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  1. When I played Rose in the past, one thing I did was explore any corner of the maps to find Easter eggs or something no one had found before... Specially at Junon, because the many assets that had those simbols and cryptic inscriptions... I was always thinking, what if those things have a real meaning and lead to a really nice spot with a really nice treasure?
  2. From the start of iRose i really like Rose for the game it is, but wandering through the zones kept me questioning one thing. How does these monsters fit in the scenery? Where are they coming from? So i had this idea for a long time to do something with that by giving the player new locations that explains that a bit more of the monsters origins in the form of dungeons. The first dungeon you find when playing is Goblin Cave. You can go there on level 40+ or something. In my opinion that quite a bit late for the first dungeon to appear. So why not adding more dungeons, whether it's a big or small experience. Cause it doesn't always have to be large places with 3 or more different floors etc.. Even a cave, fortress with a single room or a bunch of rooms is enough already. In some cases it doesn't even have to be an indoor place as it can be a specialized outdoor location as well. Also these locations are the perfect place to have as the only place (or few places) where the King of the enemy family spawns. To give a couple of examples: The woopie enemies around Zant are about cooking. So why not have a Woopie Butchery where the Woopie King lives. Or Porkies and Grunters. They have serious weaponry and armor, but no fortress to defend. So why not give 'm a fortress. Or add one or two ice caverns on Luna with more of the magical beasts inside. These things really adds to the immersiveness of the game. And it fits the story as well and makes the zones looking more meaningful too.
  3. Every class should be able to craft something unique to their class to have something to play with on the market. But.. we don't want to make Artisans useless either. So here is an idea where each class can craft something to sell on the market. Soldier: As skilled fighters they can train those capsule pets, which fights with you for a short time, into stronger versions and longer durations. Because these things are still a consumable it will be an ongoing business for Soldiers. Hawker: As adventurer's Hawkers know every square inch of a map. Hawker's can craft Teleport Scrolls of every map in the game. Some of these aren't even for sale at the scroll vendors, so Hawkers will have an ongoing business with this. Muse: As the magic wielders of the game Muses surely knows their magic. They can craft enchantments to put on weapons. As these enchantments wears off after some time Muses have an ongoing business with these. Dealer: Beside the fact Dealers are already the crafty guys in the game there is something they only can craft. Dealers can craft Armor Kits to temporarily make armor better. As these Armor Kits wears off after some time Dealers have an extra addition to their marketgame with these.
  4. I already like just the presence of any character customization, but the absence of any other skin color makes my heart sad. I haven't seen this suggestion brought up yet, so.. It would be super nice to see skin color diversity. It's a quality of life thing! Seems like it would be pretty simple to implement, but I am no programmer.
  5. Suggestion: Cast range increase: Add 3 meters to Sniping's cast range per skill level learned Cooldown increase: Add 5 seconds to the cooldown. Status change: Have the skill deal guaranteed critical damage. If Sniping has, for example, 9 skill levels with a maximum cast range of 30 meters, the new Sniping would be effective at 33 meters at level 1 and 57 meters at level 9. The cooldown would also go from 6 seconds at all level to 11 seconds. This includes the casting time. PROS: -Sniping would fit the theme of the skill name and skill tree. -Dealers can deal more reliable damage in battle without instantly being discovered. However, avoiding death would still be reliant on their ability to find cover. -Supplements - does not replace - the effectiveness of their mid-range attack skills. -Adds to a potential fortification-based playstyle. A Sniper would have to move to find better cover after firing. But should you follow the Sniper? Maybe there are traps! You don't know! CONS: -Sniping would be less available in PvP / not be spammable. -Requires changing some skill values that haven't been changed in forever -.... (other stuff I can't think of right now, let me know what else goes here)
  6. Is there plans to introduce gems with dual stats like str/dex gems?
  7. Sorry if it has been mentioned on another thread but i would like to suggest 2 skills that i think would be ideal for clerics and their survivability. I would suggest a (cool down) skill for clerics which can be either for the clerics only or party as well, I know some of you might think that is ludicrous because it would be an advantage to clerics but it is not really as the skill should only increase cool down for about 1-2 seconds max which would make clerics an integral part in parties. The other skill i would suggest would be an AoE with a sleep or stun effect to help if clerics are swarmed by a lot of mobs, I know lightning use to target a group of mobs not sure in which revision of Rose that would be and not sure if it is still in this Edition. Just my idea of helping clerics out a bit more as I do not see the benefits of crit dmg and atk-spd for spellcasters unless you use your weapon without its skills which defeat the purpose of being a spell caster/healer in the first place.
  8. Sounds like a good idea to me, think you lads can pull that one off?
  9. The following proposes a small tweak to Alchemy Craft that has continuous benefits for vertical progression as well as some benefits for PvP and other end-game content. Currently, Level 1 Alchemy Craft can craft some HP and MP potions, a basic grenade and flash grenade (single-target ACC down consumable), a box of bone arrows, a box of iron bullets and crates of aforesaid HP/MP vials. Firstly, there's no reason crafting iron shells shouldn't be an option alongside iron bullets. This makes launcher-wielding Dealers a bit more independent and frees up some space in their backpack. Also, please adjust the ACC down debuff from flash grenades to be extended by 1.5 seconds. This would match the time it takes a Dealer to execute another skill or to run out of aggro range. Secondly, being able to craft mines could offer Dealers a very strong addition to their current playstyle. Mines are consumable small invisible ground-placeable semi-permanent units that damage and debuff nearby enemies when self-destructing on contact. The range of contact should be around 3.5m, slightly greater than melee attack range. Units use the Dealer's summon gauge and disappear in PvP when the Dealer dies or leaves the arena instance. Whether this happens when the Dealer dies in the open-world map is up for debate. Availability of crafting ingredients naturally limits the strength of this addition (via loot and zulie), preventing overpowered strats. Ingredients would be similar to grenades. Being able to use mines and even later stationary True Sight items like sentries (an evolution of the basic mines for the endgame Dealer) to detect and counter assassinating katars could also be a unique but not overpowered PvP playstyle, depending on the implementation. Anyone who has ever played in similar ways in games like RUST and Dota should be able to easily understand the mental metagame involved that adds another layer to PvP combat. For players who are unfamiliar with this style of combat, feel free to message me with your questions outside of the forum. Thirdly, could we have another basic crafting recipe to convert gunpowder to gunpowder packets (maybe gunpowder and a cloth-type material?). This gives Dealers even greater independence by converting looted items almost directly into ammo and ordnance. Every potentially impactful decision a Dealer has to make, especially regarding looted materials (toss or keep?) makes their experience more meaningful and enjoyable. Lastly, I'd like to propose a radical addition known as a Fire. This would be another consumable crafted from coal, wood and metal. When consumed, the 'fire' spawns a temporary fire-model unit (the one seen in Goblin Caves and Desert of the Dead, not the Bonfire model of Muses) on the ground that gives a flat and percentage (scaling) bonus to CON for nearby allied units. This relates to an endgame goal for Artisans called a Forge that isn't the currently useless Castle Gear. Please consider the above seriously, especially the iron shells and mines crafting. Thank you for your consideration.
  10. Not sure if we have similar thread yet but I've seen a lot of zulie sink ideas being mentioned on the forum before but it's still very cluttered so I make this thread. Everyone is welcomed to share opinions/ideas/suggestions. The more the merrier! My ideas: Wedding system. Wedding NPC takes certain amount of zulie from both groom and bride to be. Pet system. Players will be forced to feed their pets. Pet foods will be purchasable from NPCs. Random raffle / gacha NPCs. Keep updating the gacha with cutesy collectibles Reborn/reincarnation system. After reaching max level, players will have to pay large amount of zulie to get reincarnated. This will give old veteran players new objection to keep playing too. Vending board. Charge small amount of zulie per view. Sales tax. Players will be charged 1-5% tax per sale (vending). *I don't really like this idea though but works super well on r*gnar*k :c
  11. How about creating Event Maps for the following: Easter Halloween (fight scary mobs, etc) New Years (A fancy party map) Maps to be big enough to fight mobs and not like the Christmas map that is so small that it can't hold many people. Have quests and prizes/zuly for finishing the quests just for each event.
  12. I understand that a good amount of mounts might need to be sold via cash shop as it is potentially a good way to secure fair income. But regardless, I would like to suggest adding more in game mounts with premium particle effect / hiding the existing one behind hard to achieve walls or going along with specific titles. I want to see ppl trying hard to get in game exclusive shinny items... I want to see the boiz be proud and flex like pros.
  13. We we all know, there were very few NPCs in Gorge. NA added more to it with the ability to add more later. Why not add whatever more to the Gorge town and add some quests as well?
  14. Breezy hills dungeon Entrance - Bottom left of the map under the respawn area Enemies - pomics, dalpins Rewards - ant armor (new classless armor), soldier equipment, random unique spear (rare), (new) dalping mount/pet (rare/unique)
  15. El Verloon Desert dungeon Entrance - Bottom right of the map above the small town Enemies - rackies Rewards - sneaky (assassin) racky armor (new classless armor), hawker gear, unique bow (rare), (new) unique bow assassins bow [from the rackie assassin/sniper which might actually be the artimis bow], (rare) Rackie pet (rare)
  16. Luxem valley dungeon Entrance - down the ramp near the entrance to adventurer plains Level - 15-25 Enemies - Pumpkins/bees boss either the cowboy pumpkin or the elder pumpkin (elder fits more with proposed rewards) Rewards - pumpkin piece armor (new classless armor), muse class equipment, random unique staff pumpkin root, new unique wand bee stinger, (new) pumpkin mount/pet (rare) bee (could have a variety of the different types used) pet (summon capsule) low level refine material powders/runes Potential spots to have the entrance Pro/con same as other suggestion
  17. Adventurer plains dungeon Dungeon entrance - behind the waterfall near the farm. (see circle in picture *used old guide picture*) Level - 10-20 (not sure how well this would work based on streamed leveling) Enemies -jellybeans~jelly king Reward - jelly equipment (new classless weapons and armor),chorpy mount/pet (rare/unique), low level refine materials powders/runes Pro Something different besides just grinding Different rewards Con Leveling speed might out pace desired range time
  18. I would like to suggest that the Christmas event map be expanded, with multiple quests/storylines and a much bigger map. The old original map was way too small, maybe use Snow Valley for Christmas or a brand new map with more detail and bigger in size.
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