. Kind regards, Clown
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