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Found 6 results

  1. I don’t remember if this was already added at some point. How about adding a requirement where players are forced to face the enemy when attacking. If an enemy is behind you, you should WASD move around to face the enemy before allowing to start attacking and/or increasing damage or crit chance when hitting an enemy from behind. Also, how about allowing objects to block attacks? So I can hide behind boulders or trees to make the enemy come to me. thoughts?
  2. Suggestion: Cast range increase: Add 3 meters to Sniping's cast range per skill level learned Cooldown increase: Add 5 seconds to the cooldown. Status change: Have the skill deal guaranteed critical damage. If Sniping has, for example, 9 skill levels with a maximum cast range of 30 meters, the new Sniping would be effective at 33 meters at level 1 and 57 meters at level 9. The cooldown would also go from 6 seconds at all level to 11 seconds. This includes the casting time. PROS: -Sniping would fit the theme of the skill name and skill tree. -Dealers can deal more reliable damage in battle without instantly being discovered. However, avoiding death would still be reliant on their ability to find cover. -Supplements - does not replace - the effectiveness of their mid-range attack skills. -Adds to a potential fortification-based playstyle. A Sniper would have to move to find better cover after firing. But should you follow the Sniper? Maybe there are traps! You don't know! CONS: -Sniping would be less available in PvP / not be spammable. -Requires changing some skill values that haven't been changed in forever -.... (other stuff I can't think of right now, let me know what else goes here)
  3. Sorry if it has been mentioned on another thread but i would like to suggest 2 skills that i think would be ideal for clerics and their survivability. I would suggest a (cool down) skill for clerics which can be either for the clerics only or party as well, I know some of you might think that is ludicrous because it would be an advantage to clerics but it is not really as the skill should only increase cool down for about 1-2 seconds max which would make clerics an integral part in parties. The other skill i would suggest would be an AoE with a sleep or stun effect to help if clerics are swarmed by a lot of mobs, I know lightning use to target a group of mobs not sure in which revision of Rose that would be and not sure if it is still in this Edition. Just my idea of helping clerics out a bit more as I do not see the benefits of crit dmg and atk-spd for spellcasters unless you use your weapon without its skills which defeat the purpose of being a spell caster/healer in the first place.
  4. How about adding the MP bar below the HP bar, like the picture I tried to add it to (just used snipping tool to add the bar as a demo)
  5. It seems MP regeneration is a big issue slowing down the already slow gameplay to an annoying extent. I cannot imagine any new players being happy with the fact to not be able to skill 70% of the time and sit 1 minute every 2 minutes. Why not giving a passive to non magical fighter classes to regenerate MP on normal hit? Mages obviously cannot have it because of mana shield Clerics have bonfires
  6. With the level cap decreasing from a whopping 250 to 100 there is going to be alot of leftover weapons. The amount of weapons there will be left over against the stat combinations makes the variation of the weapons very limited. So I would like to suggest the use of "status effects" for unique (or just very hard to get) weapons. What I mean with status effects are special stats added to the weapons, for example; a unique katar with an effect that adds poison to the target on hit. Or a spear that adds a burn effect every 5th strike. With these conditions in mind the possibilities become very interesting and there is much more to imagine like spark effects that do AoE or effects that debuff the target. The only concern would be the limits of the current engine/net code. But adding the effects themselves would be very possible, since poison and burn statuses are already in the game.
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