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  1. I think this is going to be a very welcomed feature. Imagine, alternating character builds anytime you want? For instance, a Sword Champ having a PVM build and then a PVP build where he can choose depending on how he wants to play? Same goes for a Cleric for a 'Solo Leveling' build and then a 'Full Support Build' and how much more with Artisans having a 'Leveling Build/Farming Build' and a 'Crafting Build' which I'm sure all Artisans would love. Now it's up to the developers how to implement this; a difficult quest chain or item mall. Who knows, maybe even the possibility of a 3rd build tab? Now if skill and stats resets would still be available in IM, obviously it would only work on one build tab. I think this way, I think there would be more players who would often experiment on character builds with one primary build as their 'Stable Build' while doing experiments on the 2nd character build.
  2. From the start of iRose i really like Rose for the game it is, but wandering through the zones kept me questioning one thing. How does these monsters fit in the scenery? Where are they coming from? So i had this idea for a long time to do something with that by giving the player new locations that explains that a bit more of the monsters origins in the form of dungeons. The first dungeon you find when playing is Goblin Cave. You can go there on level 40+ or something. In my opinion that quite a bit late for the first dungeon to appear. So why not adding more dungeons, whether it's a big or small experience. Cause it doesn't always have to be large places with 3 or more different floors etc.. Even a cave, fortress with a single room or a bunch of rooms is enough already. In some cases it doesn't even have to be an indoor place as it can be a specialized outdoor location as well. Also these locations are the perfect place to have as the only place (or few places) where the King of the enemy family spawns. To give a couple of examples: The woopie enemies around Zant are about cooking. So why not have a Woopie Butchery where the Woopie King lives. Or Porkies and Grunters. They have serious weaponry and armor, but no fortress to defend. So why not give 'm a fortress. Or add one or two ice caverns on Luna with more of the magical beasts inside. These things really adds to the immersiveness of the game. And it fits the story as well and makes the zones looking more meaningful too.
  3. I have this idea for a new and recurring event in the game where Hebarn invades randomly certain zones with a lot of enemies (like the Space-time distortions in Pokémon Legends: Arceus). All mobs are scaled to your level, so everyone can join in the fight, and are a mix of random 2-3 different monster families. Kings and Captains spawns more often then usual during this event. The area used is only a part of a zone and has a size similar like the center square in Junon Polis. The event occurs randomly in any zone (except adv. plains and city zones) regardless of planet 1-3 times a day and lasts for 1 hour. Each kill rewards the player with a special token called Hebarn's Fragment. Each planet gives another color of the special token to give extra variation to the system. Killing enough Kings within a certain amount of time spawns the Descendant of Hebarn. This guy is much harder then King grade mobs though. Junon: Hebarn's Red Fragment Luna: Hebarn's Blue Fragment Eldeon: Hebarn's Green Fragment Oro: Hebarn's Orange Fragment And if these planets are ever added: Karkia: Hebarn's Purple Fragment Skaaj: Hebarn's White Fragment Hebarn: Hebarn's Black Fragment All Planets have also a chance of dropping: Captains: Small chance of Hebarn's Silver Fragment Kings: Slightly bigger chance on Hebarn's Silver Fragment or Hebarn's Gold Fragment Descendant of Hebarn: Garantueed 1x Hebarn's Gold Fragment, 1x Hebarn's Silver Fragment and 3x random colored fragments These Hebarn's Fragments is a new currency for a new vendor, who is a mysterious figure from Hebarn himself. His name is ???? (yes, his name is unknown). You must find him each day, because his location changes each day (hint: He spawn somewhere in one of the zones where the day before an invasion has taken place). So what's he selling then? He sells recolors of existing armor (from beginners armor to high-end armor) mostly in the colors black, red or purple (colors of Hebarn). These armor comes with a item appraisal on it which still needs to be appraised and require no minimum level. For some items you need only one kind of fragment to buy, for other items you might multiple kind of fragments. He sells also special items like wings/backpacks, weapons, jewelry, cart-parts or CG parts which require the silver and gold fragments. There is a big but with this vendor though, cause he sells only 8 random different armor pieces and 2 random special items in his store. This makes his items truly unique and ultra-rare to get. Also all items bought at this vendor cannot be traded to other players. So it might take a while before you get a complete armor set.
  4. I think the game is too peaceful if you look at the aggro of the monsters. Aggro should be build up from the first couple zones. I agree on that, but when you're past Zant the introduction of the game is over and the real danger can begin. Mobs should be much more dangerous from that point. No more passing or skipping certain mobs for speedy leveling or something, but being attacked by the mobs cause they are a threat to you and you are on their kill list. Levels of aggro (should not be based on difficulty): Peaceful - might attack sometimes. Will attack you if coming too close. Will attack if nearby. Will attack if in targeting range. Will attack and alert nearby mobs to assist. Level 1 and 2 are perfect for the first couple of maps, Adventure plains to Zant. After Zant level 3 should be active. The higher level zone you get the higher aggro level the zone should have.
  5. Kai


    We need cute pets! I hope we can get a system where players are able to capture and adopt certain mobs to keep as pets. IDEAS: FOODS: Making the pet eat certain foods, which players can buy from NPC (way to push zulie out of the system!) PET TAMER: are either purchasable form NPC or dropped from other mobs. AUTO FEED system ON/OFF Depends on dev team, maybe it's a good idea to give pets ability to give a little bit of status boost. Maybe 1-3 points. For example Moldie gives +2 int. Which isn't too much of a big deal but not super duper bad either. When the hungry level is low, pet will stay but would stop giving extra status. EVOLUTION SYSTEM!
  6. I would love to see some kind of boss log. A place where you can see which bosses you've killed, how many of a specific boss you've killed and potentially even a drop log for that boss to see which unique items you've dropped. As a completionist player this would add another layer to the gameplay that would hurt no one but add to those of us who are completionists - and a lot of people are which is why these things are so popular in games to begin with, alongside achievements which I'd also like to see. Developers could make these aspects of the game as easy or difficult as they want. Some games have extremely grindy achievements and logs, others focus on more easily obtainable ones. I personally love grinding and working hard for achievements and logs - but that's just me.
  7. If I remember correctly, and as people confirmed on Discord, there are currently two party distribution systems: - Default: whoever picks up an item gets to keep it. - Equal share: Every time an item is picked, it is given to a player in the party on a rotation. I would like to propose a simple third option "Random distribution" which randomly distributes it by RNG. This would be an ideal way to farm elite monsters and boss drops in my opinion, as "Default" gives an advantage to people who play melee and are close to the drop, while "Equal share" is a turn based system that can be easily predicted and exploited. Pros of an RNG loot system: Fair way of letting the RNG gods choose loot distribution which can't be influenced by players Tested and proven in many other MMOs Party leads still have the option to choose one of the classic two methods above if they don't like the third option Cons: Delays go-live of the game Since this is a "nice to have" option, and Rose did fine without it for years, I do not expect this to be implemented before launch/beta unless it could be done quickly. It would be a valuable addition post-launch as well.
  8. Fairly obvious by the title but for further context and detail I'll try to elaborate. The Game Arena currently tracks and displays end of match statistics for PvP matches, however this functionality doesn't extend to the dungeons. I am going off the assumptions the base framework of dungeons will be used with new dungeon content or rebalanced dungeons, but would still like to suggest the minimum following if possible. Total Run Time from load in to final boss KO'd. Total number of: Damage Dealt, Damage taken, Healing Done, Deaths, Dispels/Purifies, Dodges, Critical Hits, Monsters KO'd Valor / Faction Point / Clan Points gained (if any) That would be fairly comprehensive, and assuming the framework of Game Arena PvP can be used, shouldn't be too hard to implement. I'd like to see this request for a few reasons, primarily to give some statistical feedback to players, without needing an API to hook in a damage meter, or to develop a combat log and third party parser. As someone who enjoys casually min-maxing my PvE/M experience or trying new builds and testing their functionality, these statistics would be an ideal middle ground to give accurate information but not boil it down to DPS/HPS which tends to become used in toxic or mean spirited ways. The other primary reason is for doing speed runs, challenge runs, % runs etc on dungeons for a player driven competitive PvE scene. I personally loved a point in time when a few of the clans in ROSE were doing speed runs of the dungeons and posting videos of their best clear times and would love to see that return. The negatives I see are mostly along the lines of costing some development time, though how much I cannot guess too much at. And as with any raw information given in statistical form, it could be used to brow-beat and shame other players «which should already be disallowed but that's a different matter». Seeing as that precedent has already been set with PvP I think the community would be mostly ok with the small chance that someone might need to be blocked, for the benefit of rough information about your dungeon performance. Cheers -Vile
  9. I've noticed on alpha streams that monsters generally hit quite hard and take a while to kill, even when they are green and the streamer is running full (10) refined gear which most players won't have resources for at the beginning. Although I haven't played in the alpha myself, I feel like solo leveling is a bit too hard right now and would suggest a general monster nerf, reducing either hp or defense stats of monsters across the board. This makes solo leveling more viable considering this will be a new server where nobody has the Zuly to refine gear constantly and where there will be no high level clerics to buff you and make you considerably stronger. It will also make the grind a bit faster, which seems to be what other people have voted for in this thread.
  10. clanfields in the past version of narose was pretty much useless because they made clan points drop in instance. can we make clan fields great again? by making clan points only drop in clan fields, would make for pretty awesome pvp content.
  11. I would like to suggest to unify valor points and honor points into 1 single currency. We have to get out of this horrible idea that a game may force its player into engaging into an activity he does not like. Of course the time / reward value of both activities has to be balanced. I would also like to suggest the removal of pvm / pvp bonuses to all gears : 1) I do not think creating hard segregation in-between 2 communities of the same game is nothing point toxic. 2) Balance can be done via the item's stat directly. 3) This increase greatly the pool of gear stat combinations to be picked up for all game activity... I like that. 4) It replaces crafted gears / dropped gears as part of the end game gear pool. 5) It fixes an issue that will pop up eventually as I believe you guys are looking to make Clan Fields a thing again. (I can see PVP players completely anihilating PVM players in any PVP/PVM mixed content)
  12. From the Stream we saw, mobs level in Junon did not change while level squish is already in effect... So I would imagine that you are exclusively thinking of downscaling other planets mobs.. which is fine because the opens up a huge amount of possible end game content! Going in this same direction, I would like to suggest to slightly upscale the level range of B3 normal mobs (GGK is yellow at 100 so we are good) in order to rightfully place the last level of this emblematic cave in your end game content portfolio. Please do it xoxo PS : please do it
  13. Please add a Decloak to Artisan's tree. Bourgeoise has a 2nd job specific Eye summon that spam casts Decloak, Artisan is the only class in the game without a way to remove hidden enemies from stealth, including PvE. It actually causes legitimate problems and annoyances that aren't necessary.
  14. Probably somewhere and mentioned before but can we remove the invisible ranged mobs in prison. Once that was implemented the usage dropped to what seems like just boss farming. pro - they suck if you don’t have a way to reveal them, I think they had a stun which could wreck a party pretty quick. Con - removes potential diversity in mob behavior that gives you different gameplay from normal.
  15. Breezy hills dungeon Entrance - Bottom left of the map under the respawn area Enemies - pomics, dalpins Rewards - ant armor (new classless armor), soldier equipment, random unique spear (rare), (new) dalping mount/pet (rare/unique)
  16. El Verloon Desert dungeon Entrance - Bottom right of the map above the small town Enemies - rackies Rewards - sneaky (assassin) racky armor (new classless armor), hawker gear, unique bow (rare), (new) unique bow assassins bow [from the rackie assassin/sniper which might actually be the artimis bow], (rare) Rackie pet (rare)
  17. Luxem valley dungeon Entrance - down the ramp near the entrance to adventurer plains Level - 15-25 Enemies - Pumpkins/bees boss either the cowboy pumpkin or the elder pumpkin (elder fits more with proposed rewards) Rewards - pumpkin piece armor (new classless armor), muse class equipment, random unique staff pumpkin root, new unique wand bee stinger, (new) pumpkin mount/pet (rare) bee (could have a variety of the different types used) pet (summon capsule) low level refine material powders/runes Potential spots to have the entrance Pro/con same as other suggestion
  18. Adventurer plains dungeon Dungeon entrance - behind the waterfall near the farm. (see circle in picture *used old guide picture*) Level - 10-20 (not sure how well this would work based on streamed leveling) Enemies -jellybeans~jelly king Reward - jelly equipment (new classless weapons and armor),chorpy mount/pet (rare/unique), low level refine materials powders/runes Pro Something different besides just grinding Different rewards Con Leveling speed might out pace desired range time
  19. I designed the very basic TD system over 10 years ago now. I think it could be an incredible addition to the official server if implemented correctly. for anyone not familiar this is the basic concept. Every map has a "defense crystal" or equivalent. When it is healthy then everyone on the map get some enhancements. Slight stats buff, a little more XP, higher drop rate. Whatever is decided on. If it is destroyed then it gets infected by the devilpest and all the benefits are reversed. at certain intervals (maybe once per hour) a random map is attacked. An attack consists of a series of waves of monster that are spawned at a designated spot on the map. They follow a set path defined by a Waypoints table in the database. if a monster reaches the defense crystal then it despawns and takes away one health point. If 100 points are lost then the map is lost and the crystal morphs into an evil crystal. The start of the attack triggers a server wide announcement calling for defenders. Everyone can then come and help defend the crystal on that map. the kicker isthat TD monsters cannot be killed by AOE attacks so each one must be targetted individually. They don't fight back. They just keep running towards the defense crystal. CAN YOU STOP THEM? if a map is lost then a local NPC will initiate a server wide quest for collection of ingredients to regenerate the crystal. Some sort of reward points can be given both for killing TD monsters and for taking part in the regeneration quest. Spend them later on special items. if an entire Planet should fall then xp and drop rates will drop to close to zero and you will get to find out a little more about the mysterious antagonist who is behind these attacks There is a whole section of Rose oriented lore behind all this stuff. I'm an amateur SciFi and fantasy author in what little spare time I get so I've worked this stuff up pretty thoroughly over the years. Mechanics will certainly require a little bit of hard coding but can mostly be handled via QSD I have worked out a basic outline for expanding the good old TD concept into a full game feature
  20. I think the Luna Clan Field is way too small, compared to the Junon CF. I think the size needs to be bigger. Also, need Eldeon and Orlo Clan Fields as well. Last I saw, Junon (which 2 aren't used anymore) still showed 3 clan fields in the files, of course only 1 was still used at the end. might look into what to do with those other 2? In the Junon CF, in the old system when you died, you would rez on top of the pillars near the NPC, almost like a protected area, don't know why it was changed later.
  21. A question arose not long ago on how to get high level players back into beginner fields, such as max levels hardly ever go visit desolated areas because there is no reason to do so. What advantage do they gain to be in these areas? I am curious what members, and maybe a staff member may think on the idea. An NPC is located in each city, or in secret locations (not known to us yet, up to the developers) Each npc will have a special task for you to complete, on the task you may need to hunt a certain amount of materials (like... 200 of this item,) or kill a certain amount of monsters to complete the slayer task. The reward can be in points. points can contribute to special items like a inventory bag that can contain up to 10 extra spaces, 1 inventory bag for items, 1 inventory bag for edibles, 1 inventory bag for materials. only 1 at a time can be taken, and not all 3 can be used at once. the item is permanent. but only 1 can be used at a time. pkers may like the inventory bag for gear switches, long term teams may like edibles to stay alive longer, and scavengers may like material bags for extra holding spaces. To obtain certain items, it takes points rewarded on completion. just dont make it like 5 points to obtain that bag, make it like 2000, or something really high, so it can be grinded out for. because we do want to make this game harder, not simple and easy. it keeps the motivation high for items. and easy to where this system is no longer used after 2 hours of completing all the rewards. just throwing out a idea to help bring high levels back to beginner areas. (The tasks can be assigned to ANY monster. its a gamble basically every time you accept a task.)
  22. I played some other MMORPGs and some of them are using so called effective levels. It means your level is reduced according to the map you are currently in. That reduces your stats by some %, but not your skills. It allows high level players to farm materials at low lvl maps and also help lower level players with kings, suggestions... Community develops. The good thing is also, that there are practically no empty maps. I don't know if engine allows such manipulations, if not, just delete my post.
  23. So I have mentioned faction a few times in the last day or two. I suppose I had better elaborate on my meaning a bit. What I propose is a kind of reputation system with certain monsters. Not necessarily all monster types but certainly a few of the major ones. Imagine this scenario. Jelly Beans and those little Golems don't like each other so when they meet in the wild they might fight each other. Players can take sides in their war by choosing a faction to support. If you choose to support the Jellys then they will appear friendly to you (friendlier as your reputation with them increases) Killing a Jelly decreases your reputation (it can become negative) This reputation can be read and used via AIP to change the aggression level that these factions feel towards you. If you spend your life murdering every jelly bean that you meet then they will begin to attack you on sight whereas if you avoid killing them, take part in quests to build your reputation, sign onto their faction and kill their enemies (the golems) then even the most aggressive Jelly will view you as a friend and will not attack even if you go right up to them. This is just a concept but from reading the client source I see definite hints that this kind of thing was initially intended by the designers. I think this kind of thing might be well worth exploring further. The Down side: In order for rival monster types to actually fight each other there needs to be a complete overhaul of the way that teams are designated. Currently all monsters are designated as being on the same team so they cannot fight each other. Except for summons who are automatically assigned to the team that their owner is a part of. In most cases that is just "player" except in PVP zones. My proposal would mean a rewrite of this whole mechanism. It's not all that hard to achieve though. Just needs a decent manager class to be written so that it can spool up new "team ids" for any team in the game. Parties, Clans, monster factions and other potential groups would all need unique identifiers. Since the current party code is rather horrible, something like this could simplify the entire system and bring it all under one central umbrella. Well those are my thoughts anyway.
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