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Found 18 results

  1. Hi! I would love if you could do something about the official website www.roseonlinegame.com One idea would be to have the latest news about the game on the front page, so new players could get the latest information directly. Above all the latest news, should be the #FAQ. Right now alot of new players joining the discord and think the game is alive, sadly becuase they doesn't take the time to read the FAQ etc. Not everyone is using discord aswell. As the website has been the same for very long, it would be nice with an update
  2. Well dudes, just explore the web and you will notice that there is a lot of pages that SELL game currency for real money. The problem is, they affect the estabilty of the devs money and another server issues. Another problem is the actual NFT is not a concept we can use here but have a relation with this idea: Why not just make a tradeable token ingame but the players will NOT need to create a content, they will just need to buy it from game and the GAME will create content for them (devs, artist from game, etc.), and then the server will offer some money at a FIXED rate for them and at a FIXED moment or MOMENTS. ¿Why this? Cose the price of your token will be increased and the poeple can just buy them from OTHER PLAYERS and then the cost is less for the real people. The token like "ROSE JELLY" could be used to buy 3 things (only one option): -Only decors, emotes, dances, SKINS, faces, etc.(not power or p2w stuff). -Decors and buffs for leveling fast. -All things. Show me your opinions, ideas, evilness, etc. Have Good DAY
  3. Hi there, I don't know if Rednim is also licensed for the music of ROSE, but if so, I think making a Spotify playlist(or any other platform you prefer) can help bring attention to the game. The music is iconic afterall.
  4. Hi all! Glad to find out about Rose coming back yesterday, its like a childhood memory slowly returning back, the feeling is fantastic! I did search around in the forum but didn't find any suggestion regarding a Clan-section in the forums. Maybe its already been suggested & the work is in progress. In my opinion there should be some categories under the Clan-section, for example: Looking for clan Clans recruiting Clans (you cant enter the specifik clan section without being invited by the clan-master/generals) I like this kind of system to keep the forum active and attractive, discord is taking over most today imo. I think that a good Clan is the difference between quitting the game after the nostalgia feeling disappears, and continueing playing. Me myself will probably have a hard time to convince my friends today to start playing the game, and would love to work together with old-school and new players to earn that zulie for creating the clan and work towards future goals. Have a great weekend. //Erko
  5. This idea is for this forum. When looking at messages and say you are done and want to go back to the top, how about a floating arrow off to the right hand side that if you click it that it will take you to the top? Ebay has it on their site Just a thought
  6. In order to see popularity of suggestions maybe it would be nice if each of them has poll in start (Vote yes, Vote no). This suggestion is more for community members than staff, and also has own cons and pros as always. Not everyone comments ideas, even though they may vote, and this can give extra data about popularity of specific suggestion
  7. Hello, I just noticed a player on the forum who was asking for other Brazilian players. Is there a way to add sub-forums for languages that are the same as the channels we currently have on Discord? Even if you have to say 5 people have to join or something? Or is this going to be on a request by request basis? I don't want anyone feeling left out, is all.
  8. Would be nice to have mobile app what could even basic things in start. List could be: Chat with clannies Chat with friends Get game notifications (e.g. new patch, updates, etc) See whose online from friends Im am sure there can be much more other things
  9. Hello, Would it be possible to add a moderation option for our own posts? It would be great and really useful if we were able to close/delete our own topics/threads.
  10. Hello, Is it possible to create a ticket or reporting system for the forums? As it stands, our only option is to send messages directly to the Staff one at a time. I'm sure each and every one of you can have your precious time spent elsewhere. Creating the ticket/reporting system would also alleviate the tediousness of having to wait 1 minute prior to sending a message to a staff member.
  11. Since we are staying to our old-school roots, can we have an official wiki when we get to Beta? xD
  12. Once the game is actually up and running, we should have a Newbie Section here at the forum. Sub-sections in it would be one for each job class (hawker, soldier, dealer and muse); one for guides (quest guides and regular game guides); possibly a Clan sub-section with info on how to create a clan... clan recruitment area maybe too The idea is to have a place where new players can find basic information and also where they can freely ask questions. Right now everyone here is an old ROSE player but when the game launches, we will also start seeing people who have never played the game before and we should have a place just for them where they feel welcome and comfortable
  13. Hello Roserians! Will we be throwing here in the topic recommended builds for individual classes? This will help new players as well as us in the new stage of our game. Yours sincerely
  14. Again, these are for when the game is actually up and running but please consider making a Marketplace section where people can advertise what they want to buy or sell, and a dedicated section for patch notes in the existing Announcement section so those are easy to find. Y'all probably already have these planned but just in case, I thought I would mention it
  15. Hello! Will there be ranks available as in every forum? For example, "Woman, Roserian, GM etc."? Personally, I am a moderator of the forum Counter - Strike and we have such ranks. What do you say? Feel free to discuss
  16. These forums are super white. Id really like a Dark Theme.
  17. There will be a lot of people joining the forum now that we finally have one. I think it would be nice to add an Introduction section where people can say hi, state what their ign's were or which clan they were in. That will also keep other sections clear of those kinds of posts.
  18. First suggestion: add link to forum from https://roseonlinegame.com/
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