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Does anyone remember my Tower Defense Game?


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I designed the very basic TD system over 10 years ago now. I think it could be an incredible addition to the official server if implemented correctly.

for anyone not familiar this is the basic concept.

  1. Every map has a "defense crystal" or equivalent. When it is healthy then everyone on the map get some enhancements. Slight stats buff, a little more XP, higher drop rate. Whatever is decided on. If it is destroyed then it gets infected by the devilpest and all the benefits are reversed.
  2. at certain intervals (maybe once per hour) a random map is attacked. An attack consists of a series of waves of monster that are spawned at a designated spot on the map. They follow a set path defined by a Waypoints table in the database. if a monster reaches the defense crystal then it despawns and takes away one health point. If 100 points are lost then the map is lost and the crystal morphs into an evil crystal.
  3. The start of the attack triggers a server wide announcement calling for defenders. Everyone can then come and help defend the crystal on that map. the kicker isthat TD monsters cannot be killed by AOE attacks so each one must be targetted individually. They don't fight back. They just keep running towards the defense crystal. CAN YOU STOP THEM?
  4. if a map is lost then a local NPC will initiate a server wide quest for collection of ingredients to regenerate the crystal.
  5. Some sort of reward points can be given both for killing TD monsters and for taking part in the regeneration quest. Spend them later on special items.
  6. if an entire Planet should fall then xp and drop rates will drop to close to zero and you will get to find out a little more about the mysterious antagonist who is behind these attacks

There is a whole section of Rose oriented lore behind all this stuff.

I'm an amateur SciFi and fantasy author in what little spare time I get so I've worked this stuff up pretty thoroughly over the years.

Mechanics will certainly require a little bit of hard coding but can mostly be handled via QSD

I have worked out a basic outline for expanding the good old TD concept into a full game feature

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I dont like the part where it kinda forces you to partake in it.

Where you walk in to a map only to realise noone defended the crystal, and you first have to restore it in order to effectively play.
Or you realise the entire planet is down, again for the 5th time this week.

Ofc i have no experience whatsoever with how many times this will happen, also i have no idea how to do this better.

Other then that i like the idea, it fits with the lore, gives a new spin to things!

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Fair criticisms for sure. I've thought about those kind of issues a little.

I'm not proposing that the map becomes unplayable, just that any potential boons given by the crystal will be removed. Possibly all the NPCs are in a bad mood or something. (alternative set of dialog options?)

The frequency of attacks could be modified such that they are more manageable.

The idea is really that something like this system will help to bring the entire population together on a regular basis, And to give maxed out players something interesting to do.

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This screams addition for new planets. Along with other AI changes allowing people to have both worlds. It can also fit into your story by specifically being something focused at an endgame audience with the rewards. It would really suck if you are new and no one is around and the evil crystal keeps beating you down when you are a brand new player on Junon 🙂

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I like it. Maybe in connection with Slayer achievements or similar to attract end players to do that kind of events on regular basis.

To pursue the goal of low level maps not empty after couple of months. Maybe not just crystal, perhaps map boss with huge ammount of HP that spawns twice a week (or more - timezones). You don't need to first hit it, you just need to accumulate certain amount od DMG HP on it to be rewarded (huge amount, not doable in couple of events)

E.g.: Ancient Jelly King in Adventurers plains every Monday 12AM and PM. Goal: Do 1mil DMG to it. Reward: Jelly Bean costume, Title: Charro eater

And so on for each map. Once you achieve all let's say Junon Ancient Kings you get special mount or cart and title Junon Ancients Slayer or something like that.

And you proceed with Luna and Eldeon and so on...

It  shouldn't give any exp so you not neccessarly to do it as you level up and you return doing it once you hit endgame and you are bored or simply want to have that special costume, cart, mount or w/e.

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