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What you will do with bots. (plox implement some ;D)


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See guys and devs there is some options:

1) Make spots dinamic: Move the spot to another random location on the map, NOT only one monster, instead 5-10 of them. And bosses too. Maybe move the ALIVE mobs, or just the spot location.

2)Make the urgency to use ALL skills and be skilled against the mobs: the mobs IA can be much highter than before, so they can now: move to a boss if in danger, to make the group stronger; retreat (for no more than 20 meters <<); poke(kiting, if they are ranged); use skills in area, and you CANT see the area, so you must use your brain to dodge.

3)They can have multiple buffs of elemental def, so you will do more damage if you match the weakness of the mob.



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Another way of solving this that some games have resorted to, is implementing very high level passive mobs and adding them to common farming areas. When they are attacked they absolutely destroy you.. I don't think its a perfect solution and maybe detracts some new players.. but humans learn to distinguish between these mobs pretty quickly, while non-smart bots will continue to attack these mobs.

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^Good suggestions. I'll add another: have mobs move as a result of weather effects which, in turn, are a result of skill overuse used in that map and adjacent maps. Water skill usage could eventually result in rain, drawing hordes of mobs to drink, wind skill overuse could result in hurricanes, scattering flocks of mobs across the map outwardly (and damage players), arcane spell abuse could result in players losing their mana much quicker, fire spells could cause wildfires and damage over time.  

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